Top 10 Good Foods For Vaginal Health

good foods for vaginal health

Vaginal health is a very important aspect of a woman’s life. Many women have to struggle with some types of vaginal issues at some periods in their lives.

Bacterial and yeast infections, vaginitis, thrush, urinary tract infections, vaginal dryness, or excessive discharge may make any woman feel miserable.

Some factors that affect to vaginal health include a few conditions such as pelvic inflammatory disease, psychological issues, and endometriosis; hormonal changes in your body, and unprotected sex. Side effects of the usage of feminine-hygiene products and birth control also impact on your vaginal health.

In fact, a healthy vagina is characterized by an acidic pH level naturally and many healthy bacteria to aid in warding off infections. Good hygiene along with several foods may help to keep your pH levels balanced and your vagina healthy.

In this article, VKool will present to you the top 10 good foods for vaginal health. This article listed the foods that people who want to have a healthy vagina should consume from reliable sources. However, it is only for informational purposes and it is not aimed to give you medical advice. Continue reading to understand more!

Top 10 Good Foods For Vaginal Health You should Know

1. Lemon

foods for vaginal health - lemon

One of the first good foods for vaginal health is lemon. Lemons can support your vaginal health because their acidic nature will help to maintain the healthy pH level of your vagina. Besides, antioxidants in it also aid in protecting the cells from the damage of free radicals.

In addition, it acts as an immune booster that will help your body to prevent and fight off any type of infection.

You should drink lemon water for one or two times per day on the daily basis, which helps to restore the balance of pH levels in your body. If you want to make lemon water, you can add the juice of half a lemon and a little honey to 1 glass of tepid water and then stir them well. Finally, you consume this water immediately.

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2. Greek Yogurt

foods for vaginal health - greek yogurt

Consuming Greek yogurt every day is great for you to maintain a vaginal health. It has many live and active cultures (called Lactobacillus bacteria) that can not only prevent organisms causing diseases from attaching to your vagina but also produce chemicals such as lactic acid that will inactivate or kill other organisms causing infections. It also helps to maintain a healthy pH level in your body.

According to a study published in the Journal in 2024, lactobacilli help to maintain a normal urogenital health as well as play a crucial role in preventing yeast vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis, sexually transmitted diseases, and urinary tract infections.

You should eat one to two cups of probiotic yogurt per day. Other good probiotic foods you may include in your daily diet are miso, sauerkraut, kefir, and kimchi.

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3. Garlic

foods for vaginal health - garlic

When it comes to good foods for vaginal health, you so not forget garlic. Garlic has antifungal and antimicrobial properties that can help to prevent many vaginal problems such as vaginal discharge, burning, itching, odor, and even urinary tract infections.

In addition, it can also boost your immune system so that the body is ready to combat any infection.

You should eat two to three raw garlic cloves per day on the daily basis. You may also include garlic or garlic paste to your salads or dishes. If you want to take garlic capsules, you should consult your doctor.

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4. Cranberry

foods for vaginal health - cranberry

Cranberry juice is wonderful to improve your vaginal health. It may help to balance the pH level of your vagina and its acidic property will help to fight bacteria that cause urinary tract infections, vaginal infections and some other problems.

To get the benefits, you drink 1 glass of unsweetened and organic cranberry juice every day. People who love the tart flavor may even consume a handful of cranberries per day. You may also take cranberry tablets, but you have to consult your doctor.

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5. Edamame

foods for vaginal health - edamame

The phytoestrogens present in this soy product can help to keep your vagina lubricated, which is extremely important to prevent itching, dryness, and some other problems.

It also has protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and several minerals and vitamins that aid your body in coping with premenstrual and menopausal symptoms.

You should consume ½ cup of organic and unprocessed edamame per day on the daily basis. Some other soy products you may include in your daily diet are soybeans, tofu, soymilk, and so on.

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6. Kale

foods for vaginal health - kale

To fight off vaginal dryness, burning, and itching, you should add kale and some other green vegetables low in oxalate to your diet.

Kale is very rich in vitamins C and A and helps to improve blood circulation. Moreover, it also boosts up your immune system, which helps to keep any infection at bay.

You may add kale to your vegetable juice, green smoothie, and salad. You may also cook this lightly and then consume it. Other green vegetables such as cabbage, collard green, and celery are also good for your vaginal health.

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7. Avocado

foods for vaginal health - avocado

Avocado is one of other good foods for vaginal health that you should try consuming. The healthy fats present in avocado will support a healthy vaginal wall as well as keep it lubricated naturally. This helps to prevent vaginal dryness, burning, and itching.

Furthermore, its potassium and vitamin B6 content support a vaginal health.

Make sure that you only consume avocado in moderation. You just eat a quarter of avocado per day, which is enough to get its benefits. You may add this creamy fruit to your salad, smoothie, or sandwich.

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8. Flaxseeds

foods for vaginal health - flaxseeds

Having rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids and phytoestrogens, flaxseeds may also combat a lot of vaginal problems. The phytoestrogens raise estrogen levels, which will prevent vaginal dryness and some other menopausal symptoms.

Moreover, the zinc present in these seeds aid in treating vaginal dryness, burning, and itching.

You should sprinkle about one tbsp. of ground flaxseeds on smoothies, yogurt, cereal, juices, and salads. When consuming flaxseeds, make sure that you have to drink plenty of clean water for smooth and easy digestion.

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9. Sweet Potatoes

foods for vaginal health - sweet potatoes

You may also add sweet potatoes to your daily diet to keep the uterine and vaginal walls healthy. The beta-carotene present in sweet potatoes, when absorbed by your body, is transformed into vitamin A, also a powerful antioxidant.

In fact, this antioxidant can protect against the damage of free radicals and allow the cells of your reproductive tract to function correctly to keep your vaginal walls moist and healthy.

You should eat one cup of sweet potatoes per day on the daily basis. Another option, you may also enjoy them roasted, grilled, mashed, or baked.

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10. Pumpkin Seeds

foods for vaginal health - pumpkin seeds

Every woman had better add pumpkin seeds to their diet. Being very rich in zinc, pumpkin seeds aid in regulating the menstrual cycle and combating some symptoms of vaginal dryness, like burning and itching.

Furthermore, these tiny seeds may also improve bladder health and boost up your immune system.

You may enjoy a handful of pumpkin seeds as a good snack. Also, you should try adding these seeds to salads, sautéed vegetables, smoothies, and soups.

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Additional Tips:

  • To keep your mucus vaginal membranes lubricated as well as functioning properly, you should drink sufficient water during the day.
  • Avoid eating sugar-rich and processed foods.
  • Consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • While curing an infection, you have to avoid eating foods that has yeasts, such as bread and beer.
  • Quit drinking and smoking, which may increase the risk of infection.
  • Do exercises regularly to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
  • When it comes to wearing underwear, you should opt for cotton because it will breathe and absorb moisture better.
  • Avoid douching, which will increase the risk of getting infections.
  • Avoid using wipes, scented soaps, and other vaginal products because they may result in dryness.
  • Avoid unprotected sex.

If you want to know more about information as well as sexual health, please go to our main Sexual Health page. After reading the article of top 10 good foods for vaginal health, hope that it can help you realize the foods that are good for people who want to have a healthy vagina. If you have any question, leave the comments below, I will respond as soon as possible.

Also, if you know other good foods for vaginal health, please leave them below.

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