10 Most Common Marriage Problems And Solutions

common marriage problems

Relationships come with many wonderful benefits, yet none are without difficulties and challenges. These challenges could result in a strain on a couple. However, depending on how couples deal with these challenges they cope with, they can either strengthen their bond or push them apart. The followings are the most common marriage problems and solutions that VKool has collected from a large number of couples worldwide.

Top 10 Most Common Marriage Problems And Solutions

1. Money common marriage problems is money

Fighting and stress over money problem constitute one of the most common marriage problems that couples cope with. To put in simple words, when a couple fights about money, that dispute is symbolic of something different, not just simply about money – different values, power struggles, or any other issues that surround money. Nevertheless, during the crisis stage, financial stress could really lead to more general anxiety and more conflict over things which are not irrelevant to money.

The cure for this problem is to plan as a financial team. That means you create a financial plan for your family. Decide your goals as a couple. The goals could be home, college for the children, cars, vacation home, and retirement. Then, review them regularly. You should also open a joint bank account to manage these issues and deposit about 90 percent of your paycheck there. After that, you open individual checking accounts for the remaining 10 percent of the paycheck. This is your personal money you can freely spend.

2. Children

Children also bring another potential marriage problem. Though children are wonderful and can bring meaningful gifts into their parents’ lives, having children could result in additional stress towards your marriage as the caretaking of children needs more responsibility and a change in roles. About 70 percent of women say that they feel less satisfied with their relationship after having babies. Also, caretaking your children will reduce the amount of time two of you spend together and fodder strain and disagreement.

To deal with this problem, you should acknowledge that the life or carefree life you used to love is over. Now, two of you need to share the general responsibility of changing, feeding, and bathing.

3. Home Chores common marriage problems is home chores

Most partners work outside their house and often at more than a single job. The problem lies in that disparity. Wives often feel unsupported as their husbands do not pitch in with the vacuuming, dusting, clothes and dish washing. So, it is critical to fairy divide the labor at home. Just be organized and clear about your respective jobs in the home. List down all the jobs and discuss who does what. Try to be fair so there will be no resentment built.

However, if you both hate those home chores, maybe you could opt for cleaning service. If one of you loves housework, then the other one could do the yard and the laundry. You could be creative and take some preferences into accounts as long as two of you feel fair.

4. Daily Stress

Work stress can exacerbate marriage problems that already exist. Together with financial stress, common daily stress could test patience as well as optimism, leaving couple with less to give to one another emotionally.

To handle daily stress so you can prevent potential marriage problems caused by daily stress, you should spend time on doing meditation or playing sports to take control of your mental and emotional health.

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5. Poor Communication common marriage problems is poor communication

All marriage and relationship problems stem from poor communication, according to a study. Negative communication is considered as the most common marriage problems. Often, the problem comes with poor communication is misunderstanding. Literally, this means not understanding the partner’s point of view. It is an unwillingness to spend time on genuinely listening and caring to understand. In a lot of relationship the interest seems to lie mainly in getting the partners’ point of view heard and understood rather than having an interest in hearing and understanding the partner’s. Fact is, to truly know another, you must be willing to see the world via their eyes, not simply your own.

The strategy to solve this problem is making an actual appointment with your partner. If you have kids, put them to bed and start talking sincerely. Set up rules like not interrupting, banning phrases like “you always…” or “you never…” Use your body language properly to show that you are listening. Learn to become a good listener. Do not pick at the nails, look at the watch, or doodle.

6. Sex And Intimacy

Sex brings people closer together, releases those hormones that help the human bodies physically and mentally feel happy. This topic is so complex and huge. Sex is one of the most common marriage problems and conflicts. Chronic disappointment and dashed expectations could manifest in a loss of intimacy in a marriage. About 3 months after the passionate honeymoon, you seem realized that your sexual desires are not as happy and blissful matched as you had dreamed. As sex is a delicate, difficult issue to discuss, frequent lustful advances could become unfulfilled, annoying perceived as rejection.

The relationship tips for sex problem depend on different aspects. Trust is the best foreplay. Besides, you need to plan. When sex is on the scheduled calendar, it will enhance your anticipation. Yet, changing things up a little bit could make sex more fun. Why not having sex out of your bed like in the kitchen or in the hallway?

Not only should you change things up, but you should also learn what and how to turn your partner on. In case you that the problem could not be solved on your own, you should get the advice from a qualified sex therapist in order to address and resolve your marriage’s issues.

common marriage problems is sex and intimacy

7. Bad Habits

For some couples, marriage problems come from bad habits. Sometimes, they experience problems that could be handled if the two can notice their own habits and start fix them. Take time to sit down, discuss honestly together and share with each other about what two you feel unsatisfied about the other’s habits. Then, you will have a good motivation to change your bad habits up.

8. Infidelity

Talk about a killer of commitment and trust, infidelity is the top offender. Affairs are usually used as a manner to lick one’s wound and to escape from the difficulties of the marriage. If your connection to your partner misses big pieces, begin by looking at what you are bringing to the party. If you are unfulfilled in the relationship, maybe it is because you are not offering all you could do. You should be willing to do whatever it takes to re-establish the trust that lost.

9. Conflict common marriage problems is conflict

Conflict is a part of marriage life. When you make the effort to deal with conflict involving in marriage, you could alleviate the anger and start looking at the underlying issues.

To avoid conflict, it is important for you to find out what the root causes are. Whether you will be a victim of a conflict or not depends on your choice of reacting and how you react. If you are coping with the centre of a conflict, then take a deep breath and take control of your emotions. Do not comment anything blamefully and hurtfully.  Try to be honest, change things up. If you still continue to respond in the way that might bring your unhappiness and pain in the past, you could not expect a better result this time. Apologize if you are wrong. Of course, it is hard but just try to do it and watch something wonderful occurs. Remember that you could not control other people’s behaviors. What you could control is yours.

10. Too Much Distance

In simple words, this problem is busy schedule. You are both too busy with the kids, work, and your own interests that you could go for days without having an actual, direct conversation. And, bedtime is strictly for sleeping. As you remove quality time from your marriage, you risk getting too casual about your current marriage, or even worse, you do not need to work on it anymore.

Marriage problems might result from the overly-busy calendar for several reasons. So, now you can cut out the distractions and use the time to reconnect. You could not miss your children’s games, yet you could share a pizza in the stands. In case you fall into the habit of zoning out in front of the television at night, simply turn it off for at least 20 minutes and talk together.

In other words, in case there is too much space between two of you in bed, just get back in touch literally. You might have to schedule your sex life and even talk both yourself and the partner into being interested. Actually, physical intimacy could make your marriage stronger.

These are top 10 most common marriage problems and their solutions that modern couples often face. If you have any idea about this “Common Marriage Problems And Solutions” article, drop your words below to let us know your thoughts. We will feedback soon!

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