18 Signs Someone Has A Crush On You – Subtle & Positive Signs

Are your suspicious that someone may be crushing on you? Sometimes it could be very hard to find out when someone has crush on you. Whether you want that person to be totally crushing on your or just want to know so you could let them down easy without looking like a fool, here are some definitely positive signs someone has a crush on you – from VKool.com!

Signs Someone Has A Crush On You – 18 Sure-Fire Tips 

1. They Add You On Facebook Or Follow You On Twitter Right After Meeting You 

they add you on facebook or follow you on twitter right after meeting you

If you are looking for a flashing hint that someone is 100% definitely interested in you, then it is exactly showing on the social media. After meeting a new person, check your Facebook to see if they have ready added you as a friend. When someone engages your social media self, that is when you know they are really interested.

2. They Invite You Out To Do Amazing, Cool Things 

they invite you out to do amazing, cool things

When it comes to signs someone has a crush on you, this is one of the most noticeable ones. Actually, the great part about the early stage of new relationships is to get to know each other. And, the better way of getting to know one another is doing fun, cool stuff. Doing stuff with you means that you two grow a “thing” which becomes your “thing”, leading to inside jokes, and some text messages about those fun things that both of you did together. It is manner of creating a bond.

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3. They Text You About Nothing In Particular 

they text you about nothing in particular

A clear sign someone has a crush on you is one or many sudden influx of text messages from them. If they start to text you many times all day long for no specific reasons, then they have a special feeling for you. If your friend could not stop thinking about you or tries to get in touch with you even when they are busy, it is a good sign that you run circles on their own mind.

4. They Look At You A Lot For Nothing 

They start to “like” your photos on your Facebook. When you are being around each other in the real life, they make serious eye-contact with you. Fact is, you need to know the difference between the normal stare while communicating and those much more lustful, intentionally seductive glares. Perhaps, there is a rapid smile or a maybe a stare-at-you slash fast-smile-hair-toss combo. In fact, either way, that person just tries to get your own attention and keep it.

5. They Make A Bigger Attempt With Their Appearance Than Ever Before 

signs someone has a crush on you

One of the easiest signs someone has a crush on you is if they suddenly begin to change their appearance, particularly if they just make that effort when you are being around them. Take a look at their Facebook account and find photos taken when you were not around, then find out if they made the same attempt or not. If the answer is no, then it could be a big clue to whether or not they try to impress you.

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6. They Blush Upon Communicating With You 

signs someone has a crush on you

 Do they get awkward around you? Do they blush or fidget while talking to you?  If your friend constantly blush when talking to you, and they also often go red faced when spending time with you or you are talked about, then they might have a crush on you.

7. They May Act Entirely Disinterested, Too 

You should be fooled in this case. Sometimes, when a person has a crush on you, they might behave when being around you by not responding to you at all, because they do not quite know how to behave around you. No eye-contact and perhaps they are even a little bit distant and cold. So, once you suspect a friend is interested in you and you are also feeling that way, too, then you should make it easier on the two of you and make a first move.

8. They Constantly Tell You About New Stuff That You Did Not Know About 

signs someone has a crush on you

When a certain person is crushing on you, they will want to know how great they are so you will choose them. One manner to tell someone digs you is to see if they constant tell you about the stuff that you do not know about. It can be a hot new movie, a song, or a book of all time. Each time a crush tell you about something they love, they are trying to share their experience in different aspects of the life. Also, it means that they pay attention to you.

9. They Suddenly Become A Great Comedian 

signs someone has a crush on you

If your friend are trying to tease you lot, and make fun of you or point out your silly mistakes, whilst at the same time, never hurting your emotions and feelings, this is the most common sign you should know.

10. They Avoid You In Public

If a friend suddenly keep their distance from you as you are hanging out with friends, and when you are alone with them, they behave in an overfriendly way again, then this could be a big sign that they do not want other people acknowledge that they fall in love with you.

11. They Make More Contact With You Than Usual 

signs someone has a crush on you

If your friend starts to make more eye contact with you than normal and listen intently to the things you say without dropping their own gaze, then at least they really like you.

12. They Mirror Your Own Body Language 

signs someone has a crush on you

It is shown that a popular sign of attraction between men and women is imitation, and people usually mirror the ones they are really attracted to, without realizing that they are doing such things.

If your friend starts mirroring your own unique behaviors as well as words used all of a sudden, then it might be that they are seduced by you.

13. They Like To Surprise You 

signs someone has a crush on you

If your friend likes to surprise you with some little treats or special gifts, or they usually stop at your favorite shop and pick something up for you, then they have a crush on you. There must be a reason behind it. Surprise treats from a crush are a way of saying, “I get you. I want you. I’m listening.”

14. They Are Always Available Whenever You Are 

signs someone has a crush on you - they are always available whenever you are 

When your friend shows up to all things which you invite them to, while at other times, they try to support you even when there is no need for that, they might want to spend as much as time as they could with you. They always make time come to the even that you have arranged.

15. They Speak About You To Their Best Friends 

signs someone has a crush on you

When meeting the friends of that person and they seem to know a lot about your stuff, then there is a reason behind it. That person just talks about you to their friends when you are in their mind. And, even they try to introduce you to their family as well as friends so that you could all get to know each other.

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16. They Compliment You Constantly 

signs someone has a crush on you - they compliment you constantly

If that someone compliments you even when you are in your sweat pants, or looking tired and ruffled, or they try to make you feel much better when you are tired, then you are the person they are interested in. And, if they tell you that you look good, particularly after a fight with your own lover, then it is a big sign to pay attention to.  When a person tries to pick something really nice to say to you, they are trying to get your attention.

17. They Feel Your Pain 

signs someone has a crush on you

If your friend gets upset or angry when something impacts you negatively, or that friend wants to hurt those people who have hurt you, then they are interested in you more than just a normal friend. They care you a lot because they have a crush on you.

18. They Act Abnormally When Being Around You 

signs someone has a crush on you

If your friend goes above and also beyond for you, or has done something that goes out their way for you, then it is because they feel something special about you. When having a crush on someone, people often take it upon themselves to help that “someone”, even if it means that they put themselves out their usual way.

So, there you have it, the strongest and clearest indicators that someone is interested in you. Hope this article about signs someone has a crush on you has given you a bit of clarity and cleared up any confusion for your questions “If someone is really interested in you?”

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