Rexavar Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The company is amateurish, their claims are medically inaccurate, and customers seem to hate the product. What more do you need? Check out our in-depth review of Rexavar below:

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Rexavar Overview

Rexavar is an herbal men’s sexual enhancement pill that’s supposed to improve the quality of a man’s sex life by helping him get harder erections and a higher libido. Men who take it are supposed to see a bigger penis and a massive gain in confidence. It’s made from natural ingredients, which this company thinks makes it a more effective, safer option for men.

Like some other sex supplements we’ve seen, the company that makes Rexavar claims that it’s been used by adult film stars and is now being released to the public. Even if that’s true, the real question is does Rexavar do what it says it does? As you’ll soon learn, the answer is disappointing.

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Rexavar Claims

This supplement says that it can make your penis bigger. Whoah, hold up there – yes, they actually claim this. More specifically, they say that the ingredients in these pills increase the amount of “free” testosterone in your blood, which they say means your penis will somehow be larger and your erections will be more impressive. They don’t really explain how, but they seem to believe that because the penis consists of tissue, that if you “work out” that tissue by sending more testosterone to the penis, the tissue will expand and be able to hold more blood, leading to a larger penis.

At least, that’s what we think they mean. To be honest, their claims are a little loopy, they don’t go into much detail about “how” things are supposed to work, and they seem to conflate terms and ideas used in bodybuilding with ideas about erection strength, but they don’t make it clear how the two things are connected. What we can say, for the record, is that erectile tissue is not the same as soft muscle tissue.

So right off the bat, this company doesn’t seem to know exactly what it’s doing, or else they probably would have explained how these ideas work. Add to these claims some references to porn stars who’ve supposedly used this product, and you’ve got the basic pitch for Rexavar.

Who’s making these claims, first of all? Who are the people behind Rexavar? Well to be honest, we don’t know. Not for a lack of trying, though. We did some research and not only does this company have no website, but no profile with any other business directory, as far as we’ve seen. That means we don’t know who runs the company, what their qualifications are, or what their customer service history is like.

Would you want to put your health in the hands of a company that basically consists of some words on a website, a phone number, and a PO Box in Las Vegas? We sure wouldn’t.

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Rexavar Ingredients

The ingredients in Rexavar are mostly plant-based. Here’s a list of some of the primary extracts:

  • Tongkat Ali
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • L-Citrulline
  • Long Pepper
  • L-Arginine

Tongkat ali is a plant from Southeast Asia used as an aphrodisiac, typically used as a way to help men overcome sexual dysfunction and problems with erection strength. It supposedly has an effect on the levels of the hormone testosterone in the body.

Tribulus terrestris is an aphrodisiac that’s used to treat low sex drive in men and women, as well as erectile dysfunction in men. It’s though to do this by helping regulate hormone levels.

Long Pepper is an Indian plant used as an aphrodisiac (or in Rexavar, as a “transport” for the other ingredients). While some research shows that it can help to fight bacteria, the jury is out when it comes to most of its uses.

L-Arginine is another amino acid, one that people usually digest from meat, dairy products, and wheat, as well as some seafood products. When it’s digested into the body, it gets converted to nitric oxide, a chemical that naturally widens blood vessels and lets blood flow more throughout the body. With more blood going to the genitalia, you’ll have better better erections, or so the science says. Strangely, Rexavar only says they include it so that testosterone can be delivered to the penis for a larger penis size – science which isn’t exactly solid. But we’ll get to that in the next section.

L-Citrulline is an amino acid that is similar to l-arginine.

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The Science Behind Rexavar

This product contains some ingredients that are pretty popular in the sex aid supplement world, but some others are either of dubious quality or are being used here for the wrong reasons. Plus, one of the main ideas behind this product is total scientific nonsense.

First, we want to address the idea behind Rexavar: that increasing testosterone levels and sending that testosterone to your penis will make your penis bigger. It sounds simple enough, but it’s just medically inaccurate. We did come across one study that showed administration of testosterone over time led to impressive growths in penis size, but it came to an interesting conclusion: that it really only worked on prepubertal boys who had a condition called hypogonadism, or a severe lack of testosterone (Klugo, RC, et al: “Response of micropenis to topical testosterone …” J Urol, 1978). So if you’re an adult, someone who’s already gone through puberty, and you haven’t been diagnosed with hypogonadism, it’s unlikely that higher levels of testosterone in your body will make your penis bigger.

At least one of these ingredients also has limited research behind it. Long jack, one of the very few ingredients in this supplement, has “insufficient evidence” that it works, meaning more actual research needs to be performed before we know if it has any medical use or not (WebMD).

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Word on the Street about Rexavar

If you want to convince people to buy from you, you better have something back it up. What’s the best currency? Customer reviews. Customer reviews are a goldmine: strike a vein, and the dollars will pour in. But if you’ve got nothing, people won’t trust that your product is worth buying, and you may as well give up. Rexavar claims to be the best on the market, so surely that means there should be amazing reviews, right?


We check Amazon, a great third-party source of customer reviews, and the reception for Rexavar has been pretty terrible. Over half the people who tried it gave it 3 or fewer stars out of 5, with the majority giving it only 1 star – the lowest possible score. Here’re some reviews we read:

“I’ve used this for two weeks, and so far I haven’t seen anything happening.”

“I learned you have to use this for months in order to see any benefits at all.”

“This works great!”

“This doesn’t work, but at least I received it on time.”

“Nope, doesn’t work at all for me, and I used it for a month. I decided to go with something else from GNC.”

“I didn’t notice any improvements, either in sex drive or in penis size.”

“What a waste of money. If you want to make yourself feel better AND throw your money away, you’re better off donating to a charity.”

That last was especially harsh. But overall it seems that people don’t think this stuff works.

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Is Rexavar Worth a Try?

We definitely can’t recommend Rexavar, for many reasons. First is the fact that this company has almost no presence, so we can’t tell if they’re supposed to be legit or if they’re just a fly-by-night company. When your company doesn’t even have a website, it’s hard to claim that you’re professional and care about your image. Secondly is the “science” behind how this product is supposed to increase the size of your penis, which we’ve established is junk, based on a misunderstanding of the results of a scientific trial conducted 40 years ago. That alone was enough to make us realize that this company may not exactly be trustworthy.

And that’s before you get to the reviews, which really are what everything comes down to. It doesn’t matter how “pure” your ingredients are, or how expensive your product is, or even if you have quotes from doctors and medical professionals – if your product doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. And based on the reviews we’ve seen from customers, it’s clear that this product just doesn’t work. When a majority of customer give your product only 1 star out of 5, you’re in trouble, and it’s time to either change your formula or stop trying to sell the product altogether.

There are way better choices out there if you want to get harder erections or kick-start your sex drive. Do yourself a favor and skip Rexavar.

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Rexavar vs Sizegenix

These products might at first seem like totally different products – after all, different name, differen branding – but they both claim to do basically the same thing: enlarge the penis, increase sexual pleasure, and boost the libido. They’re even owned by the same company, Incredible Health Decisions, LLC. They both cost $39.95 for a one-month supply, and both offer discounts if you buy more than one month at a time. Sizegenix also tries a little harder to be scientific, including links to studies in an effort to look legit. The ingredients are also slightly different, with Sizegenix containing butea superba on top of the ingredients in Rexavar.

Rexavar vs Vigrx Plus

There are some similarities between these supplements: they’re both intended to increase the libido and help men in all areas of sexual wellness. Vigrx Plus, however, doesn’t promise that it can make your penis bigger, something that Rexavar insists is possible through their product. They also differ in price, with Vigrx Plus costing $69.94 (through Amazon) and Rexavar only costing $39.95 for one month. Both products are intended to be taken daily. Rexavar also claims to be popular among pornstars, while Vigrx Plus maintains a more “professional” image by sticking with quotes from doctors. Depends on what you’re looking for, I guess.

Rexavar vs Longinexx

Both of these products claim to make your penis bigger, and both use similar ingredients in their formulas (like l-arginine, long pepper). Longinexx seems to be harder to find, however, and has the added problem of having no main website – you can only find it on Amazon. Both of the products have another thing in common, though: terrible customer reviews. Both of their Amazon pages have tons of customers reporting in on how the pills don’t work as advertised. Not something you’d want to have in common with another product, that’s for sure.

Rexavar vs Penatropin

First off, these products are pretty similar, in many ways. The first thing that jumps out is that they both claim to make your penis bigger, but of the two, Rexavar seems to be the only one trying to describe exactly how. Penatropin also contains butea superba, an ingredient not present in Rexavar. That said, they both cost the same price: $40 for one month, and they both have offers for discounts when customer buy more than one bottle at a time.

Rexavar FAQ

  1. What about Rexavar Extreme?
    Rexavar Extreme seems to be a version of this product that’s only available on Amazon. The main difference seems to be that it contains butea superba over the original formula.
  2. Does Rexavar come with any side effects?
    We haven’t seen any mentions of side effects, either from customers or from the product’s main website.
  3. Where can I see pictures of the results of using Rexavar?
    We haven’t come across any pictures of “changes” men have seen after using Rexavar, but there are likely websites and forums out there where men have posted them.
  4. How does Rexavar stack up against Sizegenix?
    If you’d like to know more about these two products and how they measure up, feel free to check out our short comparison in the above section.
  5. Can I buy Rexavar at GNC?
    No, it doesn’t look like Rexavar is available at GNC at the moment.
  6. What are the ingredients in Rexavar?
    Tongkat Ali, Tribulus Terrestris, L-Citrulline, Long Pepper, and L-Arginine.
  7. How does Rexavar compare to Rexazyte?
    They seem pretty similar, based on a cursory glance. Both promise to give men bigger penises, and both cost about $40. They also appear to contain almost identical formulas.
  8. Does Rexavar offer a free trial?
    No, they don’t appear to offer a free trial at the moment.
  9. Can I get Rexavar at GNC?
    No, it doesn’t appear to be available there at the moment.
  10. Where can I read a review of Rexavar?
    You can read customer reviews of Rexavar at Amazon.

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So What Really Works?

Viritenz is our favorite sexual enhancement product for men. Why and how did we get there? We looked at the ingredients (all naturally-derived), the way it’s manufactured (in FDA-inspected labs, held to GMP-standards), and the way customers have reacted: great reviews. That all adds up to product we would definitely recommend.

Viritenz can help give you more stamina, more confidence, harder erections, and a better sex life overall. Viritenz is considered one of the best male enhancement supplements on the market, and has received high ratings from both experts and customers.

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