Top 15 Good Stretches For Sciatica Pain That Really Work!

Updates: 05/16/2024

Sciatica is a common disease. People who have sciatica suffer from back pain, especially lower back. Some simple exercises and stretches of sciatica can put pressure on back pain and surround structures to reverse the pain without requiring any exercise equipment. The following are 15 good stretches for sciatica pain; you can learn to treat sciatica in the comfort of your own home.

Top 15 Good Stretches For Sciatica Pain Revealed!

1. Hamstring Stretches

Many people forget stretching the hamstrings and this is the reason why they have pain near low back and knee. These exercises are designed to reduce tightness that increases stress on back, leg and cause some conditions leading to sciatica pain, leg pain or lower back pain. Hamstrings are groups of 3 muscles in the back of the thigh. The hamstrings start at the pelvis and run down to the knee. They work to bend knee and help extend the hip. The following are some notices when doing hamstring exercises and stretches for sciatica:

stretches for sciatica leg painWhen doing hamstring stretches, you should not bounce because it can trigger the muscle spasm. Instead of that, you can enter the stretch more gently and remember to hold it. Hold your hamstring stretch in 10 seconds and increase the time to 30 seconds. Besides, remember to gradually breathe while you are holding stretches.

You should find the most comfortable position to stretch. Depending on different sciatica conditions as well as different levels of pain, you can adjust hard stretches or gentle stretches. You can perform stretches for sciatica twice a day. Many sciatica patients find it is easy to do stretching exercises and they improve their low back pain without using other treatments. Lying on the back is the most comfortable position to do stretches.

Besides, you can do hamstring stretches for sciatica while sitting. In the sitting position, you just need to do gentle stretches and do different moves with legs. You can sit in a chair. Next, straighten just one leg in front of your body while your heel is on the floor. Then, sit up really straight and push the navel towards your thigh. Remember not to lean the trunk of your body forwards. Hold the stretch in 30 seconds and repeat 3 times for another leg. This stretch helps you become more flexible and many people do it with ease.

In addition, you can do standing hamstring exercises for lengthening hamstring muscles and stopping lower body pain. Start by standing upright. Next, raise one leg and put it on a stable object. Keep the leg straight and let the toes point straight up. Stay in this position for 20 seconds while keeping breathing deeply. Return to another leg and repeat 3 times for each leg. Remember that you should not stretch too far beyond your ability, if not you will get more pain in legs.

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2. Press-Ups

People can do press-up stretches for sciatica. These exercises help to ease the back pain, and lower back pain. Get started by lying on the stomach; let the arms bent and the palms right on the floor. Try to make your legs and buttocks relaxed totally and abdominal muscle will be contracted. Next, press the upper body up by using the abdominal muscles and the arms while your legs are in the resting condition of the floor. Remember that you just stay in this stretch for one to three seconds, and then repeat 10 times. You can do press-ups twice a day.

3. Curl-Up Stretches

This type of exercise supports sciatica patients to strengthen abdominal muscles, back and eliminate pain in these body positions. Like press-up exercises, you perform curl-up stretches on the floor. Firstly, lie on the back while both of your knees bent. Let your arms folded in the front of your chest. Next, lift your shoulders and head from the floor and maintain this position in 3 seconds. If you are a beginner, just start with only ten curl-ups. When you are accustomed to this exercise, increase your curl-ups to 30 and even more than this number.

4. Extension Exercises

stretches for sciatica painExtension exercises are also used to relieve leg pain and back pain for sciatica patients. Firstly, lie on the stomach, your arms and legs are stretched out. Next, raise your only arm and raise your opposite leg, stay in this position for three seconds. Next step, lower the arm and the leg to the floor. Repeat this movement with another leg and arm of yours. You can perform these stretches for sciatica 10 times and do this exercise twice a day to improve the exchange of your fluids on spinal discs.

5. Leg Lifting

stretches for sciatica diagrams

To compare with other stretches for sciatica above, this exercise is harder, yet it helps sciatica pain sufferers ease their pain effectively. The leg lifts focus on building stomach muscle and improving leg strength. To do these lifts, you first tighten the abdominal muscle, then lift both your legs. Next, bend the 2 knees towards the chest, or swing the legs to the left and the right. Repeat lifts 10 times with the legs straight and 10 times with the 2 knees bent.

Actually, leg lifting is a type of stretch for the lower abs. Beside leg lifts that you practice on yoga mats, you can do another leg lifting stretch by lifting on the pull-up bar. This exercise is more intense than the stretches above. Grab your pull-up bar with the hands, next hang with the legs straight. Be sure that your body won’t swing by stabilizing the upper body. The shoulders must be in the neutral position and keep the back tight, then lift your knees to the chest. You can add intensity and raise straight legs by using the lower abs to lift. Stay in this position in 3 seconds and lower the legs. You can repeat these lifts 10 times and do these stretches once per day.

6. Leg Raises

Same to leg lift stretches, leg raises also benefit sciatica sufferers to diminish their back pain and strengthen their lower muscles. Start by lying the back, the hands are behind your head. You can do these stretches more comfortably by putting a pillow under the neck. Next, tighten your abdominal muscles; raise one of your legs above the floor. Then, hold your leg for two to five seconds. Next, put it on the floor. Do the same steps with other leg.

7. Some Yoga Stretches

Some yoga stretches are very helpful for sciatica problems. You can learn these exercises with guided video. In this article, I just introduce some specific yoga stretches including their names and their benefits so that you will have an overview of them. You can do Apanasana to improve knee functions and chest functions. Hip circles are also good for reducing joint pain. The upside-down pigeon is a specialized exercise to improve glut function and hip joints. Bridge pose includes stretches control your spines. Cobra poses help to strengthen your lower muscle. Besides, you can search for Locust poses, Child’s poses, Savasana in order to improve the flexibility of the low back.

8. Mobilizing Stretches

stretches for sciatica reviewThese stretches help to mobilize sciatic hamstrings and nerve. Get started by lying on the back. You can do these stretches more comfortable by putting a flat cushion or a pillow under the head. Next, bend the knees and keep the feet straight and let hip-width apart. Try to make the upper body in relaxation and keep the chin tucked in. In the next step, bend one of your knees toward the chest, grasp the hamstrings with your hands below your knee. Remember to straighten your knee so slowly while pulling the food toward yourself. Stay in this position in 20 seconds while breathing deeply. Then, bend your knee and return to the beginning position. You can repeat these stretches 2 or 3 times and alternate legs. Make sure that press your back down into the ground when stretching. Each stretch can help you feel comfortable and instantly eliminate your body pain.

9. Back Extensions

stretches for sciatica in hip

In the previous part, I recommend extension exercises to ease sciatica pain. In this part, I will focus on one of these extension stretches – back extension exercise. You start by lying on the stomach, next, prop your body on the elbows, lengthen your spine. Then, keep your neck long and shoulders back. Arch the backup while pushing down on the hands. These stretches help you feel relaxed. You should breathe and stay for 5 to 10 seconds. Finally, return to the beginning position. Remember that do not bend the neck backwards, always keep the hips grounded and just extend if you feel comfortable.

10. Gluteal Stretches

This exercise helps lengthen your Piriformis muscles. Similar to Mobilizing Stretches. Get started by lying on the back. You can do these stretches more comfortable by putting a flat cushion or a pillow under the head. Next, bend the left leg, rest the right foot on the left thigh. Then, grasp the left thigh and pull closer towards you. Keep the tailbone on the ground throughout and the hips straight. Stay in this position for 30 seconds while keeping your deep breaths. Do repeat 3 times. You can learn some tips to practice these stretches for sciatica. For more details, you can use your towel around your thigh in case you cannot grasp the thigh. Remember not to let the tailbone come off the ground and always keep pelvis straight.

11. Knee To Chest Stretch

The exercise has the aim at enhancing the activeness of your low back.

At first, you put your back on the carpet. It is easier for you when you place a book or a flat cushion under your head. Bend your knees and make your feet straight. Keep your upper body free and your chin tucked in.

Stoop one knee up towards your chest and grab your knee with both hands. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds with deep breaths. Please repeat three times with alternating legs.

12. Aerobic Exercises aerobic exercises

Apart from explicit sciatica exercises, practicing aerobic may be stimulated for general body fitness. A typical example of exercise for your low back is walking since it has a low influence, but it can give all the advantages of an aerobicworkout. Walking is a simple activity and your body will quickly adapt to this movement. Let’s relax with the movement of your legs and get many surprising results. You should perform three miles of exercise walking every day.

13. Leg Lift In The Water

Water exercises are beneficial if you are suffering from sciatica pain. These exercises will concentrate on working your stomach muscles and will bring a good stretch to your legs.

Implement some leg lifts under the water to make your abdominal muscles work. Stretch your arms along the edge of the pool when your back is on the side of the pool. Bend your knees to your chest or move your legs gradually from the left to the right.

Perform 10 lifts and you should remember that keep your legs straight.

14. Standing Twist standing twist

A secure standing form of the stretch is the standing twist. It puts the thigh into internal rotation and adduction.

Put a chair next to the wall. To expand your right hip, you can stand with your right side near the wall and keep your knee inclined about 90 degrees. Maintain the standing leg straight and keep your body balance by using your right hand to place on the wall. Then, lift your left high and move your body gradually toward the wall. When you exhale, you should make your left heel lower and maintain the twist.

Your right hip can descend and hold for some breaths.

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15. Nerve Flossing

The aim of nerve flossing is to pluck from an end of a nerve when keeping the other of the nerve relaxed. The nerve is pulled free from adhesions or entrapment along its path by nerve flossing. When performing this exercise, the patient will sit on a chair and his feet will be brought under. First of all, the patient will draw their head and tuck their chin to their chest once flexing one leg under the chair. Then, the patient slowly change to the next position, their head will be extended and their eyes look at the ceiling while their toes are pointed at the ceiling. The position should be repeated for 10 times to make a full cycle.

I have recommended 15 good stretches for sciatica pain. You can learn these exercises to get rid of sciatica pain without using any drug. You just need to pay some minutes per day to do these 15 easy-to-follow stretches.

I hope that my writing is useful for you to practice and you will learn to improve your health from now. If you like this post, share it with other sciatica sufferers. I also welcome all your feedbacks and ideas.

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