Top 29 Ways On How To Stop Wheezing Naturally At Home

how to stop wheezing at home

Have you ever heard the high-pitched whistling sound from your friends or even yourself when breathing? These weird sounds are called wheezing, a normal symptom that happens to many people. Based on a study conducted by a group of professors in 2024, about 56.34 % of participants used to suffer from this condition [1] . Wheezing usually makes you feel hard to absorb oxygen in. If not treated soon, it sometimes might even lead to bronchitis and pneumonia that can endanger your life. Moreover, when wheezing happens frequently, these sounds can disturb the others nearby and make them annoyed. Obviously, no one wants to get stuck with wheezing yet not many people really know how to get rid of this problem. Thus, will show you how to stop wheezing and also ways to prevent it. If you often have problems with wheezing and want to stop this discomfort, don’t miss this article. You will find the suggested tips very useful and easy to follow in daily life.

Top 29 Ways On How To Stop Wheezing Naturally At Home

I. What Causes Wheezing?

Before learning how to stop wheezing, it’s necessary to take a quick look at the hidden causes of this symptom. Wheezing can happen to anyone due to some problems inside your body, but actually, it isn’t the health problem. In fact, it associates with many conditions like asthma, bronchiolitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), lung cancer, heart failure, sleep apnea, vocal cord dysfunction, emphysema, pulmonary edema (buildup of fluids in the air sacs of the lung). People who have asthma or respiratory problems are the most vulnerable to wheezing. According to a study published on February 18, 1997, wheezing was more common in adults due to the fact that 40% of cases were reported by people around 40 [2] .

The deep-down ground of wheezing is the airway passages getting stuck, blocked and narrowed down by dust, mucus, sputum or phlegm. These things make your respiratory cubes an obstructed air path so that the oxygen cannot move easily. To make it simpler to understand, let’s imagine that in your expiration and inhalation process, there are obstacles inhibiting the needed amount of oxygen into your body. That’s the reason why the wheezing people often breathe faster than the normal one.

Some other causes of wheezing might come from:

–    A constant and severe cough and cold

–    Anaphylaxis (known as an allergic response that hinders, congests, and hurts the air path)

–    Swallowing a strange object

–    Inflammation, constriction, irritation or jam of the vocal cord

–    Dust or any kind of pollution

–    Acidity and acid reflux

–    Smoking or second-hand smoking

A study on wheezing by the University of Gothenburg also pointed out that the family history of asthma or atopic diseases would increase the wheezing risk in the offspring [3] .

Normally, people having these kinds of symptoms do not seriously care about it. However, we recommend you should go to the hospital to seek medical help right away if you experience severe signs of the above list for your own safety. However, if the problems are not that serious, you can apply these following useful tips to find out how to stop wheezing at home with some simple treatments and also learn different ways to stay away of this uncomforted symptom.

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II. How To Stop Wheezing

1. Stream Therapy

Stream therapy is the easiest and probably the fastest way how to stop wheezing. The stream air in this therapy helps to get rid of dust, mucus or thick phlegm at your obstructed and clogged throats. Especially, infusing some drops of essential oils even helps you feel better in your mind. Let’s see how to stop wheezing with the stream therapy:

–    Pour boiling water (evaporating water) intro a large bowl.

–    Add some drops of essential oils (highly recommend peppermint or eucalyptus oil) for a better result.

–    Use a blanket or towel to cover your head and the bowl.

–    Hold your head towards the bowl and inhale the steam emitted from the hot water through your nose and also your mouth within at least 10 – 15 minutes.

–    Repeat this step and remember to do this at least twice a day.

At first, you may find hard to get acquainted with breathing in such stream but just after a few second, the stream will ease your wheezing and make you feel better. Remember not to show your face directly to the stream. If your skin is sensitive, the hot stream may damage and burn it. Keep your face at a suitable distance.

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2. Hot Shower

The second tip on how to stop wheezing is also related to hot water. Like stream therapy, hot shower helps to reduce dust, sputum, phlegm and mucus in your respiratory path as well. It supports to ease your tense airways and unblock the ‘mucus-jam’ inside. It is not complicated to apply this method at home. The process includes:

–    Open the hot shower with the door closed to make your bathroom seem like a sauna.

–    Stand beneath the shower for at least 5 minutes.

–    Practice this method twice or three times a day.

Also, this therapy will have your pores open hence helps your whole body relax by removing dust from your body. Your whole body seems stretched and your mind will feel calm as well.

It is not difficult to learn how to stop wheezing at home, isn’t it? Hot shower is not only good for wheezing, it can offer many benefits that you can figure out in this article: 50 Healthy Benefits On Hot Shower Vs Cold Shower

3. Warm Fluids

how to stop wheezing - warm fluids

Using warm fluids can soothe your stressed airways. It is better to consume more warm liquids than solid foods because they are not only the way stop wheezing but also prevent it. Moreover, frequent hydration can clear away the blockage taking place in your respiratory paths. Let see how to stop wheezing with warm fluids in a detailed way.

–    Warm water: water is always important for your body. It gets rid of the hard mucus and prevents the establishment of mucus in your airway tracts. There is no need to list other advantages of water, right?

–    Hot soups or porridge: when wheezing, you had better consume hot soups or porridge instead of solid hard foods. When your respiratory ways are clogged, eating hard foods just makes the situation worse because it might provoke the buildups here.

–    Herbal teas: Herbal teas are always the best way to ease and soothe your inflamed or injured airway passages. Ginger, licorice root tea or chamomile are highly recommended choices for anyone who does not know how to stop wheezing with herbal teas.

However, remember to stay away from dairy products like cream soup or milk as they produce more mucus, which definitely is not good for your condition.

4. Gargle With Salt Water

Salt water possesses cleansing and anti-bacteria properties. Therefore, gargling with salt water can be one of the methods to stop wheezing or coughing by eliminating the mucus and phlegm clinging to your airway passages. So, how to stop wheezing with salt water? The process is very simple. You need to:

–    Add ½ teaspoon of sail into a cup of warm water and stir until salt dissolves.

–    Gargle within 30 – 60 seconds.

–    Repeat every hour.

You can also put a small handful of salt into your throat and let it dissolve gradually. If you care about salt benefits, you can find more information at: Benefits of Epsom salt

5. Use Nasal Drops

Nasal drops, like stream therapy, can help to ease your wheezing situation immediately. Just with 2 – 3 drops can help you breathe more easily. However, do not use this treatment frequently as the overusing can lead to the inertia against medicine. It may be dangerous if you don’t really know how to stop wheezing with nasal drops in a proper way. Therefore, you should ask for doctor’s advice before applying this method. Especially for children, the old and pregnancy women, the nasal using should be carefully taken into consideration.

6. Garlic

The allicin compound found in garlic has potent of medicinal properties. Therefore, garlic can be used to enhance the immune system, which helps to combat sickness, diseases. It is a pity for anyone who does not know how to stop wheezing or bacterial infections with garlic because this wonderful remedy is supposed to eliminate bacteria residing blocking your airway passages. Also, garlic is a potential source of nutrients such as manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, selenium, and fiber though interestingly it has few calories. If you are afraid of the smell of it when eating directly, you can cook it with your meal, which reduces the strong odors of garlic and also boost the taste of your meal. The more health advantages of garlic can be found in this article: Benefits of garlic

7. Ginger

Ginger contains gingerols, shogaols, and zingerones which make it a great treatment for many health diseases. Especially, ginger performs most effectively on respirational problems like asthma, cough, wheezing, and flu. It cleans, gets rid of blockage in breathing tubes, reduces and prevents the inflammation situation with this track. Hence, the wheezing situation will be improved. There are many options for you to use ginger for wheezing:

–    Eating ginger directly or mix with salads.

–    Eat ginger with salt sprinkled on top.

–    Drink ginger tea.

–    Drink ginger with honey tea or walnut tea.

–    Drink ginger tea together with lemongrass flavor.

If you are wondering about ways to make ginger tea, you can find useful tips in this article: How to make ginger tea

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