PhytoStem Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Several impressive and bold claims are offered on the official website though they do not provide the evidence to back any of it up. All you get are baseless claims that are not proven or at all explained.

What made this seem even more questionable is the many mixed reviews and the basic additives.

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PhytoStem Overview

PhytoStem is a nootropic and general health supplement that claims it can offer great results. The fact that they claim it’s both proven and safe sounds great until you do some more investigating. A major flaw was found with this brand as all they do is make bold claims without any evidence to back it up.

Sure it enough it became clear to see that many failed to see any of the claimed benefits. After judging the formula it was also easy to see that it wasn’t as unique as they claimed it to be. A lot of this is fairly common to even the most simple of nootropic brands.

The company gives an impressive explanation for this but it clearly fails to deliver.

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PhytoStem Claims

Supposedly clinically proven ingredients are used which can regenerate organs. They add that it can rejuvenate cells and provide a lasting impact on health. By improving toxic cells it’s said that it can support overall health starting with improved organ health.

They make a lot of great sounding claims and suggest there is science to prove this, but nowhere do they list any of their findings. The part of the website which is meant to go into more detail fails to cite much else.

There is also no way to truly prove any of the supposed claims without real scientific trials which were clearly never run.

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PhytoStem Ingredients

  • Coenzyme Q10
  • AstaPure
  • Cholecalciferol
  • D-alpha Tocopheryl acetate
  • Menaquinone-7
  • Omega 3 Fish Oil
  • Ginger Root Extract
  • Green Tea Leaf

AstaPure is a patented version of Astaxanthin, a nutrient found in seafood which gives it a red color. This is used as a way to help prevent the spread of damaging free radicals, and to improve overall health as an antioxidant.

Menaquinone-7 is another name for vitamin K2, and it’s most often used to prevent deficiencies. It can be used to help regulate blood pressure and improve calcium retention.

Omega 3 Fish Oil has a rich blend of fatty acids that can help stimulate brain health, reduce inflammation, and support joint mobility. This has to be sourced from quality fish in order to prevent overuse of unwanted mercury. It’s unknown how many fatty acids are found in this as the supplements facts is not very clear.

Ginger Root Extract is commonly used as a digestive aid which can help relieve unwanted congestion and ill feelings.

Green Tea Leaf is rich in different antioxidants and it can help boost the immune system. This sometimes has small amounts of caffeine added to it, and it’s unknown if this version has any.

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The Science Behind PhytoStem

According to their website the 40 antioxidants, 80 essential elements, and other natural extracts can rejuvenate organ health. It’s said that toxic cells which can cause major damage will be rejuvenate, and that this is proven with science. Not only do they make these bold claims, but they suggest it’s safe and approved by a doctor. Nowhere do they provide testimonials, scientific trials, or any explanation into how they found this to be true.

It seems like an outright lie for a blend of basic additives like this to be able to rejuvenate overall organ health. These types of claims are highly irresponsible as they suggest it’s a kind of cure-all.

They do not go into detail at all about how each ingredient is meant to do this, and it’s impossible to take any of this seriously.

All the details on the official website are similar claims; you can’t find any more details which are reviewable with science.

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Word on the Street About PhytoStem

Quite a few users said that it did not work as it was claimed. It didn’t deliver any improvements of any kind according to many. There was also no clear rejuvenation found in any of the reviews.

Had someone said that they got tested and found that their organs improved it would have given this more credibility, but this was not at all mentioned. Although some did say it made them feel slightly better, it’s hard to know in what way as they did not mention specifics.

Overall it was clear that it did not deliver as good as it was claimed to be, and far too many found it useless.

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Is PhytoStem Worth a Try?

The many controversial unproven claims make it impossible to trust. Before this can be trusted it should be important for them to publish their findings. Supposedly this is proven safe and effective, but nowhere is there evidence to back any of it up.

They simply fail to give the basics and had they truly made a functional formula, it would make sense for them to publish proof. It would only help to make this a more poplar supplement. All you get are claims and judging from the mixed reviews and lack of a unique formula, it seems highly unlike that this would rejuvenate cells and organs. It’s impossible to take this claim seriously without actual proof and it seems highly unlikely that this would be true.

Overall it’s simply not nearly as good as other brands with varied formulas.

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PhytoStem FAQ

  1. Are there any PhytoStem liquid capsules?
    It appears they only offer capsules, at least according to their website.
  1. What are the full PhytoStem ingredients?
    It has an active blend of cholecalciferol, d-alpha Tocopheryl acetate, menaquinone-7, AstaPure, Omega 3 fish oil, Coenzyme Q10, ginger root extract, and green tea leaf.
  1. Is there a PhytoStem coupon code?
    Their website doesn’t mention anything about a coupon offer.
  1. What are common PhytoStem nutritional supplement reviews?
    Many who tried it said it failed to work.
  1. Are there PhytoStem side effects to worry about?
    No customers mentioned symptoms, though there are only a few reviews available online at this time.
  1. What’s the official PhytoStem phone number?
    Their contact number is (888) 615-4942.
  1. What is PhytoStem exactly?
    A supplement used to improve overall organ health including brain health.
  1. Does PhytoStem really work?
    If you look at customer reviews, a good amount said it offered no support.

So What Really Works?

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