How to prevent meningitis in children & adults – 7 useful tips

Meningitis is originated from contagious infections that caused by common bacteria or viruses causing meningitis. It can occur when the fluid surrounding the menges are infected by the bacteria or viruses, the main reason for meningitis. It is a contagious disease that can be transmitted by coughing, sharing eating utensils, toothbrush, cigarette, kissing, sneezing. Other reasons include drug allergies, chemical irritation, cancer. More seriously, bacterial meningitis can be fatal. Meningitis can be divided into two types including aseptic meningitis and bacterial meningitis. When a person has meningitis, the symptoms of meningitis can be different depending on the age. For example, for teens and young adults, its symptoms may be headaches, seizures, drowsiness, stiff neck, fever; for infants, they can include crying when being held, refusing to eat, being irritable; for young children with cough and breathing trouble, older adults with fever and slight headache. The best treatment for this disease is prevention.

How To Prevent Meningitis In Children And Adults That You Need To Know

Meningitis is really a dangerous disease for your health, especially for children. If you don’t want to face with this disease, you should take the protective measure against it. What do you know about them? There are many methods on how to prevent meningitis in children and adults, in which the methods that focus on avoiding the infections and spread. Let’s see the following prevention to avoid meningitis effectively:

1. Get A Vaccination:

how to prevent meningitis-get a vaccination

One of the most effective methods for preventing meningitis in children and adults is immunization. Normally, all the people from 11 to 18-year-olds are recommended to be vaccinated for meningitis. Other objects are recommend including college freshmen in dormitories military recruits, people with specific blood problem, the travelers to areas where the disease are breaking out. If you want to get a vaccination, you should also visit to your doctor for the best advice. The children should be gotten a vaccination on schedule to protect the diseases effectively especially meningitis.

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2. Wash Your Hand:

how to prevent meningitis-wash your hand

Washing your hand is the important way to avoid exposure to the infectious agents. Using soap when wash your hand is necessary. Many people often wash their hands without using soap. This is an unwisdom action. Using the soap can help us remove the bad bacteria that may cause the disease from our body. For children, in order to prevent meningitis as well as other disease, they should be taught to wash the hands clearly, especially, before eating and after using the toilet. Not just that, when they spend their time in a crowded area or exposure to the animals, they should do that. It should become a good habit for each child.

3. Enhance The Immune System:

how to prevent meningitis-enhance the immune system

Maintain your healthy immune system will help you protect against many diseases including meningitis. So, what should you do so as to have a strong immune system? It is very simple. You need to have a good lifestyle with healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits, enough sleep, exercising regularly, and stopping cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol.  A strong immune system is the best defense against the disease. This way is also known as an effective method for how to prevent meningitis in children and adult.

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4. Good Hygiene:

how to prevent meningitis-good hygiene

Meningitis can spread through close or prolonged contact with the person with meningitis. Hence, good personal hygiene will contribute to prevent the spread of bacteria that causes meningitis. In order to keep good personal hygiene, you should not share your food, glasses, eating utensils, towels, lipstick, or something like that with the patient.

On the other hand, you should wear a face mask to protect yourself if you are in the infected area. And you also use a tissue or handkerchief to cover your nose or your mouth when you tend to sneeze or cough.

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5. Take Some Supplements:

how to prevent meningitis-take some supplements

Some supplements you should take include vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, E, D that are very good for your health. Besides that, they can help lower the development of inflammation in your brain and spinal cord. Among them, vitamin B is known as a good ingredient for your immune system, nervous system. In addition, you should also add more fish oils and fatty acids like omega 3 fatty acid so as to reduce the ability of inflammation as well as for your immune system. If you want to take some supplements in order to prevent meningitis, you should ask your doctor for advice to get the best result, especially in children.

6. Keep Your Environment Clean:

how to prevent meningitis-keep your environment clean

Keeping your environment clean is also known as a good way on how to prevent meningitis in children and adults. You should keep your environment clean regularly. This is a good way to prevent meningitis in children and adults effectively. Do it by using a sanitizing agent to make all surfaces around you clean. This action can help reduce the risk of many infectious diseases including the factors that lead to meningitis.

7. Avoid Contact With Animals:

how to prevent meningitis-avoid contact with animals

Animals are also an infectious agent of many diseases including meningitis. So, if you want to prevent the diseases like malaria and meningitis, you have to avoid biting from bugs that may carry the pathogens like ticks, mosquitoes. There are many ways to protect against biting like using mosquito repellent, wearing shirts and trousers with long sleeves, or using insect repellent creams for your skin…. Depending on your conditions, you can apply the suitable method to avoid the bugs.

The above include 7 effective ways on how to prevent meningitis in children and adults that we want to share with you. Maintaining these good habits helps you get a healthy body so as to protect against not only meningitis but different disease, especially the infectious diseases. If you have any idea or question that you want to share with us, please write your comment in the following form of this website. We are always glad to see your comment and reply for you as soon as possible.

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