How to keep your lungs healthy after quitting smoking

The lung is an essential organ in your body and each person has two lungs in your chest.
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In fact, the left lung is smaller than the right and pleura cover each lung. Looking the lungs inside, you will see they are giant and they have for 300 million alveoli, which is tiny air sacs in the lungs. The rib cage protects your lungs and between them are muscles that are very important when you breathe. The diaphragm below the lungs is very essential for breathing. In this article, will show you how to keep your lungs healthy after quitting smoking. Keep reading the writing and learn more.

How To Keep Your Lungs Healthy After Quitting Smoking

1. Do Not Smoke Again

how to keep your lungs healthy-do not smoke again

Smoking is one of the main reasons that cause your lung unhealthy. Probably, smoking is the worst routine that might bring cancer and harmful problems to your lungs. According to doctors and almost specialists, smoking will increase risk or thread of COPD, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, etc. Smoking is not only harmful to you, but it is also dangerous to people around. As the result, you have to skip cigarettes and others factors that cause your lung weaker such as marijuana, cigars, and pipes. After quitting smoking, you should try to give up the bad routine forever to protect your lungs healthily.

2. Make Air Clean

how to keep your lungs healthy-make air clean

Actually, air in the past is cleaner than now. According to a report of ALA, about 154 million Americans are at the present living in polluted areas, which will be dangerous to health. Air pollution can cause asthma, COPD, and other lung-related diseases. Therefore, you should make the air cleaner by planting a lot of trees, support the residence in preventing environment, and limit using electricity use, drive less, and avoid burning trash, wood, and so on.

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3. Use Castor Oil

how to keep your lungs healthy-use castor oil

Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of castor oil plant. This ingredient is a kind of vegetable oil and it works successfully for removing toxins from your body. Also, castor oil stimulates circulation and eliminates wastes from body, so you can make castor oil packs at home for healthy lungs. How to keep your lungs healthy with castor oil? Let’s follow this instruction:

4. Take Useful Herbs

how to keep your lungs healthy-take useful herbs

Using herbs to treat lungs is a smart way because almost of them are really safe. People also use herbs to improve lung functions for many years ago, so you can use lobelia, chaparral, lungwort, peppermint, eucalyptus, elecampane, orange peel, oregano, etc. They can recover your lung functions back to normal and cleanse the toxins from the lungs successfully.

5. Breathe Deeply

how to keep your lungs healthy-breathe deeply

It is difficult to believe but breathing deeply can help you reach the full capacity of the lungs easier. How to keep your lungs healthy with this simple exercise?

  • You just need inhale slowly; expand your belly, and lower diaphragm.
  • Then, you expand the ribs; float the ribs for opening like wings.
  • Expand the upper chest and lift it.
  • Now, you exhale completely, fall the chest, and contract the ribs.
  • Finally, bring the muscles of stomach in and up to increase diaphragm.

6. Count The Breath

how to keep your lungs healthy-count the breath

By increasing the length of exhalations and inhalations, you can add more capacity of the lungs. How to keep your lungs healthy by counting your breath?

  • You just count how long a breath takes and count five to inhale, and then count five to exhale.
  • The next step is to add count into each exhale and inhale.
  • Count it until you feel comfortable when the lungs are full and empty.
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7. Take Care OF Your Posture

That is strange but a good posture might bring an active effect to your lungs. That is true! When you sit tall and your head is over, your lungs will have a comfortable room to work. Keeping a good posture is so simple; you just need to lean back slightly in a chair, lift your chest, and open the front of the body as you are breathing deeply.

8. Drink Enough Water

how to keep your lungs healthy-drink enough water

Water will help your body alive and certainly, it is very essential for your healthy lungs. The reason is that water will keep the mucosal linings in your lungs thin and make the lungs healthier. Thin linings will support lung function and help them work better for you.

9. Laugh More

how to keep your lungs healthy-laugh more

Along with healthy diets and proper lifestyle, exercise is very important to keep you lungs stronger each day and laughing is such an excellent exercise for the purpose. Laughing will improve the abdominal muscles and increase capacity of the lungs. Also, laughing will clear the lungs and force the stale air out, then allow fresher air to enter the lungs.

10. Avoid Infection

Preventing infection is an effective way to strengthen your lungs because a cold or some respiratory infections can be harmful and make your lungs serious.  How to keep your lungs healthy by avoiding infection? Let try this:

  • If you have the flu or cold, just avoid crowds.
  • Always wash your hands with water and soap.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice per day.
  • Get vaccinated yearly to fight influenza.
  • Have the rest if you feel sick.

11. Regular Exercises

how to keep your lungs healthy-regular exercises

If you often get sick, you should do exercises regularly. In addition, exercises will help you have a fit body and make your lungs, muscles, and heart get more oxygen. Regular exercises are very useful if you get chronic lung disease. You can choose proper exercises every day such as jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, tennis, etc.

12. Avoid Outdoor And Indoor Air Pollution

how to keep your lungs healthy-avoid outdoor and indoor air pollution

How to keep your lungs healthy? The answer is you have to avoid air pollution. In many areas, pollutants and ozone, especially in the summer will affect to residents and your lungs will weaker if they inhale polluted air. As the result, you should avoid air pollution as far as possible. The problem is that air pollution is not only out of your house, it might visit your house and you should get rid of pet dander, mold, wood-burning stoves, candles, etc.

13. Eat Healthy Foods

how to keep your lungs healthy-eat healthy foods

Right, you are doing more exercises every day; you are cleaning the house, and how to keep your lungs healthy through the diet? You should intake antioxidant-rich foods that are helpful for lungs such as kale, bok choy, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, leafy green vegetables, apples, cantaloupe, carrots, ginger, pepper, etc. Here are some suggestions for healthier lungs with foods:

  • Onions, garlic: They are great spices for heart as well as the lungs because they can fight infection, reduce cholesterol, and decrease inflammation very well.
  • Chili peppers: They are good in capsaicin, which can prevent infection, support mucus membranes, and improve blood flow well.
  • Ginger: This spice can fight inflammation and eliminate pollutants from your lungs.
  • Turmeric: Same as ginger, this spice includes curcumin, which can destroy cancer cells naturally.
  • Apples: They are great in vitamin C, vitamin E, flavonoids that can improve lung function very well.
  • Grapefruits: In order to prevent cancer, you should eat grapefruit much more because the fruit is good in antioxidant to cleanse the lungs after you give up smoking.
  • Pomegranates: The fruits will reduce the development of lung tumors due to its allagic acid.
  • Carrots: You can get lycopene, vitamin C, vitamin A in carrots to reduce lung diseases as well as improve functions of the lungs.
  • Nuts, seeds, and beans: eating those foods, you will get necessary fatty acids that are good for heart and lungs.
  • Pumpkins, oranges, red bell pepper are all the foods you should intake more and more from now on if you want to have healthier lungs.

14. Protect Yourself On The Workplace

how to keep your lungs healthy-protect yourself on the workplace

In some cases, you have to work in a place that can affect badly to your lungs. Your job might bring asthma, lung cancer, COPD, etc because you have to touch chemical, paint, dust, and particles and some popular jobs that cause your lungs weaker are waitressing, bartending, cleaning, housekeeping, hair styling, manufacturing, construction, painting, farming, firefighting, and coal mining. As the result, you must protect yourself not only at home but also in the workplace.

15. Play Wind Instrument

how to keep your lungs healthy-play wind instrument

Playing a wind instrument like mouth organ, saxophone, tuba, aboe, and flute can improve your lungs and improve the capacity of the air and lungs. You can learn to play a wind instrument and keep your lungs healthy with this way. Moreover, music can help you feel comfortable and relax.

16. Use Safe Products

Using safe products is one of the most primary things you have to do every day to keep your body and lungs healthy. Do you know that many home products and activities such as home improvement, hobbies, cleaning can harm your lungs? Therefore, you should choose safe products at home and at the work place. For examples, you can avoid oil-based paints, which release the volatile organic compounds – a harmful factor for your lungs; instead, you should choose water-based paint.

Before buying, you should read the labels to check if they have harmful chemicals like bleach, ammonia, volatile organic compounds, etc. Also, radon is a radioactive gas produced by uranium breakdown in the ground that can crack the walls and foundation. It is also the primary factor that can cause lung cancer.

17. Buy Houseplants

how to keep your lungs healthy-buy houseplants

You can make the living environment fresh by planting houseplants, which can improve the indoor air quality naturally. Also, houseplants can convert Carbone dioxide into oxygen that can reduce the ozone and harmful pollutants. You can choose golden pathos, spider plants, or snake plants for the house. Planting also will make your house more beautiful and you totally can plant them for improving the lungs as well as your health.

18. Use Air Purifier

how to keep your lungs healthy-use air purifier

In order to cleaning the house, you can use an air purifier to get rid of pollutants, smoke, dust, etc. ionizers, particle cleaners, and air filters are commonly  used to cleanse the house. But you should check the safest products for keeping the air clean.

19. Avoid High Traffic Areas

how to keep your lungs healthy-avoid high traffic areas

People live in big cities have a higher risk of getting lung problems than people live in the countryside. Although you cannot avoid going out completely, you should not live around high traffic areas. The reason is that the pollutants from the vehicle might damage your lungs very quickly. Whenever going out, you should protect your nose, mouth from the dirty air.

20. Manage Your Condition

If you get cold, COPD or chronic pain for a long time, you should check them out and clear them out as soon as possible because those conditions might cause your lungs worse. You should check with your doctor and manage your condition at the best. In some cases, you can apply natural ingredients or natural treatments to get rid of some common conditions such as cold, cough, etc.

If you want to learn more useful tips and tricks on how to take care of your health, you might visit our main How To page. After reading the articles about 20 tips on how to keep your lungs healthy after quitting smoking, I think that you have got some helpful solutions for strengthening your lungs and preventing lung diseases with naturally ingredients and lifestyle. Those remedies are natural so they are really safe and simple to follow, as the result, you totally can do it every day at home. However, for taking supplements, you should ask a doctor before having them. If you have any question or any comment, please leave it below.

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