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A male enhancement supplement that does not provide a full list of ingredients and utilizes questionable business practices to sells its product. Learn if the supplement can overcome its shortcomings by reading on. To start just scroll down a bit and click on the table of contents just below.

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Alpha Fuel 720 Overview

Alpha Fuel 720 is a male enhancement product and post-workout recovery supplement that is designed to provide the nutrients and energy that the consumer lost while exercising. Furthermore, it aims to increase blood flow throughout the body and improve the user’s libido and sex drive. Increased blood flow can have several beneficial effects on a user’s health, and it seems that the success or failure of the supplement is primarily based on the supplement’s ability to have an effect in that area.

The product is manufactured by a company by the name of Science of Alpha, based out of Florida. They do provide contact info for consumers including a phone number, address, and email address. Unfortunately, there are many complaints regarding the company’s business practices, most of which revolve around their misleading free trial, poor customer service, and the exorbitant price of the product. Alpha Fuel 720 is sold in bottles containing 60 capsules, 2 of which are supposed to be taken daily, meaning that each bottle will last approximately one month.

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Alpha Fuel 720 Claims

The website for Alpha Fuel 720 begins by stating that the product is “an amazing invention” and that because it is prepared in GNP labs it is not harmful in any way. This claim is questionable based on the ingredients that are used, because they do have the potential to create some negative side effects that can potentially be harmful, but there does not appear to be any significant chance of long-term damage, which may be what they are referring to.

To start, the product claims that it increases the circulation of blood within the body, which can keep users protected against diseases while also improving energy levels. They do not get specific about the disease claim, and though there are certainly healthy benefits to increased blood circulation, the idea that it will keep users protected from disease is a bit of stretch and somewhat misleading.

Further claims about the product include a better physique, reduced fat, a boost in testosterone, additional muscle mass, and “ultimate married life”. It’s not exactly clear what that last claim means, but it is likely a reference to the product improving libido and sexual performance, though that is a strange way to put it, particularly for users that are not married. The main issue with the site is every time you attempt to click on a link for more information regarding the product, you’re taken to an unrelated site that attempts to sell you bitcoins. It undermines the claims that are being made and should naturally make potential consumers wary.

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Alpha Fuel 720 Ingredients

The website for Alpha Fuel 720 unfortunately does not provide very much detail regarding the ingredients that are used within the supplement. They do state list a handful of ingredients that the product uses, but it is not made clear if those are all the ingredients that are used within the product, or simply the ones they want to highlight. Additionally, there are is no specific dosage information about the ingredients, which makes it near impossible to accurately predict their effectiveness or if they will lead to negative side effects. That said, here is a list of the ingredients that we are aware of in Alpha Fuel 720:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • L-Arginine
  • Fenugreek Extract

The good news is that 3 out the 4 ingredients are effective and generally safe to use. Tribulus Terrestris is a popular additive to male enhancement products because it can allow the body to take better advantage of the free testosterone that already exists within the system. Horny Goat Weed is a stimulant that is known to increase the flow of blood throughout the body, leading to more energy and beneficial effects upon the user’s libido and ability to achieve and maintain an erection. L-Arginine is an amino acid that works as a vasodilator, meaning it widen the veins within the body allowing more blood to travel throughout freely.

On the other hand, Fenugreek extract, though potentially beneficial in some ways, can lead to negative side effect such as diarrhea, headaches, bloating, and odd body odors. Because we do not know how much Fenugreek is used within the formula, we cannot predict how likely these side effects are to occur, but we would caution consumers about using any product that is not transparent with their formula as a matter of safety.

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The Science Behind Alpha Fuel 720

Those looking to Alpha Fuel 720 for verifiable science or logic to support their product will be sorely disappointed. There are no specific numbers or figures mentioned regarding the effectiveness of the product, and certainly no clinical studies or links that will better inform the consumer.

The product does make specific claims such as the formula being 100% natural and free of any fillers or additives, but it doesn’t expand as to exactly what this means, or how it is achieved. Furthermore, while certain ingredients are mentioned, so dosage information is provided which would allow users to inform themselves scientifically regarding the effects of the product formula.

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Word on the Street About Alpha Fuel 720

There is only a limited amount of consumer reviews that can be located online for Alpha Fuel 720 because the product is only available through one place. The website through which it is sold, or at least the free trial is offered, does not provide a forum for users to submit their reactions to the product, though they do provide some consumer testimonials. The testimonials that are provided are far from objective and their validity is questionable. That said we were able to locate some consumer reactions to the product and they were less than kind.

For the most part, the reactions that we found mostly complained about the deceiving free trial and the business practices of the company in general. That said, there were some reviews that actually addressed the performance of the product, and they were mostly negative as well, though some users stated that they received limited benefits from the product. As one user put it, “Products like this are why I am skeptical in general, as it talked a big game, but delivered zero results.

Elsewhere, some other reviewers didn’t find the product to be completely useless, but were still underwhelmed by its performance, with one user writing “There was a decrease in the inflammation in my muscles, but I didn’t receive the energy boost that I was looking for.” Overall, there didn’t seem to be any consumers who were satisfied with the performance of the product, and most felt cheated in some way about their purchase.

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Is Alpha Fuel 720 Worth a Try?

Because the product does not provide a full list of ingredients and it has inspired a litany of complaints, we recommend taking a pass. We generally advise consumers to avoid any product that offers a free trial but does not allow the product to be purchased directly, and Alpha Fuel 720 falls into that category.
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Additionally, when the user is charged for the product, they will find that it is priced extremely high at $89.99 for just one bottle that will last about a month.

Our main concern, however, is that we could not locate even one positive reaction to the product. As mentioned, there were countless consumer complaints regarding the business practices of the company behind the product, but there were also many customers dissatisfied with the performance of the supplement. The best reviews stated that the product only benefitted them in a small way, but came nowhere close to justifying the exorbitant cost of the product.

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Alpha Fuel 720 vs Alpha Fuel XT

Unlike Alpha Fuel 720, Alpha Fuel XT is sold through more reliable vendors such as Amazon, and does not attempt to mislead consumers with a free trial offer. That said, the consumer reviews of Alpha Fuel XT, while better than those received by Alpha Fuel 720, are not particularly strong either. However, Alpha Fuel XT is more transparent regarding the ingredients that it uses.

Alpha Fuel 720 vs Testofuel

Cheaper and more informative regarding the ingredients it contains, Testofuel would seem to be a better option that Alpha Fuel 720, though that is not saying much. They overlap in that they both use fenugreek in their formulas, which can lead to negative side effects, but Testofuel provides detailed descriptions regarding how they intend the ingredients in their product to function.

Alpha Fuel 720 vs Alpha Cut

Alpha Fuel 720 and Alpha Cut are the same in a lot of ways, particularly with their use of misleading free trials that have led to countless dissatisfied customers. Additionally, they are both less than transparent when it comes to their ingredients, though Alpha Cut utilizes different ingredients than Alpha Fuel 720, like chrysin and curcumin.

Alpha Fuel FAQ

  1. Where can Alpha Fuel 720 be purchased?
    It seems that Alpha Fuel 720 is only available through the product website, and users must first sign up for a free trial that lasts 18 days. After the trial is complete, users will be charged the full price of the product.
  2. What side effects should I be concerned about regarding Alpha Fuel 720?
    The product is somewhat vague regarding its ingredients, and the dosages that are used, so we cannot say for sure all the side effects that should be expected. Based on the ingredients that we are aware of, users should be prepared to experience higher blood pressure, diarrhea, bloating, and strange body odors.
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  3. Are the reviews for Alpha Fuel 720 positive or negative?
    The reviews we saw for Alpha Fuel 720 were primarily negative, and most complaints stemmed from the misleading business practices of the company. The reviews that addressed the product itself mostly stated that it was either completely ineffective or underwhelming.
  4. Is there a free trial offered for Alpha Fuel 720?
    There is an 18-day free trial of Alpha Fuel 720 offered to consumers, but, as with many other male enhancement supplements, it requires that you provide payment information upfront, and will charge you immediately for the full price of the product at the conclusion of the trial.
  5. Is Alpha Fuel 720 sold as pills or capsules?
    The product is sold in capsules, and 60 capsules are included in each bottle. Users are advised to take 1 capsule twice a day for best results.
  6. Can Alpha Fuel 720 be used for bodybuilding?
    Yes, bodybuilding is one of the main claims that Alpha Fuel 720 makes in terms of its effectiveness. It states that it will lead to body fat loss and lean muscle being added. That said, there are some questions regarding its effectiveness in that area.
  7. Does GNC carry Alpha Fuel 720?
    GNC does not carry Alpha Fuel 720, nor does any other well-known vendor such as Amazon or the Vitamin Shoppe.
  8. What price is Alpha Fuel 720 sold for?
    After you complete the required free trial, a bottle of Alpha Fuel 720 – which is about a month’s supply – is sold for an exorbitant $89.99 plus shipping and handling.

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So What Really Works?

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Some of the effects that Viritenz can provide include improved blood flow throughout the body, particularly to the groin area, which can lead to bigger, stronger erections. Furthermore, users can experience more stamina allowing them to better satisfy their partner, and increased sensitivity leading to more pleasure for themselves. There are also athletic benefits that can be attained through the improved blood flow.

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