How To Win A Tennis Match Against A Better Player?

how to win a tennis match

I.  How To Win A Tennis Match – 5 Tennis Playing Tips

If you are new to sports and interested in learning how to play tennis, or even you are a person with fundamental backgrounds of tennis techniques, you still should not omit the new revolutionary information in this report. It will help to show you several important keys to focus on right from the start point of the day to the end of the tennis match. In the article, I will reveal to you tennis coaching tips that play an important role in your winning in each match.

1. Calm Your Emotions

A young woman hitting a tennis shot, wide angle.

Actually, thousands of thoughts and plenty of emotions have a huge effect on tennis players’ match results on court. The best tennis playing tips for winning a match is something inside players’ emotional control. It is simply early preparation. It is recommended that you should prepare your mental, physical, and emotional health earlier on at least the day before your tennis match. As usual, on the day of competing, you may have a variety of different emotions and thoughts in your mind; thus, it is important to learn how to calm your emotions and feeling to take over during the tennis match. If you can manage to keep your thoughts free from doubt, it means that you are giving yourself the best possible chance to win the match.

Next, it’s very important to build yourself up mentally. Reinforce the positives about yourself – going over all of your own positive attributes.

Literally, ask yourself “what’s great about me?”

2. Decrease The “Fight Or Flight” Syndrome

The tennis playing tips are critical for all of the tennis players who compete at the tournament level. Before each match, tennis players usually feel nervous and anxious. It is quietly natural. However, no matter how many scores you hit, you should play the match with full comfort and let your appearance be relaxed. This is a positive characteristic that tennis players at all levels should learn to develop.

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3. How To Win A Tennis Match – Develop A Ritual

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Improving a ritual prior during the tennis match is an important tennis playing tip. Rituals could be something from a verbal cue, mental state, thoughts, and feelings. This can make tennis players enhance their focus and concentration. Once playing tennis, you need to mobilize all of your mental and physical concentration at the high level because any distraction can cause that player to lose their games, sets, and matches.

In other words, the best way to perform strongly in all your matches is to use your practice as a mental training rehearsal for your tournament matches. You should treat practice as if it was a match. Doing this will keep your mind trained up for performing at the highest level so that when you play a match, your mind will treat it not differently and ensure you bring out your best tennis. This one tip, alone, can help to pull ahead of most of your competition. This is also a determining factor that decides the winner and the loser.

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4. Take Time In Between Points

There are two well-known tennis players who usually take uses of time and mental capacity in between points – Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic. So, you should solidify a person’s routine in between points.

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5. Use Body Language And Show Confidence To Your Opponent

Never show worried facial expressions or noises when things do not go your way or else. These will make your opponents’ confidence go up and that also make him play very well. When you are confident, no matter what type of player, you will play very well. So, this will make you lose the match. Keep your racket up, and be aggressive toward your opponent. Moreover, the important thing to know is that body language not only intimidates and affects the play of your opponent (which some players seek to do, and others are not focused upon at all), it also has a powerful effect upon the way you play as well.

II. How To Win A Tennis Match – 5 Tennis Players Diet Tips

how to win a tennis match without touching the ball

To answer the question of how to win a tennis match, you need to improve not only your mental health and attitude before, during, and after the match but also follow a proper and balanced diet plan.

Tennis is a sport that requires endurance, agility, speed, and power. Therefore, people need to store protein, necessary minerals and vitamins for high energy to build up muscles and complete all these requirements. So, they need to maintain a proper healthy eating plan not only during tournaments but also during their training as well.

Here is a recommended tennis player’s diet that will be good if you follow properly:

A balanced tennis diet is a complete diet that contains all the necessary components which are carbohydrates, healthy fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins, and water or fluids. You also need to eat fresh food rather than the processed food. Below are some specific tips on how to create a healthy tennis players diet that I want to share with you.

1. How To Win A Tennis Match – Consume Protein

This is an indispensable component in a diet of tennis players. It can help them build muscles up and recover rapidly from long hours of each match or pain.

The recommended requirement for a diet of tennis players is that they should consume about 2-3 servings of food sources that are rich in protein. There are many foods of high protein such as eggs, beans, meat (poultry, beef, port, etc.

) cheese, fish, milk, yogurt, and a lot of others.

2. Carbohydrates

how to win a tennis match system

It is good for tennis players to consume a high amount of carbohydrate that will supplement them the energy they lost during tennis training, practicing, and matches. It is estimated that tennis players should take 7-10 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram weight of the player’s body. However, they need to avoid simple resources of carbohydrates like chocolate bars, sugary drinks and take the resources of complex carbohydrates which are in pasta, rice, oatmeal, bread, potato, and other cereals.

3. Fruits and  Vegetables 

Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc which are good for tennis players for strengthening their immune system naturally. People should have 3-5 servings of vegetables plus with 4 servings of fruits.

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4. How To Win A Tennis Match – Fluids

Tennis players and professional tennis players, in particular, need to drink water or fluids regularly even without any physical activities because hydration is vital for normal body processes. It is also very important for tennis players to drink the water, sports drinks that consist of electrolytes, sodium, proteins, and carbohydrates regularly. Tennis players had better consume about 80 ounces of water and other types of fluid each day to get the best result. Yet, they should avoid drinking beverages that contain a high level of caffeine which are tea, coffee, and caffeinated cola drinks. Remember that you should not just drink it when you feel so thirsty. Especially, drink regularly during each match as much as possible.

5. How To Win A Tennis Match – Fats

As we know, fats seem to be unhealthy; nevertheless, tennis players should also consume this component with an appropriate portion. Too much or too little fat intake also cause some consequences. For example, the most common issue that people taking high-fat consumption is the cardiovascular disorder. This also results to slow down eaters’ performance. If you consume too many fat foods, you can be suffered from some health-related issues. In the contrast, too low fat intake could also reduce your endurance as well as performance.This component can help people slow down the carbohydrates absorption of their body so that it can prolong the energy source of the body. Good sources of fats are nuts, natural peanut butter, walnuts and almonds, olive oil, high-fat milk, fatty fish, and so to win a tennis match pdf

One more thing, eating breakfast daily also help you maintain the most energetic state all day long. Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day for everybody, in general, and for tennis players, in particular. It is the vital key to replenish all the minerals, nutrients, fluids, glycogen during all the night fasting. Tennis players normally have very low-level energy in the morning before breakfast, thus it is important to include high carbohydrates in tennis players diet for breakfast. This means that the depleting glycogen in the player’s muscles is refueled and the player is able to start his day right.

In order to find the best solution on how to win a tennis match and how to get the peak performance in playing tennis, you must meet the adequate energy demand of your bodies for the highest level of performance.

If you are a person who loves playing sports, refer some interesting books about different kinds of sports such as jump manual, cycling, epic soccer training, and golf swing book to broaden your knowledge about other kinds of sports and choose the suitable one for you.  With these great tips on how to win a tennis match, hope you have learned something new! Well, learning how to win a tennis match requires much effort and patience from tennis players. Following the tips in this article also is a key to make your matches successful every time you play tennis.

how to win a tennis match against a better player
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