5 Best birthday party games for adults

birthday party games for adults

When it comes to birthday, the event is happened once in a year so that you need careful preparation. There are so many things to prepare such as decoration, guest, drink and food, etc; however, the atmosphere of birthday party is main factor for perfect birthday due to party game. On the page lifestyle  on Vkool.com, I would like to introduce to you some birthday party games for adults that help you make birthday atmosphere fun and exciting.

Best Birthday Party Games For Adults – The Most Common And Interesting Games:

You have a plan to celebrate your birthday that is coming to in the few days with many interesting things. There are many effective ideas and ways to create unforgettable birthday so that you can freely choose some of them. However, some things should have in your mind before you think about party games that make birthday awesome.

Guest Count: First, you need to know how many guests will take part in party if you make a plan for birthday party. That is useful for judging which games would be suitable for setting up the game. For example, in some game need some players while some games can be played amongst few also. That is the reason why should you ensure how many guest are coming.

Venue:  Place plays an important role in playing game because you need an idea for the space and games which can be played in the area. For example, if you book the small hall, you just set up some games that make atmosphere of birthday party boring with some limitation while you can draw many interesting game with a big space if you book a lawn.

Guest Interest:  To get more games, you can ask guest about their suggestion thus deciding what some common games for guests are in general. Besides, you easily plan those any games if you know which some interesting games want to play.

Time Slot: To ensure organize perfect party, you should have some prior time slot plans. For example, if you do not have any time while you booked a place for 4 hour, it became messy for you to organize the party smoothly.

These things should be have in your mind when you have a game plan for awesome birthday. Now, I will share some best birthday party games for adults that help you opt for interesting party.

1. Do not Move

birthday party games for adults

This is the first of best birthday party games for adults that I would like to introduce to you and want you to make use for good. “Do not move” is fun game that makes birthday party awesome and memorable.

What You Need

A group people with any age

At least 10 players

It can be played in minimum area.

How To Play

Choose one person to start game with saying statue suddenly. When the word comes out, everybody has to be in statue in the position immediately whatever he or she is doing. For example, someone drawing the picture and word comes out of a sudden; he or she will be holding the same pose. Then, the person will manipulate other person who are in statue, he or she try to divert their mind  by making some funny poses, speaking or something that makes anyone move, even eye too. When they move or change their current pose, they will be out of game. Then, it will be their turn to manipulate other person. People out of game will build team and try to manipulate other person. The winner is who left standing the game.

2. Pass The Parcel

birthday party games for adults

Another out of the list of best birthday party games for adults is “pass the parcel”. This game give a chance for everyone to open the birthday gift with random and luck that always is opened by “host of birthday”. It can be seen as the fun games that you add to the list of birthday party games for adults.

What You Need

A present

Wrapping paper

Music system

A person to monitor music system

How To Play

Place the gift at the centre of the parcel. Then, you wrap it as many as layers you want. After, people sit or stand in circle and as soon as music starts, one person start the game by passing the parcel in a circle. When music stops, the person handling the parcel removes the top layer that is the twist in the game. This game continues by passing and passing until the last layer is removed. The winner is the person who opens the last layer and receive the gift.

3. Do not You Dare Smile

birthday party games for adults

It is a fun game that helps you can organize to create an exciting birthday party and bring more laugh for guest.

What You Need

At least 5 people

How To Play

People sit or stand in a circle. Then, the first people walk up and stand up in front of  anyone and say, “ I love you! Smile or me!”. This person asked who must say” I cannot smile today” and without smiling that is rule of game. Then, the person will continue to do like this or do anything to make them smile but cannot touch them. The person cannot help laughing that will out of game, and the person left stand the game is the winner. It is considered as one of best birthday party games for adults

Smiling brings many significant benefits to your life so that you try to smile more every day.

Read more: Benefits Of Smiling

4. The Pinning Game

birthday party games for adults

It is the next of list of birthday party games for adults that I want to reveal to help you create an interesting birthday party. Because the party is celebrated for adults, you can try to organize a drinking game.

What You Need

A lightweight clothespin

Few people

How To Play

To start game, one person uses the pin to be tucked secretly to other person. It should be used a way that this person do not know he or she had been tucked even other in a group so that no one know who has been tucked and when. Then the person who pins start can count to ten and people start to check all part of their body if they have been pinned. If anyone finds the pin, game will continues. In this case, the person does not find within 10 seconds, they have to drink and become the pinner and game continues. Do not have winner in this game, just enjoy and drink.

5. Bluff Master

birthday party games for adults

It is the last of best birthday party games for adults that I would like to introduce to help you get more options in choosing games that is best fits for perfect birthday party. This game is required brain use and some acting skills to win the game that is the most interesting game.

What You Need

4-5 players

Deck of cards

How To Play

Players sit in a circle and then, divide the card equally among the players with different cards for each person and some of them will be same. A deck of cards contains every set of 4’s such as 4 Ace, 4 queens, 4 6s, etc. To start to game, one person will put one or more card that face the ground. For example, player 1 puts two cards and say 2 Ace. May be he or she could be lying or it can be true. Then, the person sitting on the right of the player 1 gets a chance to either: he or she tells the player 1 show the card the player 1 putted if he or she think the player 1 has lied on the cards. If the player 1 is caught lying them, he or she will have take all cards back and person sitting on the right can do the same like player 1. This game moves to right if someone guess the player lied on the cards, take all card back. If not, the person guessed it wrong takes all cards back. The way to play game is someone will lose card and someone will gain more and the winner who will lose all cards.

When it comes to birthday topic, I also want to recommend my reader reading the useful article associated with birthday, is one of the most important celebrations in a year of human life. 45 Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday – an article which releases the most effective ways to help you get a memorable birthday party of your own. The tips and tricks revealed in this recommended article are very funny and easy to apply, and they will help you get the most memorable and wonderful birthday of your life. You can try these ways with friends, family members, your lovers, or even alone but will never feel bored as they have helped thousands of people around the world. Thus, if you are among people who are planning a birthday party, you should not skip or look down these suggestions at all costs.

The article covers 5 best birthday party games for adults that give you the best options of birthday games so that you will be able to have a funny, interesting and unforgettable birthday party. Share this list widely with people you know who are also planning a perfect birthday with fun games if you feel that it would be useful not only for your case but also for other people with the same situation. Besides, if you have any question, do not hesitate to leave your feedbacks and comment below this section. Thanks for your contribution and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

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