10 best home remedies for tennis elbow pain

home remedies for tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is a common condition caused by hand, forearm, and arm muscles. It does not mean that you have to play tennis to get this problem, but it is the most common issue for tennis players. Tennis elbow is connected with the tendons and muscles of your forearm to the bony of the elbow. In this informative article, VKool.com will show you top 10 best home remedies for tennis elbow pain with a hope that you will get useful information to reduce pain effectively.

Top 10 Best Home Remedies For Tennis Elbow Pain Are Exposed

Some typical symptoms of tennis elbow are pain outside of the elbow, pain when you shake hands or squeeze some objects, pain when you move the wrist with pressure.  Actually, tennis elbow can be cured by the natural home remedies. Here are top 10 best home remedies for tennis elbow pain you should discover:

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1. Alternate Cold And Hot Compresses 

home remedies for tennis elbow

Alternating cold and hot compresses is also called contrast hydrotherapy and it is one of the best home remedies for tennis elbow pain. Hot compresses will speed up blood circulation, reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain effectually. The method is to use a thin towel to wrap hot water bottle and use another one to wrap ice cubes, put the hot compresses on the affected region for 3 minutes, remove the hot compresses and replace the cold compresses on the affected area for 1 minute. Do this treatment for 15-20 minutes.

2. Turmeric

home remedies for tennis elbow

Turmeric is good in curcumin, antioxidants, which reduce inflammation and fight pain, remove free speeds and radicals. Now you can mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a cup of milk, heat the mixture, add some honey and drink it twice per day for several weeks. Another methods to take turmeric capsules for 3 times every day, however, you should consult your doctor first.

3. Ginger 

home remedies for tennis elbow

Ginger is one of the best home remedies for tennis elbow pain because it is great in anti-inflammatory property that can heal the signs of tennis elbow successfully. You just need to cut ginger root into small pieces and boil with some cups of water for 10 minutes, strain, add honey, and drink it slowly until the pain is reduced. Apply the ginger on affected region, take some tablespoons of ginger , wrap it in a cotton bag, put the bag in hot water and cool it naturally, apply the bad into the affected region for 15 minutes, repeat it for several times each day until you feel less pain in elbow.

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4. Massage 

home remedies for tennis elbow

Massaging your infected region is also a great way to heal tennis elbow. You should use avocado oil, calendula oil to massage the elbow. Both the oils can reduce inflammation, pain, soothe sore muscles, and improve blood circulation well. Now you apply the oil on the part you need to massage, rub the thumb back and over the tendon. You can do this method 2-3 times per day whenever the pain is reduced.

5. John’s Wort Oil

home remedies for tennis elbow

St. John’s wort is great in anti-inflammatory property that can help you heal tennis elbow. Plus, this ingredient can relieve pain effectively. You combine some teaspoons of St. John’s wort  in hot water cup, cover, and steep the mixture for 10 minutes, strain, add some honey, and drink it every day. You also can use St. John’s wort oil, apply into the affected region and massage it several times per day.

6. Fenugreek Seeds 

home remedies for tennis elbow

Being great in anti-inflammatory property, fenugreek can decrease inflammation, swelling, and speed up healing process. You can grind some tablespoons of fenugreek seeds with some milk to create a thick paste, apply it into the affected area, and leave it for 1 hour before rinsing off with warm water. Another way to use fenugreek seeds is to eat the ground seeds with some lukewarm water every morning.

7. Garlic 

home remedies for tennis elbow

Garlic is high in selenium, sulfur, and other antioxidants that can help you treat tennis elbow effective because it can reduce inflammation, pain. Simply, you crush garlic cloves, heat them with some tablespoons of mustard oil whenever it is dark brown, strain, cool it naturally, apply that oil on the affected region, massage for several minutes for a few hours. Alternatively, you can eat some raw garlic cloves every day or take some garlic supplements each day.

8. White Willow Bark 

home remedies for tennis elbow

Like other home remedies for tennis elbow, white willow bark is useful for tennis elbow pain. It is good in salicin, which can kill pain naturally and effectively. You can add a teaspoon of dried white willow bark with a cup of water, boil it, cover and steep it for 15 minutes, strain, and drink it immediately. You can do this method every day to get the best result.

9. Comfrey Leaves 

home remedies for tennis elbow

Comfrey leaves are commonly used in making chemicals. These ingredients are helpful home remedies for tennis elbow pain because it can work and kill pain. You can soak comfrey leaves in hot water for several hours until it is soft, press the leaves on the affected area until it is warm, warp a cloth around the region and leave it overnight. You can do this method every day to reduce inflammation and swelling.

10. Relax 

home remedies for tennis elbow

Whenever you get pain, you should relax or take a short break. Some activities that can make your tennis elbow pain increase are playing tennis, sports, painting, etc. They can cause your problem more severe. Let take a short break when doing those activities or working. Also, you should limit carrying heavy things. By the chance, you will reduce stress, pain, and swelling. Try to relax as much as possible to improve health and get rid of discomfort from the pain.

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After reading 10 best home remedies for tennis elbow, I hope that you have got the most useful information to reduce pain. This article is for informational purpose only, so you should go to see the doctor immediately if you cannot get better effect from those home remedies. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon.

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