Best ways to improve concentration when studying & working

Concentration means taking your mind off many things and putting it on one thing at a time. During concentration, the mind focuses on the object of concentration and thought occupies the mind. All energy of mind concentrates on this one thought. However, your concentration becomes worse and you wonder how to improve your concentration so that on the, I would like to introduce to you some best ways to improve concentration when studying & working that you should not skip but try making use of them as soon as possible.

Best Ways To Improve Concentration – Effective Tips To Apply At Home:

It can be said that the greatest power of human mind is focusing on one thing for an extended period but most of us are struggle to concentrate. The ability to control attention and mind is not the same. Some people may lack ability to control their attention and focus the mind on one subject in any length of time. Despite your best intension, you can concentrate on something whenever you want to. We are always in the frustrating situation that can really undermine performance. When you cannot concentrate, you are hard to do everything and take a longer time than you want. Concentration requires an amount of effort and time on how to concentrate better. Therefore, in this article I will reveal some best ways to improve concentration that help you perform a better work, pass an exam, increase reading comprehension or make daily activities easier by removing distraction and nourishing your brain as well, including:

1. Environment

ways to improve concentration - environment

This is the first of best ways to improve concentration that I would like to introduce in the entire article today and want you and my other readers to learn and apply for good.  Environment seriously affects the concentration means that more comfortable and welcoming your environment is, you get easier focus. First, make sure you feel comfortable by ensuring your desk and chair at the right height for you to work comfortable. If your chair is too high or too short that make you feel uncomfortable as the result you are tempted, then get up and walk away. Moreover, you should sit in the room viewing in a natural scene or wildlife that is good for concentration. If not, you can put up pictures in the office or work area that can be a landscape picture or natural image , put in front of your desk that you can see picture from your desk. Besides, you have to remove distraction as much as possible by listening music, especially instrumental music, as this will help you take away other noises, get better focus, and ignore distraction.

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Environment is the first and foremost thing that affects brain power directly, so be careful!

2. Nutrition

ways to improve concentration - nutrition

Another out of best ways to improve concentration is nutrition. If you want to improve concentration, you should have controlled and balance diet. Overeating can cause digestion and make you feel uncomfortable and sleepy that affect on concentration. Eating light, healthy foods can help you maximize your ability concentration. By the way, I would like to introduce to some nutritional tips that may help your concentration.

  • Drinking water: Some people always do not drink water while we are at work that cause tired, irritable, slow or even sick. When you do not drink enough water, means that your brain does not have enough fuel they cannot operate at peak performance. The key is to stay hydrated that help improve your concentration.
  • Eat breakfast: It is not only an important meal in the day because brain needs a lot of energy when you concentrate. It is harder to concentrate on something when you are hungry so you remember to eat a well-rounded meal before going to work. Healthy snack is one of best way to help you improve concentration throughout the day. Besides, whole-grain crackers, fresh fruit, vegetable and almonds are good choices for your concentration.
  • Exercise frequently: the ability to concentrate depends on a lot of physical well-being. Doing exercise frequently will help you avoid the diseases which make concentration more difficult to you so that you need to give priority to your physical health by doing exercises on a regular basis. Remember to get sufficient sleep, stay physically fit, maintain healthy weight and get regular exercises as well for good.

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3. Mindset:

ways to improve concentration - mindset

Low productivity is related to long-term distractions have become commonly in work place that the doctors give it a name: Attention Deficit Trait, affecting on entire organizations. Here are guidelines that improve concentration.

  • Set aside time to deal with worries: constant worries about other things can cause trouble in concentrating. It appears on deadlines for project you have not finished, a new graduate student causing problem and a large amount of work on your desk. If you find the problem of distraction, note them down so that you do not need to hold them in mind. Make a schedule to deal with issues.
  • One thing at a time: multitask is the worst thing you do for your concentration and focus. Actually, you cannot do several things at once that make your brain quickly toggle back and forth between tasks. It is harder to focus if you take a short time to answer emails, send text message or take a phone call. The researcher believes that you need to take 15 minutes to regain complete after distraction.
  • Prioritize: You have much to do can be distracting or sometimes procrastinating. If you wonder what task should start or which task is most important, you should spend from 10 to 15 minutes to priorities your To Do List.
  • Close your email box and chat program: It is can be seen as the worst effect on concentration. Using email box and chat program is a kind of distraction, so that you should let your voice mail do its job. If you can put up” do not disturb” sign to let your co-worker know you need to focus.
  • Switch between high and low-attention tasks: After heavy concentration, you should give your brain a rest. You can recharge your energy by doing low attention task and then back to high attention task.

Moreover, here are some other effective ways to improve concentration that you should make use for good.

Take a rest: when your brain concentrates consistently, it may lose processing power and concentration slip so that you need to take a short break to allow your brain to rest before focusing again.

Learn to meditate: Meditation techniques can protect you from the excesses of modern life. Several studies showed that meditation could be a good training tool for brain that affects on concentration skills. Ten minutes can reduce stress, improve concentration and brighten your outlook.

Improve the flow of oxygen to the brain: when you take a short break, you need to get more oxygen for brain. When we sit, blood gets to pool in the lower our body and legs as a result of gravity that does not push as much oxygen to the brain where it helps improve concentration.Therefore, get up and move around the room for a couple of time to get blood pumping.

Incentive and reward: when you completed a task, give yourself a reward. This is a gift for your effort to complete difficult mission. An appreciate reward can be reading book or glass of water, walking around.If they are important projects, you can set up incentive. Upon project, you give yourself by delicious meal, movie or TV programs.

Five more: If you tend to give up a task, feel like quitting or losing concentration, tell yourself to do five more of whatever you were doing. If it is reading, do it more five pages. If it is concentrating, do it more five minutes.If it is math problem, do more five problems.

Tallying your mental wanderings: You should have a 3 x 5 card handy and then divides the card into three sections: morning, afternoon and night. Each time you catch your mind wanders, make a tally in the appreciate section. After only a little while when your skills build, you will see the number of tallies decrease. This method helps you stay very aware of each time when you lose concentration. That help you improve concentration without added any efforts. Moreover, with this method, you have to determine your most vulnerable times. You find a lot of tallies in the morning when your mind still drifts and feels tired.

In this article, I gave you some best ways to improve concentration at work and at school. Make sure you will give your brain the basic needs to operate smoothly including brain-healthy foods, proper sleep, and mind – body exercises, such as meditation and yoga. Remember to take deep breaths regularly, make use of the regular meditation method to reduce stress and halt brain, and do not force it for multitasking purpose. If you have tried everything, but it does not work, you may have underlying health condition, and then you will need to see a doctor for proper and safe advice. Hearing problems and vision problems can also affect your concentration so that you should pay attention to them.

After reading this article on our page and learning some of the most effective and best ways to improve concentration when studying & working, what you and my other readers should do next is to spend time reading another useful article that also aims to show you some other effective and simple ways to improve concentration at home–the 19 Natural Tips On How To Improve Concentration article. This is an entire article that reveals 19 other tips and tricks that are useful for those who want to increase the ability to concentrate on things without worrying about any side effect or mistake.

The article today reveals 3 best ways to improve concentration when studying & working that you should apply if you are facing this problem, and these methods will be also good for other people who are looking for the best tips to increase concentration as well. Thus, if you know anyone dealing with this issue, please share with them and make use together. If you have any question, do not hesitate to leave your comments and feedback below section. I promise that I will respond you as soon as possible.

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