27 Advanced Mind Power Techniques Hat Boost Your Brain Power

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As you know, the human brain is said to be the most advanced and capable machine in the planet. After all, it is human who invented super computers, isn’t it? So, there is a question that: how to maintain your brain healthy and boost its functions to the peak performance? And, what are you going to do to fight and solve your brain problems? Powerful brain boosters are recommended below for you to guide what to do for forgetful and aging mind. Keep reading to discover these unique mind improvement tips:

1. Meditate:

As proven, meditation can boost your IQ, relive stress and depression, and enhance a higher level of your own brain functions. It also can active the “hidden” talent which has not ever been exposed before, and areas responsible for advanced thinking performance.
In order to meditate effectively, I recommend that you should read this deep meditation system book and the best of christian meditation and relaxation guide.

2. Paint Pictures: 

With some people, who are keen on drawing, this is actually a great way to boost their mind performance. Yet, it is proven that others, who do not usually paint or draw pictures, also can improve their brain functions naturally via drawing. Get started to draw a picture with your own way to achieve a powerful brain.

3. Exercise: 

Obviously, exercising is a popular way to help people relax themselves via sweating during exercising process. Even, by doing some exercises, you can create new neurons in your brain. Just do exercises and get most effective brain instantly.

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4. Brainwave Entrainment: 

This is considered as a scientifically safe and innovative tip in hundreds of mind improvement tips to shape and stimulate people’s brain and its functions. Through following brainwave entrainment, you can literally take control of your life and exploit your brain’s potential quickly and permanently.

5. Say “No” To “Unhealthy” Food: 

For example, you should avoid junk food because junk food is proven to reduce energy in the body and promote “brain fog.” It is better for you if you can remove a proper portion of junk food from the current diet. This can help you keep calm and gain balanced mental state for good.

6. Deep Breathing: 

While practicing deep breathing exercises, you are increasing the level of oxygen and blood flow to your brain. Just with 10-15 minutes each day, you can create a great difference in your life quality as well as potential functions of your brain.

7. Study New Languages: 

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If possible, just spend time on learning a new language. This will allow you to add more new in to your current brain and promote your brain’s speech centers. It is not only helpful for your brain but also supplements your job-skills and brain power as well!

8. Laugh More: 

Studies show that laughing improves the brain function. Laughter can release naturally the brain’s endorphins which can drown out injury naturally and boost overall health rapidly. It is considered as a highly effective and natural stress reliever. Instead of worrying your problems, try to laugh at your problems for a stress-free and healthy lifestyle.
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In order to laugh more, you can watch a comedy or crack jokes, then you will stimulate endorphin levels!

9. Debate:

It seems to be unfamiliar; however, it is a good way to strengthen your brain’s functions if you can have a “healthy” debate. When discussing, you can apply your intelligence to the current verbal situations.

1o. Multivitamin Taking: 

Vitamins are essential things for both your brain and body. Normally, if you cannot get enough vitamins through your eating plan, you can consider the replacement of a multivitamin. They can help facilitate the functions of a healthy body and enriched brain. You can get started to pop a vitamin every morning for awhile; this will make a huge change for your body and your health.

11.  Drink Red Wine: 

Whenever you feel sad or low-energetic, it is good time for you to drink red wine. This beverage contains many antioxidants that really protect your brain! Take a single glass of red wine daily if you are a woman and two if you are a man.

12. Get Enough Sleep: 

You had better get at least 7 hours of sleep per night to keep your brain functioning at optimal levels, keep you in shape, and help your skin look younger.

13. Relax: 

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Counteracting stress and keeping calm your body will help your brain work better, place you in a better mood, reduce high blood pressure, and protect you from common diseases.

If you want to get rid of fatigue, you should read this e-book of stop tiredness now. Or, you can discover the music for relaxation in this sculptations program to boost your brain functions fast.

14. Eat Healthy:

Eating plays an important role in maintaining and strengthening brain functions. Getting good nutrition is essential to good brain function and to a better body. Your brain and others’ might need to be fed with a certain amount of energy that will enable them to reach its maximum level of brain functions. You had better eat fish and legumes to help you think clearly.
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15. Listen To Music: 

Listening to music can strengthen the left-hemisphere of your brain effectively. This method also helps people have more emotional intelligence and balance their mood for good.

16. Be Empathetic: 

Do not exaggerate everything. It is better for you, in general, and your brain, in particular if you can empathize and understand others’ emotions. It is considered as the positive trait that most people need to have in order to become more balanced in their life.

17. Put Yourself In Someone Else’s Shoes:

How would different people think or solve your problems? How would a fool tackle it? Once you do that, you will be more generous and your mind will be more comfortable.

18. Think Positive:

If you can think positively, it is actually good for your brain. If not, you need to change your thoughts to the positive ones. Take 10 minutes each day to think more positive and begin noticing an enhancement in thinking abilities and problem solving skills.

19. Try Brainstorming And Practice Gratitude: 

If you focus on what you are keen on, your brain works better. Of course, you will feel better and more coordinated. Write down 5 things that you are interested in every day.
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Within 3 weeks, you will see a significant positive difference in your level of happiness.

20. Structure And Organize The Information You Are Studying:

According to proven researches, information is organized in memory in related clusters. You can make use of this by organizing and structuring the information sources that you are learning. Try gathering similar terms and concepts together, or summarize the headlines of the textbook readings to help you group related concepts.

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21. Visualize: 

Visualization is a state that has been associated with focus at a deeper level. Visualization can help people lower their stress, increase their creativity, and gain peak mind-body performance.

22. Get Some Sleep:

Sleep can help people regain the energy lost in all day and clear out mental clutter and unnecessary or negative thoughts. If you get enough sleep, you can improve your memory and feel more energetic.

23. Do Self-Hypnosis: 

The power of hypnosis is totally real. You can shift your focus by doing some self-hypnosis exercises. Hypnosis can increase pain tolerance, and clear thinking. Try it out for yourself if you have not already!

For more mind improvement tips as well as ways to do hypnosis, you can check the disguised hypnosis guide, raw hypnosis manual, or the book of power self hypnosis out.

24. Pay Extra Attention To Difficult Information:

The majority of you might feel that it is easier to remember information at the beginning or end of a chapter than the middle, right? And while recalling middle information might be difficult, you could overcome this problem by spending extra time rehearsing this information. Another method is to try restructuring what you have learned so it will be easier to remember.

25. Play Games That Involve Some Thinking:

You do not need to participate in the Mathematical Olympic Games in order to stretch your brain capabilities. Oh no, games and activities as simple as sudoku or crosswords will already have a tangible impact upon your brain performance. Or, you can solve puzzles. Solving puzzles is a great way to stimulate your brain abilities to critically think and process information. Puzzles are thought provoking and challenging. The great thing about puzzles is that they require activity in the left-hemisphere of the brain to work with the right hemisphere’s visual center of the brain. Want a more integrated brain? Solve a puzzle!

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26. Exercise Peripheral Vision:

Scientists have shown that the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is crucial to focus and memory, falls off with memory loss and is almost absent in Alzheimer’s patients. So, this is one of great mind improvement tips that can help you boost your brain potential naturally. All what you need to do is to sit in a place outside your house, such as on a park bench or in a café. Stare straight ahead and do not move your eyes, concentrate on everything around you without moving your eyes. Then, write down everything you saw.
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This activity might help you reinvigorate the controlled release of acetylcholine in your brain through a useful visual memory task.

Well, the process of learning mind improvement tips might require from you much effort, time as well as patience. I hope that the mind improvement tips introduced in this article will be useful for you.
If you are interested in the post, we are open to welcome any discussion or debate about this subject. Leave your comments at the end of this post to let us know what you think. We appreciate your contribution and will answer all as soon as possible.

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