How To Cure Astigmatism Naturally Without Surgery

how to cure astigmatism

Astigmatism is one of eye disorder’s types which make the object’s image blurred. We all know that in order to see better, the patients with astigmatism have to wear eye glasses or take a lasik surgery to treat permanently. However, are there other ways to reduce astigmatism symptoms? Of course, the answer is yes. The effective ways on how to cure astigmatism naturally without surgery will take time but it is worth trying.

How To Cure Astigmatism Naturally Without Surgery – The Effective Ways Forever

Before we start talking about natural ways and home remedies on how to cure astigmatism, we should mention the definition, causes and symptoms of astigmatism first. Like nearsightedness and farsightedness, astigmatism is one type of eye disorders which need to be corrected by eye glasses, eye contact lenses and lasik surgery. Because of incorrect shape of eye cornea, when the cornea is not round, it makes you find difficult to focus on specific point of an object you see. Therefore, it gives the blurred image to your eyes whether the objects are near or far. Unfortunately, we only know that astigmatism is caused when the cornea is not in shape but the main causes of this eye disorder still remain unknown. If you get diagnosed with astigmatism by eye exam, besides blurred image, you may experience fatigue and eyestrain. However, these symptoms, including fatigue and eyestrain, do not means that you suffer from astigmatism. Because diagnosing this eye disorder is difficult, you need to see the importance of visiting the doctor. Depending on the degree of astigmatism, we have different solutions. For example, when the patients only have light symptoms, they do not need to wear glasses all their time. But if the degree is high, in order to see better, the patients need to depend on eye glasses. Besides eye glasses, contact lenses, lasik surgery and refractive surgery, there are several ways on how to cure astigmatism naturally without surgery I would like to share with readers of I hope that this article bellow will provide you enough information. Read and know more.

1. Eye Exercise:

how to cure astigmatism-eye exercise

The people who spend too much time on computer and television without taking part in physical activities will face more chances of developing astigmatism. Therefore, exercise plays the important role in our health. Believe it or not but eye muscle also needs to be trained and exercised to remain good vision. Eye exercise is one of the tip on how to cure astigmatism naturally without surgery. When you try this tip, you will see the difference. The symptoms reduce and your eyes feel relaxed. However, like many exercises, this treatment needs time to do and requires patience. If you want to reduce astigmatism naturally and improve your vision, please do not give up. It can be frustrating sometimes but the good results will be achieved.

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2. Vitamin C

how to cure astigmatism-vitamin c

Free radical is the trigger of deteriorating your vision. You will need the nutrient to fight against and boost your eye health. Vitamin C is the good nutrient on how to cure astigmatism you should not skip. The possible reason is that vitamin C is known as active antioxidant. The question is how much vitamin C we should take daily. Doctors and scientists suggest that 75-90 milligrams are sufficient. You can consume vitamin C through fruits and vegetables. If your meal does not include enough vitamin C, you can take vitamin C supplement which is available in every health store.

3. Vitamin E

how to cure astigmatism-vitamin e

Along with vitamin C, vitamin E has strong antioxidant properties which keep you from eye issues. Moreover, vitamin E can prevent inflammation and other factors that cause obscured vision. How much vitamin E should you need? The answer depends on your weight and your height as well as your age. It is recommended that adults and children who are 14 years old or older should take 15 mg daily. The sufficient amount of vitamin E for breastfeeding women is 19 mg-the equivalent of 28.5 IU, according to The U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). If you have the habit of smoking, you should consume more vitamin E than normal people who do not smoke.

Sunflower seeds and nuts are well known as the great sources of vitamin E.

Other foods which also contain vitamin E include cereal, almonds, spinach, avocado and peanuts. So, if you want to look for the way on how to cure astigmatism naturally, do not wait. Vitamin E is worth trying.

4. Turmeric:

how to cure astigmatism-turmeric

Many people, especially Japanese, often add turmeric into their foods in order to boost the flavor and color. Because of curcumin in turmeric, this ingredient has excellent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, turmeric is rich in vitamin A, E, C. So, turmeric is effective home remedies on how to cure astigmatism without surgery. The antioxidant properties will protect the small blood vessels in your eyes and boost the blood flow to your eyes. You can add turmeric in your daily meal or make an herbal remedy for astigmatism.

The recipe is simple as you need to mix a tea spoon of turmeric powder into the cup of warm water and drink it twice a day.

5. Green Tea:

how to cure astigmatism-green tea

Green tea is well known for healthy effects. It is also the treatment on how to cure astigmatism you should know. This benefit of green tea for your eyes is to keep the healthy tissues and regulate the blood vessel in your eyes. I suggest that people with astigmatism should drink green tea for four cups a day to maintain their health and improve their eyesight.

6. Good Habit:

how to cure astigmatism-good habit

Although the causes of astigmatism are still unknown, some bad habit will worsen the symptoms of eye disorders. For example, spending too much time on computer, television and smoking, drinking alcohol may lead to obscured vision. Therefore, in order to prevent or treat astigmatism, the need for good habit is important.

These are 6 tips on how to cure astigmatism naturally without surgery. Do you like these tip and find it helpful? I want to emphasize that this article is for informational purpose only. If you have questions to ask, please feel free to leave it at the end of the post. I will answer you all.

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