10 Simple Ways On How To Put Baby To Sleep Without Breastfeeding

how to put baby to sleep without breastfeeding

Babies often sleep a lot at various times during the day you cannot make them sleep as you want or they can wake up at any time. Therefore, all mothers in the world want to Google for some tips on how to put baby to sleep. If your guests come into your house and you cannot go upstairs for sleeping, your baby will snooze for several hours. However, it is a different story if this occurs at night. You will feel asleep and then flop down into your bed while your baby will start to play around and want you to participate in his/her game through your night. In fact, researchers indicate that “sleeping through” can be just 5 hours in a row. Waking up regularly at night is a biologically common survival pattern for babies. This reason may be because babies have smaller tummies, shorter sleep periods, and spend time in active sleep more than adults do. Waking up at night also helps to protect against SIDS.

However, it’s really a nightmare for the parents if you cannot put your baby to sleep although both you and the baby are exhausted. Sleep is very important to our health and newborns need up to 18 hours daily while children at the age of 1 need about 14 hours to sleep. There are some tricks and tips on how to put baby to sleep that you can try if you are in trouble putting your baby to sleep. However, it’s essential to create a routine that can adapt various methods to be suitable for your family and baby. This writing in VKool page will show 10 effective tips to help you put your baby to sleep quickly. You can read and apply any of them if you are in trouble with putting your baby to sleep.

Top 10 Simple Ways On How To Put Baby To Sleep With Out Breastfeeding

1. Create A Bedtime Routine

The first of top 10 ways on how to put baby to sleep is to create a bedtime routine. A bedtime routine nightly will aid your baby in sleeping at the same time every night, which makes the baby easier to sleep. Hence, you should instantly create a routine for your baby. It may include things such as comfortable bedtime clothes, bath time, a final feeding, a story or a massage or something else which helps your baby in winding down before bed.

You should always ensure to do everything in the same order based on your routine in order that your baby can know which they should expect and recognize relaxation cues.

Even if your baby is so young that he/she cannot understand, you can tell him/her when it is the bed time and she will start understanding the verbal cues day by day.

2. Keep Everything In Motion

how to put baby to sleep - keep everything in motion

This is another way on how to put baby to sleep. When you were during pregnancy, your baby lived inside your abdomen and slept as you were doing the daily business. You even noticed that motion still helped in lulling the baby to sleep, particularly when you were a train or in the car. Hence, to make your baby feel asleep easily, you can cuddle him/her as if you gently rocked in the rocking chair. In addition, you may walk slowly around the room to make him/her sleep. Plus, you may also swing cribs to help your baby settle down at night because the rocking motion assists the baby in drifting off. You may even opt for a special baby hammock which gently rock whenever your baby has any motion during the night.

3. Teach The Baby About Day And Night

Teaching your baby about day and night is an effective way to help you put the baby sleep. When living in the womb, the motion helps to lull your baby to sleep, and the baby will awake when you are resting. You probably cannot forget how difficult it was to help you sleep in the 3rd trimester because the acrobat leaps around on the bladder. Now, the baby is here, it’s time you taught him/her about day and night. The understanding between day and night can help the baby know when they have to sleep and wake up.

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4. Turn Off The Light

If you are wondering how to put baby to sleep, turning off the light is one of the best answers. Like adults, the baby also cannot sleep if the room is bright. Bright light can make your infant get distracted. Besides, turning off the light or dimming it at night also helps your baby to distinguish the difference between night and daytime. This, in turn, also aids in regulating the circadian rhythm of your baby and the internal clock of him/her.

Therefore, you should only turn on the light in the room of your baby in the morning or when the baby has daytime naps and have to turn off the light at night. You may also block outdoor light by using opaque shades. In case you have to replace a dirty diaper at the middle night, just do it with the dim light and avoid talking too loudly and interaction as possible as.

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5. White Noise Sounds

Another way on how to put baby to sleep is white noise sounds. White noise is known as one of the simplest and most effective ways to provide babies with a sound sleep. It will aid mothers in lulling the baby within several minutes. Like the sounds that babies heard every day when being in your uterus, white noise sounds will be beneficial in helping babies to sleep faster and longer or even reduces stress. The white noise sound will mask all other sounds, thus putting your baby to sleep quickly at night. When a fan works, it may make a gentle hum working great as a white noise sound. Also, you can get free apps that have white noise or opt for a white-noise machine available in the market.

6. How To Put Baby To Sleep – Safe Swaddling

Until being at the age of 3 months, babies often suffer from a startling reflex. It looks like a spontaneous jerking movement and may occur when the baby is feeling asleep. In fact, the startling reflex is known as a reason making both adults and infants sleepless. Therefore, safely swaddling the baby will help the baby feel asleep. However, you should remember to swaddle safely to ensure the baby’s good health.

7. Control Your Caffeine Intake

how to put baby to sleep - control your caffeine intake

Controlling your caffeine intake is another of top 10 ways on how to put baby to sleep. If you are breastfeeding, the consumption of caffeine can affect the baby’s sleep. It is really a vicious cycle. You consume a coffee to help yourself stay awake. After that, you breastfeed your baby and thus keeping your baby awake too. Additionally, it takes babies much more time to remove caffeine from their body, compared to adults. Hence, the best thing you can do is to stop consuming caffeine completely or decrease the intake of it.

8. How To Put Baby To Sleep – Consider A Pacifier

You can use a pacificer to aid your baby in sleeping, instead of rocking and nursing him/her. The periodic movement while babies use a pacifier in their mouth will make them settle down quickly. Plus, using a pacifier while sleeping is capable of reducing the chance of having SIDS.

You should ensure to provide your baby with a pacifier until he/she is 3 or 4 weeks old, which will make an effective nursing routine. In addition, while your baby sleeps, if he/she makes the pacifier fell out but he/she does not cry, you do not have to put it back in the baby’s mouth. Your baby will gradually sleep without using a pacifier. Besides, when you use a pacifier for the baby, you need to sterilize it every day to keep the buildup of germs on there. It’s also a good idea to replace new pacifiers on a regular basis.

9. Co-Sleep

Co-sleep is a simple and safe way on how to put baby to sleep. It does not mean that you have to sit and lie next to your baby. It just means that you sleep close to the baby. Researchers have indicated that if babies and mothers sleep together, they can share sleep cycles, and thus helping mothers to have a better sleep. You may put your baby’s crib or cot next to your bed, or share your bed with the baby. Also like safe guidelines when you use a cot for your baby, it’s very necessary to follow the safe guidelines when using co-sleeper. For example, avoid sharing the bed of your baby with a smoker or anyone consuming alcohol.

10. Feed The Baby On Time

For several babies, a proper feeding can ensure that your baby will go to bed on time and doesn’t wake up because of hunger. Nevertheless, you have to feed your baby before the bedtime at least half an hour. If the baby takes solid food, you should keep it healthy and light. Do not let him/her consume foods causing bloating or gas. Besides, if your baby is under 6 months old, you have to ensure to burp him/her after feeding. If having any trapped air in your baby’s stomach, it will make him/her sleepless and cry frequently at night.

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How To Put Baby To Sleep – Additional Tips

  • Each baby may spend 3 to 14 days on changing his/her sleep patterns.
  • You have to learn to respect the preferences of your baby and make adjustments in schedules and routines.
  • Keep the sleep environment of your baby free of pillows, quilts, comforters, and other soft items like toys.
  • Avoid putting infants on air mattresses, waterbeds, soft materials, loose bedding, pillows or even temporarily.
  • Keep in mind that all types of makeshift bed are not safe for the baby.
  • Do not cover your baby’s head while sleeping.

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You’ve read top 10 effective tips on how to put baby to sleep without. I hope that this writing will help you put your baby to sleep more quickly. You can leave your comment and questions below if you have and I will respond you soon. Also, if you need to get more information on how to deal with other problems, access our main How to page. You are always welcome!

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