10 Reasons babies cry all the time and how to soothe them

Many parents feel nervous when their babies cry and try to learn more why they cry. However, decoding these kinds of signals is not totally easy; especially to the parents have the firstborn baby.  In general, the first three months in life will be the toughest period for parents because babies cry a lot. And it is not easy to know why babies cry a lot.
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Therefore, in this article on Vkool, I would like to share with you 10 common reasons babies cry and how to soothe them.

Learn More About The Reasons Babies Cry All The Time And How To Soothe

1. Hunger


Hunger is one of the reasons babies cry. And maybe it is the first reason that you may think about. You should learn more to recognize the signals that babies are hunger. It may help you to feed baby on time. There are some signals that you may take notice such as: fussing, rooting, smacking of lips…

2. A Dirty Diaper

reasons babies cry - a dirty diaper

One of the reasons babies cry is the dirty diaper. When your baby wants to change diaper, they will give some signals to let you know. You should check the diaper often. This is the simple way to know it is the time for you to change the diaper.

3. Need Sleep

reasons babies cry - need sleep

We may all think that when babies feel tired they will sleep easily. However, the fact is that it is not easy for them to sleep. Therefore, when they fuss and cry, it means that they want to sleep.

4. Want To Be Held

reasons babies cry - want to be held

In the first stage of life, you need to cuddle babies a lot. Specially, they are very sensitive with surroundings. They can discover your smell even your heartbeats. If they cry, it can be that they want to be embraced closely. Many people think that babies will be spoiled if you hold them much. However, it is compulsory in the first stage of life. You may have other choices to relief your arm by wearing your babies in a front carrier or sling.

5. Tummy Troubles

reasons babies cry - tummy troubles

Tummy troubles can be the reasons babies cry. It has close relationships with gas or colic that makes your babies cry. When your baby is fed, if he cries and fusses, it is likely that he has some problems related to tummy pain. Normally, parents tend to give baby anti-gas drops or gripe water to treat such pain. However, you should take the consultant from doctors before giving children such kinds. If your baby has symptoms with gas, you can follow these simple ways: put him on his back, hold his feet. Here are some causes that lead to tummy pain like reflux, stomach flu, constipation

6. Too Cold Or Too Hot

reasons babies cry - too cold or too hot

When baby feels cold or chilly, they also cry. For example, when you change clothes for them or dirty diaper, make clean with cold wipe. Of course, they will react by crying.

It is similar to the case that baby feels cold.
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When they are kept too warm, they also protest. Normally, they need to be warm, but you buddle them too warm condition, they will complain by crying.
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So, remember not to keep your baby too warm or too cold.

7. Teething

reasons babies cry - teething

Teething can be considered as the most uncomfortable reasons that most babies face. That the teeth emerge through the tender young gums is quite painful to babies. And the levels of pain are different at babies. But in general, it is the phase that every baby has to suffer from. If your baby feels painful, you can use your finger to check the baby gums.
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Usually, the first tooth will emerge at the stage of 4 to 7 months even earlier.

8. They Want Less Stimulation

reasons babies cry - they want less stimulation

Babies need to learn from the surroundings; however they sometimes do not have enough ability to process all factors such as sounds, lights, noise… Baby will cry to express that they do not want more. Babies tend to like being swaddles.
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That will give them the feelings of security. However, if your baby does not want to be like that, you should find a tranquil place to ease your baby.

9. They Want More Stimulation

reasons babies cry - they want more stimulation

Babies who are obstreperous normally want to discovery surroundings more. The effective way to stop them from crying is let them stay active. And of course, you will be exhausted to keep an eye on them. Try to come up with many activities for children. For example, you can make contact with the other families with babies to hang out or take your babies to museums or zoos. So, it is also one of reasons babies cry that you should take notice.

10. Not Feeling Well

reasons babies cry - not feeling well

Yu should take look to the changes of your baby.  For example, there is the change in cry stone. It is more urgent, continuous, and weaker than the usual cry. If you try to pamper them, but they still cry, you should call the doctors or take them to hospital to check.

So, how should you do when your baby cries? Try to keep calm that will help you to realize what your baby wants. Try to pamper them with gentle voice. When they feel unsafe, they tend to want parents cuddle. Therefore, try to cuddle them more that can make babies stop crying. Another way is that you make a schedule and time management based on the baby activity. For instance, if your baby cries at a certain time, you should not set aside and do nothing at that time.

Do you find that information of common reasons babies cry useful? I hope that you can learn more through such above suggestion. Let me know by joining the discussion and leave the comments below. I will respond you as soon as possible.

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