Natural foods for healthy nails: 10 best choices

Having healthy nails is necessary to have good hygiene. General speaking, strong, shiny, and clean nails are one of the signs of healthy nails. In addition, they are also signs of a good beauty regime. But we don’t remember the fact that one great diet plan is needed for healthy nails. Food has many beauty nutrients that greatly affect how the nails look. Taking the right care of your nails as well as eating the right food help you have stronger and healthier nails naturally. In this article, will show you natural foods for healthy nails: 10 best choices. The writing collected a list of best foods for healthy nails from reliable sources. Keep reading this article to learn these foods for healthy nails in more detail!

Natural Foods For Healthy Nails: 10 Best Choices That Amaze You

1. Beans

foods for healthy nails - beans

Eating the right foods will make your nails healthier and stronger naturally.

Different kinds of beans are great sources of biotin, one kind of B vitamin which prevents nail breakage as well as is essential for overall nail health. A mild deficiency of biotin may cause dryness of your nails together with slow down nail growth. Also, it can cause your nails to become dark. Some types of beans which you can eat daily for healthy nails are green beans, white beans, kidney beans, pinto and navy beans. You may eat these beans boiled, baked, or as part of a soup or salad.

2. Pumpkin Seeds

foods for healthy nails - pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are also one of the best foods for healthy nails. Pumpkin seeds have zinc, a nutrient which helps your immune system function properly together with plays an important role in creating connective tissues. In addition, zinc regulates your body’s ability to create new proteins which ultimately become building blocks of the healthy nails. Generally, zinc deficiency may cause white areas on your nails, similar to the marks which occur when putting pressure on your nails.  You should try to eat some pumpkin seeds every day to enjoy strong and healthy nails.

3. Broccoli

foods for healthy nails - broccoli

Not surprisingly, broccoli is also one of the best foods for healthy nails. Broccoli provides your body much required iron, another necessary component for healthy nails. Plus, iron is one fortifying trace element which enriches red blood cells along with raises your oxygen level of tissue, particularly in nails which break easily as well as are pale in color. Iron deficiency can lead to nails to grow with the ridges rather than one smooth surface. You may eat broccoli either cooked or raw.

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4. Milk

foods for healthy nails - milk

General speaking, milk is also considered as one of the best foods for healthy nails. The high calcium content present in milk improves nails together with makes them grow faster. You should try to consume at least a glass of milk every day. Lack of calcium in your body can cause your nails to be dry and brittle. To allow your body to absolutely absorb the calcium, include your milk with foods high in vitamin D like mushrooms, eggs, and others.

5. Eggs

foods for healthy nails - eggs

As you know, protein-based foods are deeply essential for overall nail health. Nails are made of the keratin, a kind of protein, and you give your body with forming blocks for growing strong healthy and nails by consuming protein-based foods. For instant, eggs are very high in protein. Have 2 servings of eggs every day for healthy nails. Simply, you can eat them poached, boiled, etc.

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6. Carrots

foods for healthy nails - carrots

Consuming carrots daily can strengthen the appearance of the nails, as well as hair and skin. The rich vitamin A content present in carrots inhibits nails from becoming dry and dull. You can eat either cooked or raw carrots or simply consume a glass of carrot juice every day to help the nails become healthy and strong. Additionally, carrots contribute to better immune system functioning as well as eye health, which keeps you strong and vital from head to toe.

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7. Tomatoes

foods for healthy nails - tomatoes

Tomatoes have high amounts of lycopene and biotin, which can help the nails thicken and grow naturally for a shiny, healthy look. They are also abundant of vitamin A and have even more vitamin C than the orange! Eat tomatoes raw if possible, because cooking them can kill the vitamin C. With tomatoes, you may also make a wonderful nail soak to aid the nails grow longer faster. You can mix a little tomato juice with some rosemary essential oil. Then, soak the nails in this mixture for five to ten minutes. It’ll moisturize and boost the natural color of the nails.

8. Bananas

foods for healthy nails - bananas

Bananas are loaded full of potassium which boosts your energy level. Also, bananas are packed with mineral silica that is thought to strengthen the look of the nails, and zinc that will strengthen the nails. In addition, this fruit has B6, a vitamin famous for supporting healthy nails. You may enjoy the health advantages of bananas by adding one banana to your morning oatmeal or cereal. You can also eat one banana as a mid-afternoon or mid-morning snack.

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9. Water

foods for healthy nails - water

Water is also regarded as one of the great foods for healthy nails. Dehydration has an enormous effect on the general health of the nails, just because this does on the rest of our body. Particularly, dehydration can cause cuticles as well as weak nails. In order to inhibit dehydration, you need to consume eight to ten glasses of water per day. You also try to eat more vegetables and fruits that are very high in water content. You should avoid drinking tea, alcohol, coffee, and carbonated drinks because they can lead to more dehydration.

10. Sweet Potatoes

foods for healthy nails - sweet potatoes

Commonly, sweet potatoes can also help strengthen immunity and enhance healthy and stronger looking nails and skin. Additionally, sweet potatoes are loaded with the antioxidant beta-carotene that the body changes to vitamin A. Particularly, vitamin A is really essential for cell growth that supports nail health. Vitamin A deficiency can cause brittle and dry nails. You can enjoy this food steamed, sautéed, baked, or roasted.

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If you want to know more about effective solutions, remedies for other diseases and conditions, go to our main Home Conditions & Diseases page. After reading the article of natural foods for healthy nails: 10 best choices, hope that this article will help you learn more some best natural foods for healthy nails. By including these best foods in the diet plan, you may enjoy strong and healthy nails. Together with eating these foods, you also have to properly maintain and care for your nails. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. Also you can share the experience if you know any other foods for healthy nails to us.

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