High Performance Handbook Review – Can Eric’s Book Be Useful?

Find out if High Performance Handbook is worth buying and will it work for you as well as your schedule via the 7-part High Performance Handbook review below:

1. High Performance Handbook – What Is It?

2. High Performance Handbook Review – How It Works?

3. High Performance Handbook Review – Product Features

4. Cost Of High Performance Handbook

5. The Full Package Of The Program

6. Money Back Guarantee

7. High Performance Handbook Review – Customer Support

High performance handbook

High Performance Handbook – What Is It?

High performance handbook real user reviewsThis High Performance Handbook review will provide you with all necessary information about a newly updated strength training program, High Performance Handbook made by Eric Cressey, who is the president of Cressey Peformance, a high performance training facility close to Boston, MA. My review is based on the real experience of a user named Teddy.

In fact, the purpose of Eric Cressey behind this system is a strong emphasis on personalization. This high quality customized program is totally unlike some typical cookie-cutter programs out there because it does not force you to practice such exercises that you could not. Moreover, it is designed to be suitable to different users’ needs, basing on how they move, what their schedule allows, and what their goals are. Additionally, Teddy shared with VKool.com that this program addressed many of the mobility issues and postural imbalances that were ingrained in the majority of the general population, including him. After following Eric’s four-month system, Teddy can lift and move pain-free and get better flexibility and mobility than he had in a very long time.

The program has helped thousands of people worldwide over the past 10 years, from teenagers working hard to get into the major leagues, women trying to reduce their excess weight to tennis players looking to bulletproof their shoulders. Inside the system, you will discover step-by-step workout routines and easy-to-follow exercises which are customized for various people to self-assess, set goals and schedule.
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More than just an e-book, program will walk you through an adventure to reach better performance, and better health. To get more details about this product, you should read on my entire my review.

High performance handbook cressey review

High Performance Handbook Review – How It Works?

After spending many years on figuring out the real solution for those who are unqualified and lacked the education background as well as practical hands-on experience on choosing the workouts that are really effective, the author has finally come up with a manner to offer this e-book.

Actually, the program is an expansive and thorough resource which will amazingly suit your own goals even over several next years. Hence, you can use it over again. In detail, the program contains:

  • The High Performance Handbook Main Guide: it takes you through a process of learning the basics and steps to put the guidelines into action. The book links to specific videos, which are Introduction video and Self-Assessment video. These videos will set the solid stage to help you gain your own goals.
  • Video Database: a collection of more than 200 videos plus with 3 hours of footage will allow you to watch as well as listen to every exercise in the program. The video database is designed as a personal coaching seminar, so you do workouts efficiently.
  • The Training Templates: by choosing one of three training options, which are the 2x/week, the 3x/week, and the 4x/week, you will take the best, most suitable option easily.
  • Four Supplemental Conditioning Options: these metabolic conditioning options are primarily based on your major goals, resources and time you have.
  • TheExercise Modifications Library: this is a comprehensive section on exercises modifications to help you modify the system to be adapt what you do
  •  The Special Population Guide: if you have some particular demands, then this document will discuss tips to modify the program in order to fit with for those who want to build mass muscles, or in-season-athletes.

High performance handbook eric cressey pdf review

High Performance Handbook Review – Product Features

Concretely, the program is really effective by itself. With the hope to help people make strength gains quickly and efficiently, Eric designs this program to help people:

  • Self-assess: that means you can make use of the videos included in High Performance Handbook to do your self-assessments. They will get you the specific information necessary to create a roadmap to begin the journey with the workouts.
  • Set goals: the author will teach you how to modify different elements to match up your goals, no matter it is strength gain, fat loss, or muscle gain
  • Schedule: the producer wants to ensure that the option you choose will work for you schedule by offering you different strength training options, including 2x/week, 3x/week, and 4x/week.
  • Start: you will be provided with every instruction on what exercises to do, how to do – no more guess work
  • Hit the goals: this 4-month program will allow you to meet your goals in practical ways

Unlike such similar products on the market, Eric wants to provide the program for different needs of customers so they can get their dream body and maximize their strength safely. That is why he combined with Brian St.
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Pierre – a forward-thinking nutrition expert – to introduce the nutrition and lifestyle guide, in addition to The High Performance Handbook. This Nutrition manual covers different aspects of nutrition, which are nutrition application section; instant menu; healthy recipes; proteins, fats and carbs; beverages; dairy; super smoothies; sleep; stress management; and chemical in the environment.

Here are some testimonials of the program:

High performance handbook success stories  Testimonial high performance handbook

Cost Of High Performance Handbook

When reading my ebook review, not only you care about the content of the product, but you might be wondering about its costs, right? As mentioned above, this is a customized and flexible system and Eric offers this product with two options, containing:

  • Gold option: High Performance Handbook and Nutrition Guide – cost $149.99
  • Silver option: High Performance Handbook – costs $119.99

Depending on your needs, you can opt for one of these two options. The cost for this product is just one-time investment. The main guide is available in PDF format, so you can quickly make use of it right from your own home.

Do not hesitate to take action now!

High performance handbook order

The Full Package Of Program

In addition to the components above, High Performance Handbook also comes with many bonuses, which are:

  • Bonus #1 – Maximum Tension for Maximal Results (worth – $29): Miguel Aragoncillo, a strength expert provides you with tension-building methods for optimizing performance.
  • Bonus #2 – Troubleshooting Single-Leg Exercises (worth – $29): Dave Rak, a college conditioning and strength coach will supply you popular technique problems with the single-leg workouts and ways to repair them.
  • Bonus #3 – Cheap Additions to Your Training Program (worth – $29): comprehensive powerlifter named Jordan Syatt, delivers to people some easy and quick manners to bulk up the equipment that you might not never thought that it would be used in the gym.
  • Bonus #4: 10 Ways to Modify or Regress a Movement (worth – $29): Andrew Zomberg, a Cressey Performance trainer will reveal some popular regressions he use for the customers.

High performance handbook packge bonuses

The books above are packed within the full package of High Performance Handbook. The total value of this product is $650, but now you just have to spend a fraction of this amount. Is it charming enough to encourage you to move the first step now?
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Money Back Guarantee

High performance handbook - Money back guaranteed Eric warrants that customers will be thrilled with this product, so he offers a 60-day money back guarantee. For any reason that you feel this program does not work for you, let the producer know within 60 days from the date of order and you will instantly get a full refund. This is considered as the most persuasive commitment from the author regarding the efficiency of this product. Catch this unique chance now!

High Performance Handbook Review – Customer Support

If you have any questions regarding the High Performance Handbook, contact the author directly via this address: ec [at] ericcressey dot com

Have you made use of this system yet? If yes, leave your ideas below to share your evaluation and experience when using it. Is it actually beneficial for you?

If you would like to contribute any comment about my High Performance Handbook review or any other fitness tips in VKool, leave your words at the comment section here.

Now, get started to maximize your performance and strength with the High Performance Handbook from Eric!

High performance handbook pdf download

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