Best Exercises For Slimmer Thighs And Hips

exercises for slimmer thighs

Getting nice thighs is one of the most wanted things that women wish in their life. Actually, you can follow some ways such as healthy diets and exercises at home. In this article, will introduce a writing of the best exercises for slimmer thighs and hips for you to do at your home. Keep reading it and find out more information.

Learning The Best And Simplest Exercises For Slimmer Thighs And Hips

1.  Squat Exercise

squat exercise

Squat is on top of exercises for slimmer thighs you should do more frequently. Many women love this exercise because it is common nowadays. Let follow it:

  • Put a ball between the lower back curve and the wall
  • Stand up and your feet are wide apart
  • Bend your knees and far from the ground from 5-10 inches
  • Keep your hips and shoulders square
  • Hold it for 3 seconds and get back to the original position
  • Repeat 5 reps and take a rest for 30 seconds between sets

2. The Flamingo Balance

the flamingo balance

Keep following this exercise; you will have nicer thighs and hips:

  • Start with a dumbbell in your left hand
  • Stand your fit with your right hand on the hip
  • Lean toward slightly, lift your right food behind
  • Bring your left arm forward
  • Turn your palm and get your face toward the ceiling
  • Do the curl of biceps
  • Lower your toes and repeat for 12 reps
  • Make sure to keep your right leg straight when you bend your knee

3. Switch Exercise

Switch exercise

Among best exercises for slimmer thighs, this is one of the most effective ones.

  • Stand your right foot forward
  • Get a dumbbell in your right hand, hinge forward, lift your left leg up behind you
  • Raise your right arm forward
  • Place your palm to the ceiling and do the biceps curl
  • Touch your toes down
  • Repeat 12 reps

4. Plyometric Squat Exercise

plyometric squat exercise

Let do it:

  • Stand up, your feet and shoulder are wide apart
  • Squat down and bend your knees for 90 degrees
  • Jump up and land gently when bending your knees
  • Jump up explosively with the leg strength
  • Maintain your weight back over the heels
  • Repeat 3-8 reps

5. Leg Circle 

leg circle

Along with other exercises for slimmer thighs, you should perform this one daily because it is very effective for thighs, hips, and legs

  • Lie on the floor with your arms
  • Face down your palms
  • Point your right foot and reach your toes toward the ceiling
  • Rotate your leg outward
  • Inhale and circle your ceiling with your right leg
  • Move your leg and still maintain your hips
  • Circle your legs on the ceiling 5 times
  • Switch your legs for 5 times

6. Lunges 

Lunges exercise

Lunge Exercise 1:

  • Stand up
  • Feet and hip are wide apart
  • Each hand holds 5-8 pound dumbbell
  • Your right leg will lunge forward
  • Keep your leg straight
  • Keep your left knee far from the floor about 1 inch
  • With your weight, keep the torso perpendicular to the ground
  • Align the knee with from ankle
  • Keep your weight in the heels
  • Do it 30 seconds more and change your leg

Lunge Exercise 2:

  • Hold the dumbbells at the shoulders
  • Face down your palms
  • Lung one leg forward and bring your feet back
  • Lung forward another leg for 60 seconds
  • Do a biceps curl in the last progression by pushing the heel forward foot while you lift the back knee in front of you
  • Repeat lung with curl
  • Hold it 30 seconds and change the another side

7. Toe Squat Exercise

toe squat exercise

Although the name of exercise is tow squat but it is very useful for slimmer thighs. Let do it:

  • Use a chair pose and engage abs
  • Touch your ankles and knees
  • Lower the squat and put the dumbbell over the head
  • Place the balls of the feet
  • Control your lower legs and lift the butt for 4 inches
  • Take a rest between reps

8. Sun Salutation Exercise

sun salutation exercise

This is a kind of yoga exercise that can improve your thigh strength. It relies on the thigh muscles. Let start it:

  • Stand tall on a mat and keep your arms and feet apart and distribute the weight
  • Breathe deeply
  • Lift your chin slightly and lift your arms over the head
  • Straighten your arms and face your palms toward the ceiling
  • Sweep down your arms, exhale and bend your hips when your fingertips or palms touch the ground
  • Align the finger with toes, bend your knees when tightening your hamstrings or back
  • Bend forward and flatten back
  • Inhale when your lift the torso to waist, flatten your back, reach your tailbone far from the head
  • Align the head with spine and pull in navel
  • Bend your knee and flatten your palms on the floor, keep your shoulder wide apart
  • Walk or jump your feet backward
  • Raise your hips as a dog pose
  • Put your fingers spread and keep your hip and feet are parallel
  • Reach the tailbone to the ceiling
  • Hold for a moment
  • Breath when you do it deeper
  • If you want to reverse all the actions, walk or jump your feet into the pose of flat-back
  • Keep your head dropped, straight and ginger outside the floor
  • The last action is to seep arms over the heard when you turn to the mountain pose

9. Pile Exercise

pile exercise

One of the best exercises for slimmer thighs is pile exercise. Let do it with the following instructions:

  • Stand your feet wider than your shoulder, which is wide apart
  • Point your toes
  • Keep your arms straight and lower into squat
  • Repeat it and make sure to tuck the tailbone and contract the glutes
  • Keep the torso tall
  • Do it for 1 minute

10. Picking Squat 

picking squat

Picking squat is one of the loveliest exercises for slimmer thighs. Follow the instructions as below:

  • Stand tall and keep your shoulder and feet wide apart
  • Hold 5-8 pound dumbbell in each hand
  • Bend your knees about 90 degrees
  • Lift your chest and place down the dumbbells outside the feet
  • Stand up and squat down immediately
  • Pick up the weights
  • Repeat it for 1 minute, reduce the weights and pick up them

11. Thigh Stretch Exercise

thigh stretch exercise

As the name of the exercise, this move will help you have more beautiful thighs quickly and effectually. Do it:

  • Stand tall and hold chair back
  • Press the shoulder blades back and down
  • Put the ball of the right foot and raise the left leg
  • Pull the abs and bring the left leg to the body in front of the right
  • Back to the left and flex your toes
  • Repeat it for 10 reps and make sure that face forward the hips
  • Use your momentum to swing the right leg and fire the left glutes
  • Breathe more and do another set

12. Dancing


Do you like dancing? Actually, this exercise is very beneficial for your thighs, hips, and all the parts of your body. If you do not know dancing, you can join in a dancing class, I think that you will get fun and time to relax after works. Certainly, dancing sport will be perfect to practice dancing skills, and it is great to increase your memor  improve flexibility, prevent heart-related diseases, increase energy and lose weight.

13. Jumping Rope 

jumping rope

Jumping rope is another exercise that is very helpful for your thigh strength. This exercise not only helps you get prettier thighs but it also helps you burn more calories if you are overweight. Believe me, this is a great move that you should do every day to get toner thighs. Although it is simple exercise, but you should get some warnings such as:

  • Keep relaxing do not jump too high
  • During the jumping progress, do not swing your shoulders or arms too much
  • Keep your hands above your waistline
  • Keep practicing every day to get the best result

14. Riding A Bike

riding a bike

Riding your bike is very familiar to many people, is that right? You can get a bike and ride it every time you are free. The harder you practice this exercise, the skinner thighs you will get. This is an easy and excellent way to get slimmer thighs. Instead of cycling you can do spinning for thigh strength. This sport is also good for men. Generally, it is good for both genders as it is really easier than other aerobic exercises like swimming. Moreover, this activity will help you relax and get more fun.

To get more tips and tricks, you can visit to our Fitness & Exercise page.

After reading this writing of 14 best exercises for slimmer thighs and hips, I hope that you already got the most useful techniques to strengthen and beautify your body. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon.

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