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Swimming is one of the most popular sports today. Are you a pupil? Are you a student? Or are you a marketer? Whoever you are, swimming is interesting to you. However, to avoid mistakes as well as the danger when swimming, you need to know swimming techniques. Therefore, in this article, I will show several ways of learning how to swim effectively, even you are a beginner on swimming skills.

I. Tips And Tricks Of Learning How To Swim – Common Swimming Mistakes When Learning How To Swim

It is dangerous if you swim with limited swimming skills, or you do not understand about the mistakes. Sometimes you could think that your swimming knowledge is enough, and you can prevent the risks. However, I will reveal some general and different mistakes when learning how to swim.

1. Lead Your Head Too High

Learning how to swim at the first time, you make your head higher than your body. This makes your body imbalance in the water.

Head position is very important when learning how to swim, and the common position almost of you make are your head looking forward. When your head is increased higher, your hip can be drained automatically. It means that your swimming speed in the water is not faster than you expect. When swimming, you do not lift up your head to see what is in front of, but you should find something in the bottom of the water to see. You will be comfortable when doing this regularly. Raising your head when learning how to swim should be ignored because it will slow down your process of swimming and certainly, you cannot learn to swim well.

2. Wrong Kicking

Learning how to swim reviewOne of the most crucial learning techniques is your smooth knee. When swimming, you adjust how your knee is not bent but forward with your body and your arms. Are you thinking that when you boot your knees or your legs, you will swim fast? Actually, kicking you knees can improve your swimming speed; however, another common mistake is to bend your knee while kicking. You should try to keep your legs straight and avoid bent knees as much as possible. To correct this mistake, you should identify that kicking is from your hips, not from your knees or legs. The advice is that your ankle should be flexible to help you kick the hip correctly.

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3. Incorrect Breath Timing

Do not worry about how you can swim, let practice breathing correctly in the water first. Do not breathe earlier than the time you start swimming, let take a breath following the hands moving, and make sure that exhaling goes through your nose, not your mouth.

4. Flat Swimming

Learning how to swim bookThis mistake means your belly will face with the bottom of the swimming pool in each stroke. Let expanding your arms to avoid this problem. The importance is that you should be self-confident when swimming; you are doing the right way.

5. Fast And Short Stroke

Keep full length of your stroke, your breath, but do not shorten it or prolong it. It means that you do not end up your stroke too early, but count your stroke when lapping. Let start with the slow pace and increase your speed regularly.

II. Tips And Tricks Of Learning How To Swim – Techniques To  Swim Easily

learning how to swim guideWhenever you acknowledge those general mistakes, I think swimming lessons will be easier for you. It is time for you to discover the tips of swimming. This article will provide you with useful techniques to help you swim as fast as you can.

1. Get Glasses

When you start learning how to swim, you must get glasses or the goggles. Keep the goggles always on each stroke and during swimming time. Sometimes you have to swim for a long distance, and it will not be convenient for your eyes if you take your goggles off.

2. Use Extra Goggles If Needed

 You can use bright goggles for the rainy, sunny, cloudy days. If it is sunny, let use the dark color set of glasses. Let prepare the alternative goggles for the weather changes.

However, you should not swim during the bad weather conditions like cold weather or storm approach.

3. Use Ear Plugs

Learning how to swim pdfYour water can enter to your ears, so you can use silicon earplugs to protect your ears effectively. Ear plugs can limit ears infections as well as ear tenderness.

4. Keep A Towel And Some Supportive Supplements Beside You

 Towel will clean your hands after using lubricants to protect your skin, or you can use a small towel to clean up your goggles when it is foggy. For beginners, you can buy some devices including fins, snorkel to help you learn to swim easier.

5. Throw Away Your Fear Of Water

If you are eager to learn swimming, just get out the fear of water. Many people fear water because they think of drowning. Remember that you should not learn to swim alone. Besides, when you decide learning swimming, let chose a teacher or smart swimmer. Also, you do not swim too deep in the water while you are a swimming beginner.

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6. Learn Floating

Learning how to swim downloadLet feel comfortable as much as you can when learning how to float on the water. If you are fearless on water, that is the first succeed when swimming.  You can build up your body like a “T” shape for a stable position.

7. Do Not Scare

If you cannot control yourself in the water, you will fall down and fail to learn swimming. The advice is that you should believe yourself; you should think that you can swim well. Before learning how to swim, you can get nervous. Do not worry or think of it too much, let relax and sleep well at the night before the race. Your health will also be better if you do not worry about the race.

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8. Learn Exhaling

Let take a deep breath! Start to exhale slowly your nose.

If you cannot breathe through your nose, you can wear nose plug and breathe through your mouth.

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9. Learn Kicking

Learning how to swim treatmentOne of the most important swimming lessons is kicking your legs including:

  • Flutter kick: Keep your legs always straight. As I concerned above, you must feel comfortable, and your ankles should be flexible to assist you when swimming.
  • Whip Kick: This position will keep your legs tightly from your hips to your knees, and from your knees to your ankles.
  • Eggbeater Kick: This kick is common to most of the swimming beginners. It will keep your head vertically and your shoulders will be on the water. One leg is forward while another leg is backward.

10. Learning Crawling

Crawls are excellent lessons for beginners. The guidelines on how to crawl are:

  • Learn backstroke: Float your back, your legs do a flutter kick, crawl with your arms, which you can lift up to the air and keep it straight. Then you bend your arms under the water and make it back straight again and again.
  • Learn front stroke: This kind of crawling will require your stomach flat; your legs do a flutter kick and your arms crawl straight. One hand will be raised up and put down, make the water behind you. Keep breathing regularly following each stroke.

11. Learn Stepping Water

This lesson will guide you how to keep your head up your water. Use your hands to balance your body and keep your forearms on the surface of the water, then you can more your arms like circle.

12. Learning Coming Up

If you want to come up from the underwater, let use your arms. Keep them straight up to your head and bring them down.

13. Prepare Some Sudden Situations

Learning how to swim programThough you are self-confident, you should keep your motion stable before swimming. If you are at risk, let call “Help” as soon as possible. The most important technique is to be fearless or do not scare in any case. Remember that the more energy you spend, the more risks you will meet. Therefore, let try to make your body float as much as possible to prevent the worst case.

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14. Make Friends With Smart Swimmers

Before learning how to swim, let talk with someone who is smarter of learning. You can ask some questions, techniques, and experience from them. Let tell them that you are a newcomer and they can give you some helpful swimming tips such as how to warm up, how to learn some other skills, etc.

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15. Improve Sighting Skill

To boost your swimming experience, let practice your sighting. It means that you can have sight through the pool by practicing it every day, follow the arms moving. If you repeat this technique daily, your swimming ability will be increased.

After reading this article about tips and tricks of learning how to swim, I hope you will get useful information or techniques to swim well. Becoming a proficient swimming learner is not difficult if you are patient and keep good learning tendency.

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