20 Home Remedies For Eczema On Hands, Face, And Other Parts

Eczema is known as a group of conditions that can make your skin irritated and inflamed. The most common types of eczema are atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis. It is linked to some allergic diseases such as hay fever and asthma. Almost of the eczema patients fall on adult, children, and infants. You can heal this medical condition by visiting the doctor, but you should try to apply some home remedies first. In this article, VKool.com will show you top 20 home remedies for eczema on hands, face, and other parts of the body. The writing is a collection of top relievable sources for eczema remedies. However, it does not tend to give medical advice and it is just for informational purpose. Now, keep reading the article and learn more!

Top 20 Home Remedies For Eczema On Hands, Face & Other Parts

For eczema, you can visit doctor to get some prescriptions; however, you totally can try some home remedies to treat it. In this writing, you will find following home remedies for eczema as the following:

Now keep reading the article and learn how you can manage eczema effectively at home.

1. Honey

home remedies for eczema

Another solution when it comes to home remedies for eczema is to dab some honey on your affected skin area. Honey performs as a natural solution for eczema, did you know? It is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial so it can speed up the healing process of broken skin. Also, it is a humectant. The only downside is that it could get sticky, so you had better use it in a small skin area, instead of slathered up all your arms and legs.

What you need is organic raw honey. After rinsing your hands off with water, and patting them dry, you apply a thin layer of honey over your affected skin area. If you want, cover it up with a bandage in order to keep it from rubbing off other things. However, some recommend letting it breathe. Wait for 20 minutes before rinsing it off with cool water, pat it dry and reapply another layer of honey, for thrice per day.

2. Cornstarch And Oil

home remedies for eczema

By mixing plain old cornstarch with water, you can create a soothing paste that your own skin needs to relieve eczema. In order to balance it out and get something moisturized, you could mix it with grape-seed oil or olive oil instead. Remember you should not create a thick paste as it will not be able to spread but also not too thin as it is watery. After creating a proper paste, you apply it to your infected skin area, wait for 20 minutes before washing it off with warm water. Finally, pat your skin dry with a soft cloth. You had better apply this mixture regularly too get good results soon.

3. Make Long-Term Changes 

home remedies for eczema

For long term relief, you need to make some long-term changes your lifestyle and diet plan. Keep a small log book that helps you keep track with what you are consuming and doing when eczema flare-ups attack you. Track your diet and the date along with any foreign products that you might have used. Finally, you might see a pattern start to emerge that lets you get a better sense of what to avoid in order to manage it on your daily basis. Also, avoid the allergens and triggers to help fight eczema naturally.

4. Wear Non-Irritating Clothes 

home remedies for eczema

Another one in this list of home remedies for eczema you should apply is to avoid using irritating clothing. Wear loose clothing; avoid scratchy, itchy fabrics such as wool. Instead, you should use smooth-textured clothing which is made from silk, cotton, and bamboo. Be wary of your washing detergent. If there is any left residue of your washing detergent on your clothing, your eczema flare-ups might get worse. Use a natural washing powder.

Also, upon exercising, you should wear appropriate sport clothing which is especially designed for keeping your skin cool. This will help you prevent excessive sweating that might aggravate eczema.

5. Opt For Non-Irritating Soaps 

home remedies for eczema

This sounds too obvious, but not many of us notice enough. Irritants such as detergents and soaps dishwashing liquids, shampoos, disinfectants and any product with additional perfumes might irritate your skin. If possible, use natural vegetable based cleaning agents and soaps.

Also, avoid any products that include sodium lauryl sulfate as well as parabens. They are popularly found in those hygiene products and are known to dry out and irritate the human skin. Also, sodium lauryl sulfate could break down the natural proteins of the skin, thereby making it more vulnerable to some outside contaminants. Many medical studies showed that there is a connection between parabens to cancer, endocrine disruption and reproductive problems.

6. Use A Humidifier 

home remedies for eczema

The dry air in your home and bedroom could trigger skin condition likes eczema, leading dehydrated and flaky skin. Thus, that is why you should use a humidifier which can add moisture to the air as well as to your skin.

Another way to increase the humidification in your house is house plants. This will increase the amount of moisture within the air through a process called as transpiration.

7. Manage Stress 

home remedies for eczema

Eczema along with other skin problems has been closely associated with stress, both physical and psychological, so it is necessary for you to take time to manage stress. Do whatever relaxes you, be it visualization techniques, meditation, hypnotherapy, yoga, painting, or listening to music.

Also, spend time for yourself daily on unwinding and relaxing. Whilst the precise cause of eczema is not known, stress has been shown to worsen the symptoms of eczema.

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8. Bathe Less Frequently

home remedies for eczema

If you bathe too frequently, you might strip the moisture from your skin, making eczema condition worse. Limit your baths as well as showers to every 1-2 days if possible. Avoid cold or steamy showers, and limit each bathing session to 15-20 minutes. Use a dry, clean towel to pat your skin dry gently.

Just make sure that you moisturize your skin after having a bathe, preferably whilst your skin is still damp because it will lock in more moisture. Make use of the moisturizers without additives and which are based on natural essential oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, castor and avocado oil. Just be aware that whilst these essential oils tend to be suitable for most people with eczema, each person is different and you should experiment to find what might work best for you.

In additional, remember that you should not stay in the tub for a long period of time as the water could wither your skin sometimes.

9. Aloe Vera

home remedies for eczema

Go for aloe vera, in the fresh form rather than buying an aloe product, if you are looking for natural home remedies for eczema. Take several leaves of aloe vera and squeeze out the gel-like, clear substance. Then, apply this gel over your affected skin area. Store the remaining gel in the fridge for other uses. Pure aloe vera is not linked with any negative secondary effects if used topically, so it is safe to use it as regularly as you could.

Actually, aloe vera has been used for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory and moisturizing treatment. Many individuals have found it effective n the cure of eczema because it moistures the flaky and dry skin and soothes itchiness.

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10. Coconut Oil 

home remedies for eczema

Coconut oil is valuable to improve health, heal scarbies, and treat eczema. It is also used for teeth, hair, and skin as it is natural ingredient in your house. Also, coconut oil is very useful for eczema. You might use a little coconut oil and cool eczema pain and itch on hands, face, as well as on every part of the body.

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11. Sea Salt Spray 

home remedies for eczema

Instead of moisturizing eczema, you should dry it naturally; by the way, you will relieve pain significantly. Do you know that sea salt can help you treat this problem well at home? Sea salt is one of the most effective home remedies for eczema. Sea salt is high in minerals, magnesium, and vitamin D, sea salt is very great for a healthier skin.

12. Magnesium Oil Bath

home remedies for eczema

Some eczema patients get worse when they soak in water. But magnesium bath can be helpful in treating this skin condition. You can add some tablespoon of salt or magnesium flakes in baths, this remedy will help you relax and it will get rid of some bad feelings from eczema. This home treatment is also suitable for kids.

13. Use Probiotics 

home remedies for eczema

Probiotics is not only good for your stomach, but it is also good in healing eczema. You can take advantage of probiotics as well as probiotic-rich foods by adding them into daily diets. Moreover, you can use those foods to wash your hands and face to relieve eczema symptoms. Some common foods and drinks you can use are yogurt, sauerkraut, water kefir, kombucha soda.

14. Jojoba Oil 

home remedies for eczema

Like coconut oil, jojoba oil is also a fantastic ingredient for healing eczema in children and adults. You can apply this oil on face, hands, legs, etc. Now, you will need to wash your hands and dry them naturally, apply jojoba oil into the affected region, massage them gently and you can apply this home remedy 3 times per day.

15. Shea Butter 

home remedies for eczema

Let get rid of eczema inconvenience by using some common ingredients that you can find out in your house. By using this method, you will soften your skin, repair damaged area, and reduce inflammation successfully. You should prepare 1 tablespoon of Shea butter, 1 tablespoon of beeswax, 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, and 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil, some lavender essential oil, glass jars or airtight tines. Now you melt jojoba and beeswax, add coconut oil and stir it well. Next, you heat Shea butter, stir it and pour the mixture into glass jars with some drops of lavender essential oil. Stir it well and cool it naturally. Apply it into the affected areas.

To discover other home remedies for eczema on hands, face, and other parts, you should read the next part of this writing!

16. Glycerin 

home remedies for eczema

Taking advantage of glycerin is also a smart way to reduce eczema, which is one of the most common skin disorders in every age. You will need glycerin, some filtered water, mister bottle or a spray bottle. Firstly, you use glycerin and water and pour them into the spray bottle, shake them until they are blended, spray it into the affected skin.

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17. Oatmeal 

home remedies for eczema

While you get failed from other remedies, you can try this home method to reduce inflammation and relieve discomfort from eczema. Oats are among basic home remedies for eczema. A plain old oatmeal bath seems to rarely hurt anyone, and it can moisturize and soothe your skin. Thanks to the chemical constituents available in oatmeal which have anti-inflammatory properties, it could help relieve the discomfort associated with eczema. Also, it is very useful in relieving itchiness in those people with eczema and other skin problems.

You will need a cup of oatmeal, some muslin, cheesecloth, and a bathtub. Now, you can pour the oatmeal in some muslin or cheesecloth, tie it off. Then fill the tub away and run the bath whenever it is full and water is smooth. Soak it for 11 minutes; use a lean towel to pat it dry.

18. Chamomile Tea 

home remedies for eczema

Tea is very healthy for your health and your skin, especially for eczema. In this case, you should choose chamomile tea, which can heal spots, tame itchiness, and reduce inflammations very well. Bisabolol in this tea will ease your irritation, fight microbial effects, acne, decrease inflammation. You can bath with chamomile tea or drink it

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19. Fish Oil 

home remedies for eczema

Fish oil is very popular and it is valuable ingredient for health. Seeking for home remedies for eczema, you can try fish oil, which is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It is suitable for normal skin and it is great to reduce itchiness on your skin. You need to prepare fish oil and some orange juice (it is an optional ingredient), you can use some liquid and apply it into affected area directly. Besides, you can use capsules, as well.

20. Gelatin-rich Foods 

home remedies for eczema
Gelatin is very healthy for your nail, skin, hair, gut, and it is one of the greatest home remedies for eczema. You should take effectiveness of gelatin-rich foods including bone broth. You should choose or look for some bones from the pastured poultry, wild fish, or bones from grass-fed bison. Generally, you must seek for the healthiest foods from grocery stores.

If you want to get more useful information on health, you might visit our main Home Remedies page.

After reading my writing about top 11 home remedies for eczema, I hope that you have got the most useful information to relieve pain and eczema symptoms on face, hands, and other parts of the body. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon. If you are not sure or confused about those home remedies or get worse from using those home treatments, you should call medical practitioners for sure.

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