14 Health Benefits Of Lychees For Skin And Internal Health

health benefits of lychees

Lychee, also called Litchi chinensis, is a quite strange fruit that has red leathery skin along with white and creamy fruit inside. This fruit originates in China then spread to the Southeast Asia, India, and Southern Africa and is known as a tropical fruit with sweet and fragrant flavor. Not only does lychees smell good like a flower but the benefits of lychees are also highly appreciated for both of the internal and external health.

Lychees are the rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients such as vitamin B6, vitamin C, riboflavin, niacin, copper, folate, phosphorous, potassium, manganese, and magnesium. Therefore, this fruit is very beneficial in preventing cancer, boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, improving circulation, building strong bones, improving digestion, protecting against viruses, aiding in weight loss, improving the skin health, and optimizing metabolic activities. And lychees are also used to make flavor dishes and cocktails with its unique scent in many countries.

It is time for VKool.com to show you 14 health benefits of lychees for skin and internal health. All of the recommended benefits of this fruit are consulted from reliable information sources and thoroughly researched, so you can really believe in them. For those who don’t know or wonder the benefits of lychees, spend a few minutes reading the article to reach more knowledge.

14 Health Benefits Of Lychees For Skin And Internal Health

1. Protect Against Free Radicals

benefits of lychees - protect against free radicals

Protecting the human body against free radicals is known as the first one of the health benefits of lychees. This fruit contains a high amount of antioxidants like vitamin B-complex, Vitamin C, & phytonutrient flavonoids that are the key compounds making the excellent benefits of lychees healthy.

To talk about free radicals, they are known as the causes of several serious diseases. The normal oxidative stress is caused by the UV radiation and population and in this process free radicals are created from oxygen molecules. Especially, these free radicals can destroy the cell DNA then change the function of the cells so as to form cancer cells. Moreover, these free radicals are also considered to cause the delay in cell repair and premature aging. These are taken care of in our diets by the anti-oxidants thereby decreasing and controlling the inflammation and degenerative diseases like Arthritis.

Luckily, antioxidants have good effects on protecting the body against this oxidative stress. More clearly, these antioxidants can neutralize these free radicals then protect the cells from any damages. They reduce and control the inflammation and degenerative diseases such as arthritis as well. With the high level of antioxidants, lychees are really beneficial in dealing with cancer and tumors.

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2. Prevent Cancer

Preventing the risks of cancer is another of the health benefits of lychees. It is due to the proanthocyanidins and polyphenolic compounds presented in lychees that are all beneficial in neutralizing free radicals even more powerfully than the acts of vitamin C. Besides, these compounds can also protect the body against many diseases and afflictions. While these free radicals, also known as the byproducts of the cellular metabolism, can cause heart diseases, cognitive disorders, cancer, premature aging, and other undesirable conditions, lychee fruit can be used as a significantly preventative measure of serious cancers.

Moreover, antioxidants called flavonoids presented in lychees are very useful in protecting the human body from degenerative diseases of which cancer is the most noticeable. And quercetin in this fruit is also a powerful antioxidant protecting against cancer.

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3. Improve Heart Health

benefits of lychees - improve heart health

With the rich sources of fiber, antioxidants, and flavonoids, lychees can support the heart health as one of the health benefits of lychees. Besides, oligonol derived from this fruit is also indicated to increase the nitric oxide levels in the blood, which aids in opening con­stricted blood vessels and lowering the blood pressure. That means it is really helpful for the heart health indeed. However, it should be noted that oligonol is mixed by antioxidants of the lychee skin and some other sources like green tea but does not exist availably in lychees.

Not only do lychees prevent the risks of heart diseases but they also partly reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases due to its high antioxidants.

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4. Regulate Blood Pressure

Lychee fruit is really beneficial in lowering the blood pressure. And regulating the blood pressure is also known as one of the important benefits of lychees for health. This fruit has a high level of potassium that helps the human body keep a fluid balance. In fact, this fluid balance is not only an integral part of metabolic functions but also of hypertension. In other words, potassium is considered to be helpful for the vascular problem that reduces the constriction of arteries and blood vessels then lowers the pressure on the cardiovascular system. Especially, the level of potassium in dried lychees is 3 times higher than that in fresh lychees.

In addition, lychee fruit contains high fiber content that restricts the fat formation as well as fat reserves in the human body. And an adequate amount of dietary fiber can promote the cardiovascular health as the best nutrients.

Besides potassium and fiber, lychees have a high concentration of polyphenols among which is rutin, a beneficial bioflavonoid in order to strengthen the blood vessels. As a result, this fruit is often consumed by those with varicose veins or hemorrhoids. If there is a deficiency of bioflavonoids, the blood vessels may break easier which means you would need more rutin if you bruise easily. And lychees will help you to supply enough rutin for your vascular health indeed.

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5. Promote Blood Circulation

When mentioning to lychees, you should know they include various compounds such as vitamin C, iron, copper, folate, magnesium, and manganese that are essential for the blood formation and circulation. Among the health benefits of lychees, they can also reduce the LDL (bad cholesterol) while boosting the HDL (good cholesterol) levels in the blood. Therefore, this fruit promotes the blood flow to the heart and decreases the risks of stroke, heart attack, and hypertension.

In addition, the rich fiber in lychees is believed to suppress the appetite and boost metabolism. It lowers overall blood cholesterol level, the main cause of the obstruction to your blood circulation. Besides that, copper is known as a helpful mineral presented in lychees that are an integral part of the RBC formation. That means copper mineral aids in boosting the blood circulation and increasing oxygenation of the cells and organs. And iron in lychees is all known as the most important compound for the red blood cells as well.

In fact, hemoglobin in the blood that plays an important role in transporting oxygen throughout out the body is mainly made up of iron along with folate as well. However, now matter how much the taken iron is, it cannot convert into hemoglobin if there is not enough required vitamin C. That means all of the iron, vitamin C, and folate are important for the blood circulation that can be much supplied by lychees indeed. Additionally, magnesium presented in lychee fruits plays an important role in forming blood clots in the body that prevent a single cut from bleeding out the blood from the body.

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6. Strengthen Immunity

benefits of lychees - strengthen immunity

Strengthening the immunity is known as another of the important benefits of lychees for the health. As mentioned above, vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin much existing in this fruit approximately more than 100% of required amount in a single serving. And with this high level of Vitamin C, lychees deserve to be a good supplement for improving the immunity of the body by stimulating the activities of the blood cells and functioning as the main defensive line of the immune system.

When the excretions work every time by removing sweat, urine, and stools out of the body, it is necessary to replenish energy through the daily diet. That means you should take in lychees on a regular basis to supply your body with enough required nutrients. It continuously relates to vitamin C in this fruit that it improves the immunity to protect the human body against common diseases like a cold, cough, and flu. And it is extremely helpful for young children who are easily vulnerable to cold and infections.

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7. Boost Digestion

Similar to any other fruits that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients, lychees are also helpful for the digestion. Boosting the digestion is known as one of the main benefits of lychees. It is due to significant amount of fiber presented in this fruit that adds bulk to the stool thereby increasing the digestive health. In addition, it helps the movements of the bowel to be smoother through the digestive tract and boosts peristaltic motion of the small intestine muscles in order to increase the speed of passing food. The fiber in lychee fruit can also promote gastric and digestive juices, thus, the absorption becomes more efficient.

Besides fiber, pectin presented in lychees is also considered to be useful for the digestion. Pectin also stimulates the movement of the bowel and makes the process of stool passing more easily.  And along with these 2 compounds is the function of the high water content in this fruit that is combined with roughage to prevent constipation. Moreover, a regular and complete process of emptying the bowel plays an important role in preventing more serious conditions such as piles and colon cancer. By anyways, the symptoms of constipation are reduced while the gastrointestinal disorders are relieved by consuming lychees regularly.

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8. Benefits Of Lychees To Boost Metabolism

Boosting metabolism is known as another of the health benefits of lychees. It is due to the Lychee contains a rich source of vitamin B-complex and fiber, as mentioned above that, are all helpful for the metabolism. In fact, metabolism plays an important role in the function of the whole body in which the assimilation, absorption, and the removal of excess nutrition are completely conducted. And within this process, necessary nutrients and compounds are remain which includes proteins, fats, sugar, and carbohydrates.

Because lychees contain high sugar content, they are certainly not commended for the patients with diabetics but they are suggested for those who have a high threat of this disease as they increase metabolism in their body by consuming an adequate amount. In other words, people who suffer from insulin resistance because of their poor metabolism should consume foods like Lychees that help them relieve the cause by their rich antioxidants and flavonoids. In addition, lychees also help dissolve fat from the human body as an effective flushing agent with high water content approximately 80-85% overall.

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9. Aid Weight Loss

benefits of lychees - aid weight loss

For the women in particular and all the people in common, weight is always a big problem.  And during the procedure finding suitable foods to lose weight, they may be recommended to consume many vegetables and fruits in which lychees are appreciated. Aiding in the Weight Loss is one of the main benefits of lychees indeed.

When planning hard exercises along with a healthy diet in a strict requirement, your body may suffer from the deficiency of essential nutrients which does not give you a healthy weight. For example, your mindless exercises lead to a significant water loss along with constant sweating which means you will get a dehydrated body or a cramped up if there is not enough essential supplement.

In addition, lychees also have a high amount of potassium, a good mineral to maintain the sodium level. And the high potassium is also required to maintain the fluid level and balance electrolyte. Therefore, this fruit helps lower the high blood pressure thereby reducing the risks of heart attack and stroke as well. For those who are wondering how to maintain an ideal weight and finding the ways to lose weight, lychees are really an excellent food to consume.

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10. Antiviral Capacity

Lychees particularly have an antiviral capacity that helps the human body prevent some serious diseases related to the virus. It is due to the proanthocyanidins presented mainly in lychee seeds that have been proved to have the powerful antiviral activity like protecting against herpes simplex virus and the coxsackievirus. In addition, a compound called Litchitannin A2 found in lychees is also helpful in preventing the outbreak and spread of these viruses. That means among the benefits of lychees include preventing the appearance and existence of the virus in the human body.

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11. Benefits Of Lychees For Mitochondrial Health

In a tiny aspect, lychees can improve the mitochondrial health which is also one of the benefits of lychees. This fruit contains a good amount of phenolic compound along with effective antioxidant activities due to which it can prevent the oxidative stress. In a study on animals, the phenolic compounds found in the lychee pulp can modulate mitochondrial dysfunction thereby protecting against stress-induced liver injury. In other words, lychee pulp is appreciated as a functional biofactor that mitigates oxidative stress.

12. Prevent Inflammation

benefits of lychees - prevent inflammation

Preventing and treating inflammation is another of the health benefits of lychees. It relates to the lychee fruit extract with the flavonol richness that has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits indeed. And this extract is certainly derived from lychees, which has been proved to treat inflammation and suppress tissues damaged by the high-intensity exercise training. Flavanol-rich lychee extract is also believed to treat inflammatory diseases effectively.

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13. Protect Skin

Protecting is considered as one of the important benefits of lychees, which may be similar to other healthy fruits. The skin has to face to various problems every day including pollution, UV rays, aging, stress and other disturbances related to each lifestyle. You may think that aging is a normal phenomenon but it may be also premature if you do not prevent your skin from these factors thoroughly. While the main cause of aging is the free radicals that are produced in the body because of the high oxidative stress, antioxidants can, fortunately, destroy these free radicals thereby slowing the aging process. And lychee fruit has been indicated to be rich in antioxidants, which is mentioned above and the consumption of lychees along with a proper diet play an important role in delaying the skin aging in women.

Besides great antioxidants, lychees are also very rich in vitamin C along with high water content that is all required to the skin health on the whole and the aging in particular. While vitamin C cleanses the impurities, water flushes them out of the body which means both of them keep the skin well-hydrated thereby diminishing the wrinkles as well as fine lines indeed. Vitamin C also plays a role as a good cofactor in enzymatic reactions in which it promotes the production of collagen, catecholamine hormones from the adrenal glands, and carnitine that helps the body convert fat into energy. And this vitamin is also beneficial in healing wounds, recovering, and maintaining the health of the teeth and bones.

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14. Benefits Of Lychees – Some Of The Cautions

Besides various benefits of lychees for the health, you should pay attention to some of the cautions as follows:

People with diabetes should avoid consuming lychees or keep in a small intake of this fruit because they are rich in sugar making blood sugar levels unbalance.

The excessive consumption of lychees is not recommended because this may cause nutrient imbalance and then irritated membranes, fever, sore throat, and bloody noses but the proper consumption is supported.

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After reading the article on 14 health benefits of lychees for skin and internal health in our main Health page, hope that you can see how good this tropical fruit is for the overall health thereby adding it to your daily diet. Please let us know if you have any question by leaving them below and share with us other health benefits of lychees if you know or experience.

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