Good foods to prevent cancer growth – 6 foods

Cancer is the threatening disease that everyone wants to keep it on bay. It is said that nothing can help you treat the cancer effectively and naturally rather than looking for the healthy food in refrigerator. It suggests that as the ways on how to cure cancer with diet naturally, you should eat plant-based foods which are rich in phytonutrients and other compounds. Therefore, I would like to introduce 6 good foods to prevent cancer growth.

Good Foods To Prevent Cancer Growth – The Ways On How To Avoid Cancer Effectively

Before we mention about the good foods to prevent cancer, I would like to share with you some general useful information about the cancer disease. Cancer will occur when the cells in our body grow fast and uncontrollably. As a result, the cancerous cells will spread rapidly to other organs and destroy the healthy tissue. The process of spreading the cancerous cells from one particular part of body to other areas is called metastasis. The cancer disease includes various types and each type needs different diagnosis and treatments. However, not many people can aware of the early signs of cancer disease. When it is too late, this disease will become difficult to treat completely. Therefore, it is important for people to know the small changes on your body that may be out of ordinary. For instance, a lump that appears on your skin, sudden bleeding or small changes in parts of our body such as the bowel may be the early symptoms of cancer disease. When you see these symptoms, you should have an appointment with the doctors to get diagnose and have treatments. In some cases, these symptoms may not be the signs of cancer. They may be the symptoms of non-cancerous conditions. However, it is also needed to visit the doctors so that they can help you to investigate your problems. In order to prevent the cancer disease, you should change your life style, eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. The bad habit of smoking should be avoided if you want to keep the cancer at bay. Although many people do not want to suffer from cancer, this disease is very common. It is estimated that about 331,500 people in UK got diagnosed with cancer disease in 2024. One in three people will experience some forms of cancer including lung cancer, bowel cancer and breast cancer. As the ways on how to cure cancer, surgery is primary treatment because it can remove solid tumors. However, if you have early signs of cancer, you can treat them with diet. Therefore, it is time for me to introduce with readers on the good foods to prevent cancer growth. If you concern, read the article bellow to know more.
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1. Broccoli : 

foods to prevent cancer-broccoli

Among cruciferous veggies such as cabbage, cauliflower and kale, broccoli is the most effective food that has not only cancer-fighting properties but also a great amount of sulforaphane. This is the potential compound which can help you improve the protection enzymes function. Moreover, it removes the harmful chemicals causing cancer from our body. A study on mice carried out by a university of Michigan has shown that sulforaphane will reduce the cancer stem cells. These cells may lead to tumor growth. By eating broccoli regularly, you will find the way to fight liver, breast, stomach, prostate and bladder cancer. It is suggested that you should consume broccoli by adding it into your salad or putting them on the top of pizza.

2. Berries: 

foods to prevent cancer-berries

When you look for the foods to prevent cancer, you should not ignore berries because of phytonutrients.  However, black raspberries are proven to be more effective because they are great source of phytochemicals which is called anthocyanins. These phytochemicals will help to slow down the process of forming new blood vessels and keep premalignant cells from growing. If blood vessels form and premalignant cells grow, it can lead to cancerous tumors. Berries are well-known home remedies for esophageal, skin, colon and oral cancers. Recent studies have been done to prove the effectiveness of berries. It is suggested that a half cup of berries a day will help you prevent the risk of cancer disease.
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3. Tomatoes: 

foods to prevent cancer-tomatoes

Tomatoes are the best diet for someone who want to know the best foods to prevent cancer. The possible reason may be that tomatoes have the great source of lycopene. Lycopene that creates the red hue of tomatoes will help to slow down the growth of endometrial cancer cell. It was proven by a study in Nutrition and Cancer. It is estimated that endometrial cancer kills about 8,000 deaths a year. This is effective diet to fight endometrial, lung, stomach and prostate cancer. Many scientists have suggested that if you want to utilize the benefits of tomatoes, you should consume cooked tomatoes. The possible reason may be that the heat will make your body absorb lycopene easily.
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4. Walnuts: 

foods to prevent cancer-walnuts

Thanks to walnut’s phytosterols which is found in plants, walnuts can help you prevent the cells from growing by blocking the estrogen receptors. This food to prevent cancer growth is proven by Elaine Hardman, the professor in Marshall University School. The benefits of walnuts include treating prostate and breast cancer. According to Hardman, the best diet for patients with cancer is to consume an ounce of walnuts daily.

5. Garlic: 

foods to prevent cancer-garlic

Garlic has been proven to prevent the formation of nitrosamines in stomach and intestines. Research has suggested that people who consume garlic daily have less risk of developing colon cancer than people who do not eat regularly. The benefits of garlic are wonderful. It can help to treat stomach, colon and breast cancer.

6. Beans: 

foods to prevent cancer-beans

Studies have shown that navy and black bean can reduce the risk of colon cancer significantly. Legumes in beans will give you the protection against cancer growth. Another study has also shown that dried beans can decrease the breast cancer incidence effectively.

I introduced the 6 good foods to prevent cancer growth. I hope that you will find effective information. I want to note that this article is only for informational purpose. If you have any question to ask, please raise your voice by leaving your comments bellow. I will answer you all.

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