How to prevent muscle cramps during exercise

When you experience the debilitating and excruciating pain from muscle, it means that you have muscle cramps attack. When you are doing heavy exercise, it is easy for this attack to happen. Even you are instructed with the best working out plan and program by experienced trainers. The post-exercise cramps are not less painful. Some athletes feel traumatic and painful when it attacks them in the middle of the night. The good news for athletes is that they can avoid muscle cramps with the good nutritional strategies and the effective tips. Therefore, on this article bellow, i would like to introduce to you some tips and techniques on how to prevent muscle cramps during exercise.

How To Prevent Muscle Cramps During Exercise For Athletes – Facts And Effective Techniques

Muscle cramps happen when the muscles are involuntarily and forcibly contracted. When the muscles do not relax, they will be locked into a hurtful spasm. The involved muscles may be hardened visibly. Muscle cramps can affect the most the muscles that span two joints. However, it also occurs with the skeletal muscles in your body. Moreover, some areas and parts including hands, abdominals, the feet, toes and the muscles in rib cage as well as urine passage also have muscle cramps attack. But this article will only focus on skeletal muscleThis attack does not easily disappear.

This pain will be repeated multiple times during the day before it completely vanishes.

Every muscle cramp may last from a few seconds to 15 minutes but some pains may last longer. Although many severe conditions may lead to muscle cramps, the particular causes of this ailment still remain unknown. The thing we know is that the muscle cramps result from contracted mechanism controlling muscle and the impaired relaxation. Talking about normal mechanism controlling muscle, I mean the electrical stimulation of muscle fibres and deactivation called relaxation. If the electrical stimulation and deactivation do not adapt the necessary requirements, muscle cramps are likely to happen. For example, these requirements include adequate hydration, well-strained muscles and relaxing. In addition to, certain diseases such as cirrhosis of the livers, hyperexcitability of nerves may lead to muscle cramps. Fortunately, many effective ways on how to prevent muscle cramps during exercise are proven to be effective and I would like to share with you on

1. Drink Enough Water To Maintain Adequate Hydration:

how to prevent muscle cramps-drink enough water to maintain adequate hydration

The reason why drinking water is the first tip on how to prevent muscle cramps during exercise may be that electrical stimulating activities have to happen in the aqueous environment. And if you do not drink enough water, dehydration for a short time will easily lead to cramps. Therefore, you should drink at least 8 tall glasses of water during the day and it is important to drink water before doing exercise.

2. Consume Adequate Diet Involving Electrolyte Minerals:

how to prevent muscle cramps-consume adequate diet involving electrolyte minerals

Doing this tip on how to prevent muscle cramps, it will help you alleviate the worry when you exercise. These electrolyte minerals include sodium and potassium as well as calcium and magnesium. Sodium and potassium may boost the electronic signals while calcium and magnesium are the necessary nutrients for contraction and relaxation of muscles. As a result, these minerals reduce the risk of muscle cramps.

3. Consume carbohydrate In Order To Provide Energy: 

how to prevent muscle cramps-consume carbohydrate In order to provide energy

Many people hold the wrong belief that losing weight means limiting carbohydrate. However, they do not know carbohydrate works like body’s premium fuel which provide energy for exercise. If you have lower carbohydrate level, it easily leads to fatigue and the risk of muscle cramps.

4. Doing Stretching And Relaxing Exercises Before And After Wording Out:

how to prevent muscle cramps-doing stretching and relaxing exercises fefore and after wording out

As one of the ways on how to prevent muscle cramps, stretching and relaxing exercises are proven to avoid the risk of this ailment and help to treat the problem. Some scientific studies had conducted to show the significant decrease in the risk of muscle cramps when 72 runners competing in the marathon were asked to take part in the study. And they compared the results between the runners who did stretching, relaxing exercise before and after working out and others who did not. Therefore, regular stretching programs will help athletes reduce the risk of muscle cramps. It also shows that passive stretching for 10-15 minutes is effective. The reason may be that passive stretching programs aim to lengthen the muscle fibres and boost the neural reflex activities. After working out, you also need regular massage which works like relaxation.

5. The Need For Dietary Basics: 

how to prevent muscle cramps-the need for dietary basics

If you want to look for the ways on how to prevent muscle cramps, you should ask for nutritional strategies which involve dietary basics. It is important for you to consume sufficient fluid during and after training. You also need a high-carbohydrate diet which includes carbohydrate-rich foods such as sweet potatoes, pasta, breads, cereals, rice, corn, lentil, bananas and pears. Moreover, you should consume the foods which are rich in potassium. For example, they are cereals, breads, cheese and tuna, sauces. The foods which are high in calcium are nuts and seeds. The more healthy food for exercise you eat, the less risk of muscle cramps you face.

6. Consume Sport Drink Before Working Out: 

how to prevent muscle cramps-consume sport drink before working out

Dietary basics are necessary; however, you also need special sport drink in order to maintain the level of hydration, muscle glycogen and electrolyte balance. The reason may be that the athletes may easily sweat heavily in hot and humid weather even with fairly modest duration and intensity of exercise. However, sport drink is also needed in cooler environment because duration is longer. As a result, muscle glycogen reduces, which results in muscle cramps.

These are 6 tips and nutritional strategies on how to prevent muscle cramps during exercise for athletes. I hope that you will find these tips helpful. Have you experience the muscle cramps? Do you have any questions or opinions? Please leave your feedback bellow.

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