Solaray SharpMind Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Their ingredients are all very common and unfortunately there is no official listing of this on the company website. Little is said about the claims and no science is presented to help show what it can truly do.
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Reviews were also mixed, so much so that it calls into question the usefulness of this nootropic.

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Solaray SharpMind Overview

Solaray SharpMind is a nootropic supplement that uses a natural blend of ingredients for improved mental function. For unknown reasons there is no official explanation as to what it’s meant to do, and there is no legitimate source of information to showcase what makes it useful.

The company fails to mention any important details, making it difficult to know what can be expected with this. The reviews varied and although they do make this with a natural blend, its clear many found it too unsupportive. Nothing is compelling or unique about this formula, other than the fact that they use some uncommon nootropic ingredients.

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Solaray SharpMind Claims

All that’s claimed is that this can promote more blood flow in the brain, and the rest is general manufacturing standards which they claim to uphold. For unknown reasons the official website goes more into detail about how they manufacture their supplements and not about what makes this particular supplement useful.

Some 3rd party website does add more information, but it’s unclear where they sourced these details. Since the official website does not mention anything about the specifics, it remains to be seen if any of the claims are actually reliable.

It may be that the official company gave the 3rd parties more details about its worth, but only a single website at this time add additional claims. Most simply say that it can potentially support blood flow, without going at all into the specifics.

It’s not often that a brand will fail to provide backed claims, at the very least there has to be an expression of what a supplement is meant to offer. Without knowing the specifics, we don’t know if this is meant to be a well-rounded nootropic, or if it’s meant for a specific use.

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Solaray SharpMind Ingredients

  • Cat’s Claw
  • Horse Chestnut
  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract
  • DopaBean
  • Phosphatidylserine Concentrate
  • Vinpocetine
  • Huperzine A

Cat’s Claw is an herb mostly used to help treat arthritis and to prevent digestive issues. It’s not often found in a nootropic due to the lacking support for its claimed cognitive benefits.

Horse Chestnut is a type of plant meant to help get rid of water weight, improve digestion, and aid circulation.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract is a typical nootropic herb that can have an impact on memory and circulation.

DopaBean is a patented ingredient made by the Solaray company and it’s a form of the natural plant mucuna pruriens. This has been used to help aid the immune system, mood, and overall brain health. At this time there is limited information about this, and it’s unclear what additional intended benefits it’s meant to offer.

Vinpocetine can either be sourced form periwinkle plant or made in a laboratory. This is used for enhanced blood flow and for preventing Alzheimer’s related symptoms. It’s common to many nootropic formulas.

Huperzine A is taken from Chinese club moss and it can also be sourced chemically, this is used for fighting against Alzheimer’s and supporting healthy memory. This is often found in nootropic blends.

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The Science Behind Solaray SharpMind

At this time there is only limited information about this brand, and even the claims are lacking. The official company website only mentions that they make the formula, but no explanation is given as to what science there I behind it, or whether or not if it’s backed by scientific reviews.

We also found fault with their use of a patented ingredient they made, as they do not explain what makes it unique, or why it’s added. The company instead allows 3rd party websites to provide a brief explanation as to what this meant to do.

Finding any sort of reliable proof to back up this brand is reliant on consumer’s ability to do research. Unfortunately they use a very basic blend of nootropics alongside some additives which are rarely used in nootropics. It’s unclear why these additives are included, as they are typically meant more for immune function.
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Word on the Street About Solaray SharpMind

There’s a good enough amount of reviews on, and people often said that it was either decent, or ineffective. Very little was said about whether or not it had an impact on overall cognition.
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The split in reviews also shoes that any found it ineffective, far too many to consider this a reliable brand. A common issue we found was the lack of details about the specific benefits from those who found it decent.

Because there isn’t much expressed in terms of specific results we can’t say for certain if this is in any way going to be a well-rounded nootropic.

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Is Solaray SharpMind Worth a Try?

Because they simply lack proof and because of the mixed reviews, it’s hard to trust this brand. There was a solid enough amount of reviews that said it was either weak or ineffective to raise concerns. A major problem with this is the lack of any reliable claims.

Usually there are brands that will at the very least provide some sort of explanation as to what it offers, and almost always there are claims. This brand lacks both; there isn’t any reliable source to read claims about what this may do.

Without any reliable data to look over we can’t determine if this is meant to be a well-rounded nootropic. Some of the ingredients are actually decent, but they’re also fairly common. Customers looking for well-rounded support will have to look elsewhere saw this was poorly reviewed by many, and the ingredients are altogether too common.

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Solaray SharpMind FAQ

  1. What are some common Solaray SharpMind reviews?
    Most often customers said that the effects were mild, and that it didn’t help to fully optimize their cognition.
  1. What are the full Solaray SharpMind ingredients?
    The active blend is made up of cat’s claw, horse chestnut, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, DopaBean, phosphatidylserine concentrate, Vinpocetine, and Huperzine a.
  1. Are there any Solaray SharpMind side effects?
    Some reviewers said they experienced symptoms such as head pressure, headaches, stomach pains and stomach discomfort.
  1. What’s the proper Solaray SharpMind dosage?
    They recommend using a capsule daily with water or a meal.

So What Really Works?

The most cognitive improvement was seen in the natural supplement known as Memotenz. When it comes to giving users a noticeable impact in cognition, this brand outperformed with its varied natural ingredients. What was especially notable were the many positive experiences and the amount of positive praise seen in customer reviews. Whether it was for athletics, work, studying, or school, it can help give users a noticeable improvement.

The ingredients are all backed by 3rd party reviews and interested users can read about the potential of each additive. In combination at this strength it can help to raise circulation, improve mental focus, and support a balanced mood and much more. There’s also the great backing from the company as they are reputable and make their formula in a GMP approved facility. Read on about what Memotenz is able to deliver as a nootropic by clicking here.

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