16 Safe & Natural Home Remedies For Abortion In Early Pregnancy

natural home remedies for abortion

After getting married, pregnancy might be considered one of the best periods of time for a couple. However, this is a happy event only when it is planned well. Many cases of accidental pregnancies also occur when the couple doesn’t really want the baby because of many reasons. In such cases, they prefer to abort their baby. It is completely an offense if it is seen from the humanity perspective. However, if your final decision is to abort, it will always be better to follow the safe and natural home remedies for abortion rather than surgical ways that can leave many side effects. The safe & natural home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy below are considered the top options to be used for a successful abortion. Today, in this article, VKool will show you top 16 safe & natural home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy.

16 Safe & Natural Home Remedies For Abortion In Early Pregnancy

1. Take A Hot Shower Regularly

One of the safe & natural home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy is to take a hot shower regularly. However, you should combine this method with the intake of safe herbs or other natural products to reap the better results. It will surely give you a safe way to reach the right results.

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2. Home Remedies For Abortion – Consume Foods Rich In Vitamin C

consume foods rich in vitamin c

Vitamin C is comprised of some natural properties of becoming a contraceptive and is an excellent remedy in the list of top 16 safe & natural home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy. Remember to consume citrus fruits in great amounts. This should particularly be done when you experience regular monthly periods and have the feeling of pregnancy.

3. Sesame Seeds

In fact, sesame seeds are a healthy addition to the diets of people around the world.  However, it is comprised of an infamous property that can induce abortion. You can directly ingest a handful of these seeds. Another option, you may also soak the seeds in a glass of clean water overnight. The flavored water from the long-time submergence can be consumed in the morning. In order to get the same result, you can also add these seeds to your dishes. These seeds are one of other safe and natural home remedies for abortion.

4. Home Remedies For Abortion – Parsley Leaves

The green parsley leaves are also used widely as another of the safe and natural home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy. This herb is known to successfully cause abortion naturally in the first period of pregnancy and is an excellent regulator of your menstrual period when you have missed it. This herb reacts and aids in loosening of the cervix and then causes abortion. You may consume parsley leaves in many different ways. First of all, just take a few fresh parsley leaves and put it in a clean blender along with little water and then take the juice out of these. Or, you may also pour it into a clean cup and have it several times per day. Secondly, you may take dried parsley and then make it in the tea form and drink it. Lastly, simply take some sprigs of parsley and then put it in your vagina overnight or can change it several times per day for the best results.

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5. Chamomile Tea

You may feel surprised to know that using chamomile tea is also another of safe and natural home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy because we know that doctors always recommend this tea to pregnant women. To get the adverse result, you just have to simply abuse its normal amount. You have to take a few cups of this tea to induce the natural process of abortion. You should take the dried chamomile along with hot water like when you are making a tea. Now, allow the tea to steep for about 3 to 4 minutes and strain it and then consume it.

6. Home Remedies For Abortion – Sexual Intimacy

sexual intimacy

Having sex a few times during the first & second month of pregnancy can be one of the tested natural home remedies for abortion. It is better for you to know how to do to lead to actually solve your problem. Repeated penetration, as well as orgasm, may result in miscarriage successfully and it has been proved a few times from a long time.

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7. Dong Quai

Dong Quai (also called Tang Kuei) – a Chinese herb that is scientifically called Angelica Sinensis is one of the well-known and safest home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy. You don’t easily get this herb or the flower of Dong Quai but you may get it in the powdered form available in many of the stores. Now, you need to take this powder, mix it with clean water, and consume it a few times per day to get the best results.

8. Home Remedies For Abortion – Angelica

The effect of this herb on women is great. It helps to activate the contractions and facilitate the menstruation. These effects make it one of other safe and natural home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy. You should mix angelica with a cup of lukewarm water and take for 4 times per day. The recommended safety dose for use of this herb is from 5 to 15 falls.

9. Black Cohosh

This herb is considered another of safe & natural home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy. After intake this herb, you have to take in red cohosh. It is very important for you to note, taking the black cohosh doesn’t terminate a pregnancy. Nevertheless, its effect on your uterus will result in an abortion. Recommended dose is different. Therefore, you should consult an experienced herbalist for this. Black cohosh is safe to use in general, although there are a lot of reports of its temporary side effects.

10. Home Remedies For Abortion – Papaya

Papaya is known to one of the great home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy because it has wonderful taste as a complement for its function inducing abortion. Reports from a few women seem to confirm that majority of women will eat copious amount of papaya to abort. Papaya is surely safe and doesn’t have the scare related to using high doses of most other natural home remedies for abortion.

11. Pineapple Juice

The pineapple juice is said to be another of the safe & natural home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy. This is because it contains large sources of vitamin C and other enzymes & chemicals that are said to work more inside the body of pregnant women and therefore, successfully cause to abort without causing any side effects. This solution is widely used by many women. Simply, you need to peel a pineapple well and cut it into pieces. Put them into a grinder along with clean water and make a juice. Finally, consume it regularly. Another way, you just prepare pieces of the fruit & eat a bowl of this fruit every day.

12. Home Remedies For Abortion – Aspirin Pills

aspirin pills

Aspirin pills are almost safe & natural home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy and you may also take these pills for regulating your menstrual period. You will need to get many aspirin pills and then take about 5 to 6 of these pills with clean water for a few times. Along with this, you will also have to follow other home remedies. In case, you are taking aspirin pills at any condition, your diet should surely include some ingredients such as ginger, cloves, avocado, parsley, figs, and some other herbs and nuts.

13. Acacia Pods & Shoots Of Banana

The combination of acacia pods & the shoots of banana is known to be another of safe & natural home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy. However, this is not a commonly known solution. To follow this solution, you need to get pods of acacia & shoots of banana and add them to a bowl. Now, mix them well without adding water. After that, place this bowl under the sunlight to dry them. Then, bring it to shade & mix this with sugar. Now, make the powder out of the ingredients together. When you are done, consume a spoon of this powder with clean water and have it a few times per day until you start bleeding.

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14. Home Remedies For Abortion – Pennyroyal Drops

Also called American Pennyroyal, pennyroyal is said to be another of the best tested natural home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy. This has been used widely in the producing of contraceptive pills as well as medical drops. We don’t often find the flowers of this herb anywhere; hence, to use this herb you have to follow technicalities. You need to find a store where you may get a bottle of its pills or capsules. You may also get a bottle of pennyroyal solution or oil and take it regularly. This leaves a heavy reaction on the body and causes trouble in the vagina that will result in contractions and cause a natural abortion very safely.

15. Heavy Exercise

You will often know that pregnant women are recommended by doctors not to be engaged in physical activities & lift the weight or other similar things. So, you should need to do the adverse totally to use it as another of home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy. For an enhancement in a successful process of abortion, you need to engage yourself in heavy exercises and sometimes punch in your abdomen. In addition, climbing of stairs is surely known to effective if you desire of a natural abortion. Apart from this, you have to follow a strict diet that has all the necessary items in order to get consumed.

16. High Doses Of Vitamin C 

In fact, taking high doses of vitamin C is extensively known to cause abortion. While this vitamin is found in citrus fruits and may be sourced by consuming these fruits, its supplements are advised for better effectiveness. You should also increase the daily dosage between 500 mg and 1200 mg. The gradual increase in its dosage will lead to a corresponding increase in the levels of estrogen in the body. In addition, the rise in the levels of estrogen will result in a decrease in the levels of progesterone – a hormone essential for a healthy growth of a fetus. Therefore, the decrease in progesterone leading to an increased intake of vitamin C eventually results in a very safe pregnancy abortion.

Since pregnancy is not really a gift for everyone, you can try following the above home remedies to abort a pregnancy if you have already taken the decision. It is however advised to consult with a doctor to know all about your health and then carry on with the diet for better results.

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