How to treat pleurisy pain naturally – 9 tips

Pleurisy is the inflammation which develops the membrane in the chest and the lungs. Because pleural layers rub against each other every time you breathe, the patients with pleurisy experience pain. In some case, the pain in shoulder and chest may be unbearable when you move. The pain will reduce when you hold breath or put the pressure on the affected areas.

Fortunately, there are many tips and home remedies on how to treat pleurisy pain naturally you should try in order to get rid of the inflammation affecting the lung and the chest.

How To Treat Pleurisy Pain Naturally – Effective Tips And Home Remedies That Work

Pleurisy is also called pleuritis which is inflammation of pleura. Pleura mean the membranes that are developed in the lungs and the rib cage. People who get diagnosed with pleurisy feel painful because the double-layered pleura rub together painfully every time you cough, sneeze and breathe. In some cases, the excess fluid is build up in the pleural space, which relieves the pain and reduces friction. However, this extra fluid puts pressure on the lung. As a result, the lung finds it hard to remove. It will result in shortness of breath. It is known that viral infections are the main causes of pleurisy. Some common other triggers include lung infections such as tuberculosis, chest injuries and drug reaction. The symptoms of pleurisy may be serious because it can cause some dangerous complications and disease.
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These symptoms include tenderness, shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing. However, the good news is that there are many effective tips and home remedies on how to treat pleurisy pain naturally. If you concern, please read this article on to know more.

1. Diet: 

how to treat pleurisy-diet

This is the first tip on how to treat pleurisy you should know. The common theory is that your diet will affect your health. Therefore, if you want to prevent or cure pleurisy, you should avoid worst foods that cause pleurisy. These foods include spicy, cold, preserved and fermented foods. Moreover, you also avoid potatoes, cauliflowers, bitter gourds, eggplant and fenugreek. Goat milk is also effective in treating pleurisy. It is recommended to take at least four liters of milk daily. Pleurisy may result in weight loss. Orange will help you reverse the problems. Chicken soup, garlic and gourd are beneficial for patients with pleurisy. Consuming vitamin A and C is also important to cure pleurisy because it improves your immune system.

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2. Water: 

how to treat pleurisy-water

Beside diet, the second tip on how to treat pleurisy is drinking enough water.  Nothing is better than drinking 8 glasses of water during the day. Water will keep you hydrated and make sure that your body system function well.  Moreover, you can consume solid foods such as chicken soup. Solid foods have the same benefits as water.

3. Hot Chest Pack:

how to treat pleurisy-hot chest pack

This treatment on how to treat pleurisy naturally should be applied for three times a day in order to get the satisfactory results. Moreover, you should keep the hot chest pack on the affected areas for at least one hour. If the patients with pleurisy experience the fever, you should replace the hot pack with the cold one. This treatment is worth trying because it aims to ease pain and congestion Another way on how to treat pleurisy is to apply the heat on the chest area to reduce pain.

However, while applying the heat, the patients should breathe in and breathe out deeply.

4. Cough Syrup And Natural Tea:

how to treat pleurisy-cough syrup and natural tea

Cough syrup is effective in treating cough. Moreover, it also helps you cure pleurisy. If you want to look for the home remedies on how to treat pleurisy, I would like to recommend pleurisy root tea. This tea will help to remove the mucus from the chest and the lung. Another way you can try is chest strapping. If you suffer from pleurisy, you should not do heavy exercises.

5. Basil Leaves:

how to treat pleurisy-basil leaves

Another home remedies for pleurisy is basil leaves.

It is beneficial to consume twenty grams of basil leaves before you have breakfast. In the evening, you should eat basil. Basil leaves is considered as the excellent home remedies because it aims to make the pleura fluid dry and give you the relief for pleurisy pain.

6. Linseed Poultice:

how to treat pleurisy-linseed poultice

In order to find the relief on how to treat pleurisy, you should try linseed poultice on your back and chest. Warm massage is also effective in easing pleurisy symptoms. You can do some moderate exercise to achieve the better results.

7. Humidifier:

how to treat pleurisy-humidifier

When you experience pleurisy and feel pain in your chest, the effective approach is to place the humidifier in your room in order to keep the air moist. Thanks to humidifier, this method will help to thin the sputum. When the sputum becomes thin, you will find it easy to remove the sputum from the lung. It is better to utilize the humidifier while you sleep. It is important to keep the humidifier clean so that fungus and bacteria do not leak inside. If the fungus and bacteria leak inside the humidifier, the inflammation can get worse. If you do not have the humidifier, you should try hot glass of water. You should place a hot glass of water in your room.

8. Black Seed Oil And Celery:

how to treat pleurisy-black seed oil and celery

Black seed oil is well-known as the effective home remedies on how to treat pleurisy. You can use the black seed oil as a spice when you cook food. Another way to utilize this treatment is consuming the oil as capsules. Black seed oil and celery aims to strengthen the immune system.

9. Olive Leaf Extract:

how to treat pleurisy-olive leaf extract

Oleuropein in olive leaf extract will help you fight against the high blood pressure and infection. Moreover, it is also considered as the way on how to treat pleurisy. You can consume olive leaf extract as the form of powder or capsule. In addition to, you can take olive leaf extract as liquid or dry leaf.

These are 9 tips and home remedies on how to treat pleurisy pain naturally that you should remember.
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I hope that you will find these tip and home remedies effective and helpful. However, I want to note that this article is only for informational purpose. If you have any question to ask, please raise your voice by leaving your comments bellow. I will answer as soon as I can.

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