How to prevent dry mouth and bad breath at home

how to prevent dry mouth

Dry mouth which is called as xerostomia can cause bad breath and make you lose confidence when talking in front of people. Are there any ways on how to prevent dry mouth and bad breath at home? Are these natural home remedies effective? I will answer these questions on the article bellow.

How To Prevent Dry Mouth And Bad Breath At Home – The Effective Technique You Must Apply

how to prevent dry mouth

Because of a lack of sufficient saliva, there is anaerobian environment creating in your mouth, which brings dry mouth. As we all know dry mouth is the leading cause of bad breath. Dry mouth is also called as xerostomia by medical professionals. Patients with this problem may suffer sores, split skin at the corners of their mouth and may have difficulty in speaking and talking. The causes of dry mouth vary. For example, drugs for allergies, urinary incontinence, depression and high blood pressure can result in dry mouth because they affect the salivary glands. Moreover, there are some common causes of dry mouth, which suggest the natural ways on how to prevent dry mouth. Tobacco, alcohol and caffeine may trigger xerostomia and make you have bad breath. However, we need to realize that xerostomia is not a disease. It is the side effects of many drugs and the problems when you form the bad habits.

Therefore, there are many natural ways on how to prevent dry mouth and bad breath at home without using medicines or going doctors. As author, I would like to share my experience and knowledge with readers of to help you get rid of the worry and anxiety. I guarantee that these ways can work effectively and help you gain confidence.

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1. The Need To Avoid Smoking : 

how to prevent dry mouth

It is no wonder that to avoid smoking is the first way on how to prevent dry mouth and bad breath. Smoking causes bad breath because of nicotine. If you are a heavy smoker, you should ask the advices from professional and the help and encouragement from your family, friends. Because some people find it difficult to get rid of smoking, it needs a long-term and short-term plan to keep on track.  A short-term plan aims to get rid of smoking and long-term plan will help you prevent the bad habit to relapse.

2. Drink Enough Water A Day:

how to prevent dry mouth

Many people make the mistake that they do not drink enough water during the day due to a lack of time and busy work. It makes the dry mouth worsen. Consuming enough eight glasses of water a day is the important step on how to prevent dry mouth at home because it can moisturize your mouth. If you are busy and tend to travel a lot, I advise that you should bring a bottle of water with you to keep you hydrated during the day.

3. Maintain A Good Oral Hygiene: 

how to prevent dry mouth

For someone who experiences the dry mouth and bad breath, it is important for them to pay attention to their oral hygiene. The good example is to brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day after meal. If you do not take care of your teeth properly, you will create the favorable environment for bacterial to develop and spread. It is the best idea to choose the good suitable brush and toothpaste which contains fluoride. The brush needs to be soft enough not to damage your teeth and strong enough to get rid of stains completely.

4. Eat Sugar-Free Hard Candies : 

how to prevent dry mouth

Another way on how to prevent dry mouth is eating sugar-free hard candies regularly because these candies can produce saliva and help you to have a good breath. It is important to keep them on hand. So, chew sugar-free candies for better.

5. Gum And Mints That Contain Magnolia Bark Extract: 

how to prevent dry mouth

Magnolia bark extract which is often used to treat fever, stress and headache as a traditional Chinese medicine is also the effective home remedies on how to prevent dry mouth and bad breath. The reason may be that it can help to fight against germs which are the cause of ulcers. Moreover, you should buy gum and mints that contain magnolia bark extract because many studies have shown that this treatment do not have any side effects. When compared with common commercial mouthwashes, it is even more effective because for 30 minutes, the mints can kill 61 percent of germs which trigger bad breath. The gum also shows its effectiveness when it can reduce oral bacterial by 43 percent for 40 minutes. It is amazing, is not it?

6. Avoid Eating Strong-Smelling Foods: 

how to prevent dry mouth

Strong-smelling foods can worsen this problem. Therefore, looking for the way on how to prevent dry mouth at home, you should avoid this kind of foods. For example, these foods are onions, strong spices, garlic and spiced meat and other sausages.

7. Eat Crisp Vegetables And Fruits: 

how to prevent dry mouth

Crisp vegetables and fruits are not only the kinds of food which are rich in antioxidant properties but also the good foods for your teeth. If you want to know how to prevent dry mouth and bad breath which is caused by plaque and food particles, you should eat crisp vegetables and fruits such as apples, celery, cucumber and carrots in order to clean your teeth. These foods can help to prevent bad breath because they can increase saliva.

8. Make An Appointment With Your Physician And Dentist: 

how to prevent dry mouth

Last but not least, you need to take care of oral health by seeing dentist and physician regularly. They will help you diagnose medical problems which may contribute to dry mouth and bad breath. It is important to ask them for suitable treatments because every oral health condition needs different solutions.

These are 8 ways on how to prevent dry mouth and bad breath at home you should follow. I hope that you will find these tips helpful and effective. In case you have any question to ask, please feel free to leave your comments bellow. I will answer you as soon as possible.

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