How to become a fast runner quickly for beginners

Running is by all means the perfect sport of all time. You do not have to travel a long distance to get to the gym, it can be done right at your front door. You can do it with your friends or by yourself. It can be done as much or as little as you want to, with time as the only consideration. To set personal goals and calculate your progress is extremely simple. However, some people believe that being good athletes or not being particularly athletic at all has been destined at birth. However, I believe that significant changes can be made in your body and you can change how your body moves, no matter how your body was “designed” at birth. With these tips on how to become a fast runner quickly for beginners, you will discover ways to become the best runner you can ever be in a short period of time.

How To Become A Fast Runner Quickly – Tips For Beginners

1. Focus On Flexibility

focus on flexibility

Flexibility is something that not only your body muscles but on also your ligaments, tendons and joints need. With flexibility, all these things just work better and more effectively. If your muscles, tendons or ligaments have any restrictions, your body’s range of movement will be limited. You will be less active as you age. Therefore, you need to use it or else you will lose it. In case you ignore your muscles as well as joints and do not put them to work, they will become more stiffen. Until that moment, if you keep refusing to focus on working on them, atrophy is inevitable. You have to start working on flexibility since it does not just happen. For many people, in order to keep a good and wide range of motions and to reduce the risks of injury that were caused by muscle tension, stretching for even a few minutes per day is good enough.

2. Achieve A Good Posture

achieve a good posture

Your posture holds the control over your running method. The quality of the running technique has a close connection with your posture’s quality. However, do you know what a good posture is? According to many Yoga teachers and other popular body movement rules, a good posture means that you have an acceptable straight spine. This means that your spine is not too straight as well as not too bent. Your body muscles will have to work so much harder to hold your body upright if you slump. Not only the circulation of blood to your muscles and organs will be restricted but also the oxygen supply to your brain if you have a poor posture.

3. Have Correct Leg Motion

have correct leg motion

Hamstring as well as knee injuries are usually the consequences of overstriding. This happens when you land with your feet in front of you instead of under you. Stiffness as well as poor circulation in your legs is created when you do not bend your knees while running. When you have already warmed up and are running at medium pace, it is necessary to bend your knees at a 90 degree angle for the best and most effective running session.

4. Concentrate On Cadence

concentrate on cadence

Cadence means the number of strides taken each minute. Low cadence is what most people usually have. While running, you would need to spend an amount of time on your legs as little as possible. If you spend too much time on each stride, you will have to spend more time with your foot on the floor, and your legs will have to use more energy in order to support your total body weight. Although it takes only a short second for each stride, it will add up very quickly when you take about 1100 steps a mile. Try to keep a pace of about 85 to 90 strides each minute on each leg. You will be surprised if you use a metronome. It is a perfect way to regulate your cadence. Your running will be significantly transformed by using this.

5. Listen To Your Own Body

Body sensing is the key when it comes to avoiding injuries. You will need to learn how to understand and analyze the causes when you are in pain, feeling tight or sore and figure out ways to solve the issue.

6. Have Good Mental Focus

have good mental focus

Mental focus is crucial if you are looking for ways to make changes. Use your mind to retrain your body if you want to train your body to run faster, further and injury free. After having determined the exact adjustments in order to create your own running form, your body will be told exactly what else needs to be done by your mind. This will happen until it becomes a part of your muscle memory, an unconditional response. This will save you some pain as well as time and money for the physical therapists. Moreover, to become deeply attuned to your body’s sensation, it can also be meditative.

7. Have Correct Upper Body As Well As Lower Body Coordination

have correct upper body as well as lower body coordination

It is recommended that you share the equal amounts of work to your upper body as well as lower body. However, this 50/50 ratio is somehow uneven for most runners. Your upper body as well as lower body should be working in unison rather than against each other. One reason for this is because it helps spread the job over your total body and take the pressure off of any muscle groups. This rule is like the common principle in which work is best done if the responsibility is spread out over many workers.

8. Create Healthy Breathing Habits

You should watch how a baby breathes sometimes. It is nearly impossible to see his chest rise and fall with every breath. Instead of it, you will see his abdominal area expand and contract as if someone is breathing in and out of a balloon. This is called “tummy breathing”. This is exactly the way we ought to breathe. You are only using the upper part of your lungs and forget to get the most out of your total lung capacity when your breath is shallow. Your muscles need oxygen in order to be able to transform stored fuels to usable energy. Therefore, if your oxygen intake is reduced, your glycogen burning ability will be affected, which is not good.

9. Properly Bent Your Knees As Well As Elbows

Your muscles will have to work harder while running if you do not bent your arms as well as your legs properly. A straight arm or a straight leg will not be able to swing as easily as one whose knee as well as elbow is bent. When you are approaching your “cruising” speed, it is necessary that your forearms as well as shins are parallel to the floor in mid swing.

10. Try To Relax

try to relax

It is necessary and crucial to have a good sense of humor, be able to observe and understand what is happening inside you as well as around you, also to response smartly to these observations. You will be able to decrease the risks of intensifying a tight muscle when you relax. It will be extremely difficult for you to run faster with tense muscles since they reduce the array of motion in your arms as well as your legs. It will take less time to recover from a previous race if you are relaxed, while a runner, who does not tend to burn much more fuel for the same amount of distance.

11. Take In Nutrition

take in nutrition

This is too obvious to even be mentioned. However, there are still many people wondering why they planned to run for 10 miles, but ended up being crashed after about 7 miles. You need to understand that the reason why you crashed is because your muscles had already run out of fuel. The highest amount of time for running that your body can store is about an hour and a half. When the energy starts to run low, in order to save the rest and continue to be able to function properly, your brain will have to shut your body down. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a handheld bottle and bring along a sports drink to get ready for a long run. Although solid food or gel will also work, but it is best that you provide your body with water.

12. Start To Run Trails

start to run trails

Try to run in the woods with roots, rocks, mud and streams. This is good because every step you take is different. Your supporting muscles will be trained and strengthened since you have to move laterally. Unlike when you run on normal roads, you cannot open up for long and careless stride, so you will have to keep your feet right under your body and take small, quick steps instead.

This is the end of the article of how to become a fast runner quickly for beginners. Hopefully after reading these tips on how to become a fast runner, you will figure out ways to become the best runner that you can ever be in the shortest time. If you find these tips on how to become a fast runner quickly for beginnersuseful, please let us know what you think by leaving a comment down below or if you have any questions related to this article, please do not hesitate to reach us any time. Besides, there are also many other fitness & exercise related article from the site vkool, please pay a visit if you can. We are sure that you will learn something useful from them and apply to your everyday physical activities.

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