14 Natural Mood Boosters: Combat Depression & Anxiety

natural mood boosters

Unfortunately, we are living in an epidemic of a variety of mood disorders and depression. Too many people wake up moody, tired and feeling low about their life. Have you ever noticed that what occurs during the morning hours will set the tone for the rest of your day? Once, things go smoothly, people tend to feel more comfortable and relaxed and ready to cope with whatever the day might bring. Nevertheless, when things get bumpy before you go out of the house in the morning, you will be more likely to remain grumpy till bedtime. Thus, knowing some natural mood boosters will be your good move to control your mood in the morning effectively, helping you combat depression and anxiety.

This article from VKool.com introduces to you top natural mood boosters that you should not overlook.

14 Natural Mood Boosters – Guarantee A Better Day By Starting Your Morning Happily

1. Pick A “Spoil-Me” Duty To Do

natural mood boosters

When waking up, you had better give yourself about 30 seconds to think of at least one good thing you could do for your own that day, and start doing it. That way, you will keep your mood lifted throughout the day.

2. Think Positive 

natural mood boosters

Upon waking up, you should not roll over and think “Urgh! Another depressed day to get through.” Instead, you should nurture positive thoughts – for example –“The sun is shining and I will go outside today.”

Also, it is essential for you to spend time being mindful of all things that you appreciate in your own life, friends, family, and your health also. To put in simple words, you should take time to think positive. Take several minutes of thinking of a certain holiday that you are planning or a party that you will go.

Once you begin on a positive note, your own day will have better chance of going in the same direction.

3. Get Close 

natural mood boosters

When it comes to natural mood boosters, sex is really a favorite and desirable option. Take time to start your day with morning sex. By that way, you will be able to increase your spirits and also set yourself up for the day ahead.

Also, get exercising because exercise could release the feel-good chemicals called endorphins. However, you do not need science to know that loving your partner will make you feel good, right?

In case you do not have time for sex in the morning, then just a simple hug or a kiss is also a good booster.

4. Stretch 

natural mood boosters

Taichi, pilates, or yoga are considered common and healthy relaxing ways to being your new day. In fact, they work on both your mind and body as well, promoting both your physical health and your inner mental balance.

Follow several yoga poses to unfurl your body and dispel the morning grumps. In other words, practicing yoga could help you strengthen and lengthen your weak, tight muscles; ease aching neck, shoulders, and back, get the synovial fluid moving that lubricate the joints.

Also, you could make use of yoga as a presentation for meditation. If possible, you can do both to preserve your own inner calm all day long.

5. Exercise 

natural mood boosters

This is one of the most effective natural mood boosters that you should go for. You might have to force yourself to hit a gym or go for a run to get better physical health, yet it does work for your mental health as well.

During exercising, your own body will release the endorphins, as mentioned earlier, in the brain. This will help you recover from anxiety and depression and prevent you from becoming depressed in the first place.

Regular exercise could also help you feel younger and happier about how you look and how your body is.

6. Get Outside 

natural mood boosters

After waking up, why don’t you make a hot drink and then sit in the garden? It is shown that being outside and listening to the nature could improve your mood instantly.

Experts believe that outdoor activities such as cycling and gardening, or even just a simple walk around the park, are all good for the mental health.

7. Take A Hot Shower 

natural mood boosters

Water, in reality, is known for the effects of calming. Just taking a shower will give you a boost of mood. This helps in soothing aches and pains and also allows you to feel ready and refreshed for the day. Moreover, it does a good job of washing off your grogginess. It is really a win-win for everybody.

8. Eat A Fulfilling And Energy-Boosting Breakfast 

natural mood boosters

A lot of people sprint out of their house with a cup of strong coffee, and perhaps a boring bagel. Rather than, you should spend several minutes sitting down and savoring your own breakfast. And, pay close attention to the textures, scents, and tastes. When you do not have enough time to eat a breakfast, then take the foods on the go that you will genuinely love eating. By eating something that tasty and nutritious will help in nourishing your body as well as your mind.

9. Feel The Beauty Of Mother Nature 

natural mood boosters

When going to work, give yourself the time to pay attention to the changing leaves or fragrant flowers, the rainfall or sunshine, and the shapes of the clouds. Fact is, nature is plentiful and bountiful, but people often forget to notice its beauty as the gifts of serenity and joy. When taking time to open all of your senses to the pleasures of what is outside the door of your house, you will also open the body and the mind to the restorative powder of the nature to heal and soothe you.

10. Take Time To Tune Into Breathes

natural mood boosters

This is another one in the list of natural mood boosters that you might not get noticed. This could actually help in releasing tensions. Lying down or sitting, then place the hands on the stomach and start inhaling and exhaling, slowly and deeply. Then, visualize the meadow with a small creek running through it. Recognize your breathing’s rhythm. When inhaling, say out loud the word “warm.” Just imagine the warmth of the water and sun around your own body. When exhaling, say out loud the word “heavy.” After that, allow yourself to reach a soothing and comfortable place from inside.

11. Hug And Kiss The Ones You Love

natural mood boosters

Just feel liberal with your affection. You should not let anyone in your house walk out of the door without knowing they are really special to you.

If you live alone, then you can take time to send a quick “thinking of you” email. Or, you can call your friends on their work phone, so they will arrive to the office with the pleasant voicemail.

Show your care to someone else. That way, you will be a part of their good morning and also brighten their day.

12. Listen To Music 

natural mood boosters

In the morning, why don’t you turn on the radio or your smart phone to listen to your favorite songs? Music, we all know that, has the strong power of improving the mood. When hearing your love song, it could transform your own mood or take you back to such a good memory.

Songs with high-pitched tone, a predictable melody and a fast pace will make you feel the most happy.

Recommend reading: benefits of music therapy

13. Use Essential Oils 

natural mood boosters

Did you know that smell has a powerful strength of impacting on the mood? When getting up in the morning, you can burn your favorite essential oil which can help you feel good. Actually, essential oils are the pure scents of nature, from fruits, flowers, woods, bark and leaves. If you inhale these scents, your brain will actively respond, changing the mood and feeling, bringing a sense of pleasure and well-being. Those citrus oils such as orange and lemon, with their mouth-watering and zesty aromas, have an immediate mood-improving effect, or those fresh herbal oils such as peppermint and rosemary, will help in clearing the mind and aid in focus.

Aromatherapy might not be suitable for all people, containing pregnant women or those with allergies, or a heart condition. Thus, you should seek for the medical advice before making use of this method.

14. Smile 

natural mood boosters

Smile always makes us feel good. Hence, you should make yourself smile in the morning. Even if you fake it, there is still some suggestions that forcing your own to smile will really make you feel at least better.
When smiling, there are many activities happening in the brain, making you feel happy. Also, smiling is really contagious, so it you see someone’s smile, you will smile also. If other people see your smile, they also want to smile and feel happier themselves.

The above are top 14 natural mood boosters that scientific studies proved. What helps to boost your mood in the morning? Which one of these natural mood boosters are you willing to integrate into your typical morning routine?

Share your thoughts with us by dropping your words below this post. We will feedback soon.

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