How to treat nasal congestion without medication naturally

When you suffer from congestion, the act of breathing may be challenging to you. Whatever the causes such as common cold, flu or allergies, experiencing the nasal congestion may make you feel dreary and tired. The nose contains a network of blood vessel with halves which can open and close. Nasal congestion will occur when any irritants stimulate your nose and make your nervous system stimulated. As a result, halves open, which makes more blood flow into your nose. This results in swelling in the nasal passages. You will find difficult to breathe. Although many medications will treat nasal congestion effectively, there are many ways and home remedies on how to treat nasal congestion naturally without medication that can help you find the relief.

How To Treat Nasal Congestion Naturally Without Medication – The Effective Ways To Breathe Easily

Nasal congestion which is also called stuffy nose happens when extra fluits or irritants make the nasal, blood vessels and adjacent tissues swollen. As a result, you may feel difficult to breathe. When you suffer from nasal congestion, you may or may not experience other nasal symptoms such as runny nose. Nasal congestion may be uncomfortable for the children and adults. If the infants are diagnosed with nasal congestion, this disease will become serious. The reason may be that it will be difficult for infants to breathe and nurse. There are many causes of nasal congestion. They can be something irritating or inflaming your nasal tissues. For example, common cold, flu, allergies and other irritants including tobacco smoke can lead to runny nose. However, some people have nasal congestion and runny nose for no good reasons. This is the condition called vasomotor rhinitis (VMR) or nonallergenic rhinitis.
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Other causes of nasal congestion include sinusitis, cluster headache, dry air, food allergy, pet allergy, perfume, high blood pressure medication, stress, spicy foods, nasal polyps, hormone changes, etc. Nasal congestion and runny nose may be uncomfortable and it seems serious to the toddlers and infants. Although nasal congestion can be treated with natural treatment, you still need to see the doctors. The possible reason may be that nasal congestion can be one of symptoms of serious conditions. If you only have a simple nasal congestion, natural treatment on how to treat nasal congestion without medication naturally will help. In this article on, I would like to introduce to you some effective tips and home remedies.

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1. Humidifier : 

how to treat nasal congestion-humidifier

Because the common cold and flu are causes of nasal congestion, humidifier can be the effective solution on how to treat nasal congestion. The reason may be that common cold and flu will make you dehydrate while vaporizers or humidifier will give the congested sinuses a relief. The humidifier can help you fight the congestion by adding moisture to your room. Moreover, it resolves the mucus problem in your nose. It is said that warm-mist humidifiers have the same benefits as the cool-mist humidifier. However, you should use the cool-mist humidifier for children and infants in order to keep them from burning. The warm-mist humidifiers easily cause accidental burn. If you use this treatment, please keep your humidifier clean to avoid any bacteria and mold.

2. Nasal Irrigation With Saline Solution: 

how to treat nasal congestion-nasal irrigation with saline solution

When you want to look for the way on how to treat nasal congestion, you should not ignore saline solution. By trying to deliver the salt water to your nose, you will find the relief for nasal congestion. The teapot-shaped devices that are used to be filled with a saline solution are called the neti pot. In order to use this treatment, you tilt the head to one side and then spout the neti pot which contains the saline solution made of sufficient salt and warm water into one nostril. Let the saline solution flow to your nasal passage and then repeat the treatment for other nostril. A recent Chinese study has shown that nasal irrigation will be effective in reducing nasal congestion and it is safe to use.

3. Stay Hydrated With Hot Liquids: 

how to treat nasal congestion-stay hydrated with hot liquids

Staying hydrated is important tip on how to treat nasal congestion. Therefore, patients with this ailment find the relief when they drink the hot liquids. When you do not feel well, hot liquids are also the effective solution. In order to prove the effectiveness of hot liquids, a study in the journey Rhinology was carried out. The researcher divided the people with cold and flu symptoms into two groups. They gave one group a-room temperature drink while other group drinks hot liquids.
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The results showed that the group that consumed hot drinks feels the greater relief than the group who did not drink hot liquids. The possible reason for it may be that hot drinks will help you stimulate the mucus and saliva; therefore, it removes bacteria and viruses from your nose. If you want to use this treatment, you should try hot tea or hot soups such as chicken noodle. Even a glass of hot water which is added honey and some lemon can work.

4. Improve Your Immune System With Herbs: 

how to treat nasal congestion-improve your immune system with herbs

A few herbs including eucalyptus oil and menthol are proven to reduce nasal congestion. Menthol will help to stimulate the nerve receptors. As a result, it gives more air to the nose. In addition, scientists have proven that eucalyptus oil which is available in ointments and rubs may help to reduce phlegm.

5. Apply Cold Or Hot Packs:

how to treat nasal congestion-apply cold or hot packs

Another way on how to treat nasal congestion without medication is to apply cold or hot packs across congested sinuses. Although its effect can not last long, it will give you a temporary relief. Scientists have not shown the benefits of cold and hot packs to treat nasal congestion completely but it will give you the soothing effects. In order to do this treatment, you should wrap the frozen peas or frozen vegetables in a towel and apply it cross your face. For hot packs, you need to wring out a wet cloth and place it in the microwave. Heat it for one minute. Before applying on your face, you should make sure that it is not too hot.

6. Consume Garlic:

how to treat nasal congestion-consume garlic

Consume garlic in your diet will be effective in treating nasal congestion. The possible reason may be that garlic has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Therefore, if you want to find the relief, you should consider keeping some cloves of garlic for yourself. A study conducted in United Kingdom showed that people with 12-week garlic consumption saw the significant relief in congestion.

These are 6 tips on how to treat nasal congestion without medication naturally that I want to share. I hope that you will find these tips effective and helpful.
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For any questions you want to ask, you can leave them bellow. I will answer as soon as I can.

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