How To Prevent Birth Defects During Pregnancy After 35

how to prevent birth defects

There are many babies with birth defects but not all of them can be avoided. However, all women can reduce the risks of birth defectsby learning healthy conditions and learning the ways to have a healthy baby during pregnancy. In fact, there are many birth defects that can happen when a woman is pregnant. Keep reading this article to get useful tips to get a healthy baby.

From the site, I made this article to show you 12 simple, easy tips and advice on how to prevent birth defects after 35 during pregnancy.

How To Prevent Birth Defects After 35 – Top 12 Tips And Methods For Preventing Birth Defects Effectively During Pregnancy

how to prevent birth defects

1. Get Folic Acid Every Day, For 400 Micrograms (Mcg) At Average

Folic acid belongs to group of vitamin B. If a woman gets enough folic acid for a month before she is pregnant, she can prevent almost risks of birth defects in spine (spina bifida and anencephaly) and brain of baby. A woman can get folic acid from supplements, foods or she can combine both of them to add folate.

Birth defects of baby in spine and brain will be prevented if a woman owns enough folic acid before and during pregnant time. The birth defects of neural tube defects or NTDs are very common. However, it can be avoided if a woman gets enough amount of folic acid as researchers recommend, for 70% of NTDs can be reduced.

For women who already had NTD-affected pregnancy previously and they have the plan of being pregnant another time can get consultation from doctors. They will need 4 milligrams (4,000 micrograms) of folic acid every day to prevent NTD occurrence. Those women were recommended to get folic acid for 10 times more than usual women.

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get folic acid every day, for 400 micrograms (mcg) at average

2. See A Health Care Professional Regularly

If a woman wants to have a baby, she should go to see the doctor before she gets pregnancy because doctor will provide necessary advice to get a healthy baby.

We can say that pregnancy is the wonderful time for almost of the women, but is also very stressful for them. In order to get peace of mind, you need to be sure that you keep healthy for your baby at the beginning of the pregnancy, stay healthy during pregnancy, and especially get ready for pregnancy.

3. Keep Diabetes Under Control keep diabetes under control

Diabetes is one of the diseases that can affect both the child and mother during the years of childbearing. If a woman has poor control of diabetes, she will increase the risks of baby’s health, and birth defects. It also can lead to serious complications for woman, therefore, she needs to have proper health care during pregnancy to prevent diseases such as birth defects. If you want to know other tips on how to prevent birth defects, continue reading this article.

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4. Reach And Maintain A Healthy Weight

Before pregnancy, an obese woman (normally 30 or higher body mass) has higher risk of complications in pregnancy time, because it will make pregnant woman get some serious birth defects for baby. If an obese woman wants to have pregnancy, she should have consultation from doctor s before she is pregnant. By the way, she will prevent birth defects for baby very effectively.

It cannot be good for a pregnant woman because they will limit nutritional intake when losing weight. If they reduce the amount of nutrition, it will be unhealthy for pregnant woman. It is not a good way if you lose weight in a short time by dietary changes but you should balance the number of calories every day, control your physical activity, and eat healthy. To have a good heath for a long time, you should control your weight.

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5. Talk To Your Doctor About Vaccinations

Doctors usually recommend using vaccinations during pregnancy. However, there are some vaccines that protect women from creating birth defects for baby. Therefore, getting vaccinations right time can keep women healthy, and the baby, as well.

During pregnancy, doctor will help you identify which one is the best for your health.

If a pregnant woman is getting flu, she will get serious problems for baby, as well as premature birth. It is very necessary to get flu shot to fight flu. Both mother and baby (up to 6 months) will have enough flu shot. Pregnant women are sensitive to several kinds of illnesses such as flu, diabetes, and other hospitalizations higher than a woman, who is not pregnant.

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talk to your doctor about vaccinations

6. Talk To A Health Care Provider About Taking Any Medication

There are some specific mediation methods can cause seriousbirth defects if they get during pregnancy. However, for many medications for pregnant women, it is not difficult to determine. If pregnant women want to have baby, they need to take necessary medications, and they should not take medications without doctor’s recommendation. Their doctors may suggest some herbal products, dietary products, over-the-counter medications, and prescription.

7. Prevent Infections

There are some infections that women may get during pregnancy that t can be dangerous to unborn baby and they can lead to some birth defects. There are some simple steps that can help you avoid infections such as living far away from people who have infection, cooking meat well, or washing her hands.

Germs in adults that cause mild or no symptoms can be harmful to the unborn fetus. In order to prevent this, women of childbearing should update immunizations before they get pregnancy. By using good hygiene, pregnant women also can prevent harmful parasites and germs.

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8. Avoid Alcohol, Street Drugs, And Tobacco avoid alcohol, street drugs, and tobacco

Some serious results that smoking creates for pregnant women are birth defects) cleft palate or cleft lip), premature birth, and infant death. A woman and unborn baby also can get risks if a woman is around tobacco smoke. Or a woman who uses illegal drugs during pregnancy can give a birth that hasbirth defects, low birth weight, born premature and other health problems. Therefore, it is the best if you quit smoking before pregnancy. Or if a woman already gets pregnant, giving up smoke at the beginning of the pregnancy will help her protect problems like low birth weight. We can say that quit smoking is never too late for pregnant women. Substances in smoke will cause birth defects, so pregnant women should stop smoking; it is never too late to give it up.

Like smoke, alcohol is known to be harmful to your fetus development. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is known as avoidable cause of retardation mentally in United States. If children get FAS, they will have permanent problems in behavior and mental. They usually have facial features that are very different from the others. When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, she will also get alcohol for unborn baby.

A woman gets alcohol, which will go through placenta to her baby through umbilical cord. While getting pregnant, there is not safe alcohol amount for women. There is no suitable time to drink alcohol and no suitable safe alcohol during pregnancy. The baby may get fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) if the mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy. So, stop drinking alcohol is the best way for the baby and mother. In addition, through the umbilical cord and via the blood supply, street drugs including marijuana and cocaine can go to the fetus, certainly, pregnant women should avoid these drugs.

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9. Manage Medications And Control Chronic Conditions manage medications and control chronic conditions

There are some medications that are very harmful to the unborn fetus while others are very important to keep healthy for mother. In order to take the right medications, you should consult with your doctor and you should not take new medications without any advice from physician.

If a woman find outs that she gets obesity, epilepsy, or diabetes, she should talk with her doctor about the measurement if they discover that she is pregnant. Probably, there are some necessary medications can be used during pregnancy.

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10. Exercise And Get Plenty Of Rest

Exercises including simple or moderate mode can enhance your abdominal muscles, your back, and improve posture. Some safe exercises for pregnant women are bicycling, swimming, and walking. However, a pregnant woman should check with her doctor before starting any exercise.

Laying style is also very important, it is suggested that a pregnant woman should lie on the left side, as usual as possible. By laying this side, pregnant women will increase circulation to the baby and reduce swelling risk. They should take for 8 hours to sleep and should take a nap if they feel weak or tired during the day.

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11. Drink Plenty Of Fluids drink plenty of fluids

It is necessary for use to drink enough water per day, for pregnant women, it is crucial to drink 6-8 glasses of water, milk, or fruit juice. There is a way to check if you get enough fluids is to see your urine such as light yellow or nearly-clear water. To supply enough amount of fluid also helps body increase volume of blood.

12. Be Mindful Of Your Mental Health

Stress is not good for people, especially for pregnant women. Therefore, they should avoid the situation that can cause additional stress to them. If the mother gets lot of stress, the development of the baby will be impacted badly. They can prevent stress by limiting some activities such as hearing sad stories, visiting sick people, and so on. The pregnancy is the most important thing they should care about.

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After reading my overview of how to prevent birth defects after 35, I hope that it helps you understand more about these diseases. I also show you the best ways and advice on how to prevent birth defects after 35 naturally and effectively. This post is part of a series about diseases and conditions. Got a question? Need answers? Leave a comment below. Now are you ready to learn how to prevent birth defects successfully?

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