How To Eat Healthy And Lose Weight On Vacation – 43 Tips & Advice

eat healthy and lose weight

What do you do in vacations? Do you take a trip or stay at home and have some parties? Vacation is a convenient time to eat and rest. Many people spend all day long on visiting people and eating foods. However, it is not a good idea if you always eat, eat, and eat on vacations because you may gain lots of weight. Vacation is also a difficult time for obese people, who want to lose weight. Recently, has introduced a writing of top 43 tips and advice on how to eat healthy and lose weight on vacation for people who want to concern about fitness tips on vacation. However, this writing is not intended to give medical advice, so make sure that you will consult with your medical practitioner before following 43 tips and advice on how to eat healthy presented in this article. Keep reading this article thoroughly, you will learn the most useful and best effective ways on how to eat healthy.

43 Tips On How To Eat Healthy & Lose Weight On Vacation

1. Have Plan 

how to eat healthy

Actually, on vacation, people usually tend to go to the restaurants, relative’s houses, or friend’s houses to eat and play there. They will intake more foods than usual. Especially, foods in restaurants are rich in high sodium, cholesterol, saturated fat, fat, and calories while fiber is very necessary to people. If possible, you should reduce times to go to restaurant and should spend time at home to choose your own healthy foods, stay active, and take some meaningful trips with your own plan for family.

If you take a long trip, you should ask local residents or hotel workers about the restaurants nearby the place and the foods you are interested in. I think that they will have detailed guidelines for you if you seriously ask them.

2. Avoid Grains 

how to eat healthy

There are lots of foods that you need to reduce or avoid eating in daily life or on vacation because those foods may cause fat and sickness for you. In this article, you will get some suggestions for your healthy vacations. Learning how to eat healthy and how to lose weight effectively on vacation, you should avoid this food that includes pasta, bread, rye, barley, and wheat.

3. Avoid Sugar 

how to eat healthy

Sugar contains fructose and glucose, so sugar is one of the most factors that cause harmful diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and so on. Actually, consuming excessive fructose will increase insulin resistance and insulin level in blood. As the result, your mind receives a message that you are hungry and you eat more and more. The result is you gain extra weight. The truth is that you will be addictive to sugar if eating more and more, particularly on vacation as you can find lots of sugar-rich foods on the tables in celebrities.

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4. Vegetable Oils 

how to eat healthy

Vegetables oils are made from plants. Seed and vegetable oils are healthy in some cases, but omega-6 in those foods may cause some health problems such as heart disease if you consume them too much. You can find lots of vegetables oils such as nut oil, corn oil, soybean oil, hazelnut oil, pecan oil, lemon oil, orange oil, etc. They are used commonly in daily meals in recent years as it is considered as a good fat loss tip. However not all vegetable oils are natural as the adverisement and eating excess omega-6 in vegetable oils will store Linoleic Acid to your body. In addition, getting how to eat healthy, you have to remember that vegetable oils contribute to increase inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and other diseases like cancers if you eat them too much.

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5. Avoid Trans Fat

how to eat healthy

Trans fat is very dangerous and hazardous for your health, in particular for your heart. It may reduce good cholesterol and increase inflammation in your body. Trans fat can be found in fried foods such as fried chicken, doughnuts, French fries, etc. as the result, advice on how to eat healthy, you need to avoid eating trans fat as much as possible to improve your strength and restore energy. Trans fat will appear on vacation much more because you will ignore the best routine to eat healthy  because you need to take time to enjoy life and forget to take care of your health. High consumption in trans fat will enhance the risks of cancer, depression, endometriosis, heart disease, infertility, stroke, etc. So how can you realize this kind of fat? The highest foods that contain trans fat are processed food industry and vegetable oils.

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6. Do Not Eat Sweeteners 

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Finding tips how to eat healthy and lose weight on vacation, you should learn how to reduce or eliminate eating sweeteners in free days. Artificial sweeteners will increase obesity and lead to some related diseases. On vacation, you will get lots of sweeteners in celebrities. If you do not care about the way of eating foods, you will gain more weight. If you want to know other tips and advice on how to eat healthy and lose weight on vacation, keep reading the next part of this writing.

7. No Processed Foods 

how to eat healthy

If you want to save time by eating more processed foods or fast foods, that is not a perfect idea to keep healthy and lose weight on vacation because they are high in salt and sugar but low nutrients for your health. Additionally, processed foods include lots of trans fat, which is very harmful to your health and it will cause many dangerous diseases if you intake them too much. Therefore, try to avoid processed foods as much as you can, especially when you are busy with your vacation days.

8. Fish 

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Eating healthy foods is the best way of learning how to eat healthy, improve your health, and lose weight. Eating organic foods will boost your health. For people who do not need to get fat loss, they may use some grains such as rice and oats, but for overweight people, they should not eat high-carb foods. Fish is one of the healthiest foods in various foods you eat every day. Fish includes omega-3 fatty acids and high in nutrients to enhance your health and brain.  If you can, go fishing and get some dishes of fishes in the restaurant. By the way, you will have time to relax and taste delicious dish from healthy food. Some kind sof fishes you should discover in the progress of learning how to eat healthy on vacation are sardines, cod, haddock, trout, salmon, etc.  Moreover, omega-3 in fishes will reduce depression very effectively so you should eat at least 1-2 times per week. Try to eat fishes on vacation day at leat once per week.

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9. Meat 

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Choose some kinds of healthy meat such as chicken, pork, lamb, beef, etc. Organic or unprocessed meat is really good for you. In reality, meat have been used for thousands of years but meat today is not like meat in many years before. People feed the animals from antibiotics and growth hormones that are very dangerous to human being. But if you choose grass-fed animals, your health will be improved significantly because those meats are rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, antioxidant, Linoleic Acid, omega-6, omega-3. The importance is that you know how to eat meat properly and enough for your health enhancement and fat loss at the same time. Keep reading to know other tips on how to eat healthy for weight loss on vacation.

10. Eggs 

how to eat healthy

Eggs are helpful in making your stomach fuller longer in a day. Eggs are full of nutrients including omega-3 and lutein antioxidant that can improve your health in general and your eye health in specific.  Eggs are also easy to cook when you do not have lots of time for cooking. So take advantage of this nutritious food, in particular in the morning time, you can have eggs for a breakfast without consuming any food. By the way, you will not eat more fatty and sugary foods in the evening.

11. Fruits And Vegetables 

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Fruits and vegetables are the most excellent foods as they are high in vitamin C, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants for your health. They also conclude less calories, sugar so they are excellent foods for obese people. However, some root vegetables such as potatoes may add fat, so you should intake them in moderation.  If you have chances to order in restaurants, ask them to add more fruits and vegetables. Looking for the advantages of vegetables and fruits is also an useful advice how to eat healthy on vacation. Vegetables and fruits can be cooked in many recipes and I think that you are served by waiters if you really require. Of course, it is more convenient if you prepare vegetables and fruits at home on vacation because they are fresh and safe for your health.

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12. Seeds And Nuts 

how to eat healthy

Seeds and nuts contain pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, etc. You can find vitamin E, magnesium, and other nutrients in seeds and nuts. Eating these foods, you will have chance to improve the sensitivity of insulin, increase your strength, and reduce extra weight.  But for those foods, you should eat in moderation if you want to lose weight.  Bringing some nuts and seeds is a good idea on how to eat healthy on vacation because I guess you want to take time for other activities more than concerning about how to eat and how to lose weight.

In various kinds of seeds, Chia seeds are also the best choice for you on vacation and the goal of losing weight  because they are high in iron, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids.Chia seeds will help you stablize blood sugar. If you mix Chia seeds with liquid, it will supply more moisture for your body. Also, combining them with almond or chocolate will be the tasteful food for you on vacation days. Besides, sunflower seeds include fiber and they will help your stomach get ease some times. Sunflower seeds are full of protein, vitamin E, and other antioxidants to improve your skin health.

If you want your belly trim down quickly, eat pistachios as a snack because they are low in calories and high in protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. You will discover other easy tips on how to eat healthy on vacation by keeping reading this writing.

13. High-fat dairy Products 

how to eat healthy

Grass-fed dairy products will be perfect for your health because they are rich in calcium and vitamin K2 to stay away from cardiovascular conditions.  You can choose butter, cream, cheese, full-fat yogurt. But they are not really good for overweight  people, so reduce to consume those foods is the best choice for them.  High-fat dairy products are rich in nutrients, healthy fats, and calcium that support you prevent harmful diseases. Those kinds of foods are aslo linked to the lower risk of gaining weight.

14. Tubers 

how to eat healthy

Tubers including potatoes and sweet potatoes are exellent for your health because they are high in nutrients and help your stomach feel fuller.  However they are high in carb and you can limit the portion of eating these foods. Just try a little for one kind of food. Actually, many people choose surgery or take supplements, drugs, and pills to lose weight. But to save your health, you should try to consume natural foods first.  Especially on free days of vacation, you will need to take care of your health more and more because you will busy for lots of activities.

15. Natural Oils

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In order to lose weight, you should eat natural oils such as olive oils, coconut oils, or some healthy vegetable oils.  They include healthy fat, which is stable in high temperature. Among natural oils, olive oil is the top of healthy food and it is usually added into salad dish use to cook other recipes.

16. Dark Chocolate 

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Dark chocolate is known as an useful food for your heart, arteries, and  blood pressure. Aslo, to decrease your weight on vacation, you may try to eat some dark chocolate, which is full of antioxidants for a better shape.

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17. Coffee 

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Along with healthy foods, drinks are also very important in aspect of learning how to eat healthy and lose weight on vacation. Coffee is high in antioxidants and healthy in basically. But avoid drinking coffee late in day because it may cause sleep disorders. Drink some coffee with your friends or dear people on vacation is also a great time to try.

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18. Tea 

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Tea contains less caffeine than coffee. It is also high in antioxidants and it is particularly effective to fat people. Get a cup of herbal tea before going to bed, you will achieve the fat loss goal, as well as help your body and mind relax after activities. Night is the time that your body stores fat, therefore, drinking tea at the end of the day will reduce extra weight. But you should not drink tea before bed about minutes because it will make you difficult to sleep at night.

Among herbal teas, green tea  is the best choice if you want to burn calories in free days of vacation. Shopping for some green tea before taking a trip to the hotel, you will have a valuable drink to improve metabolism and burn fat effectively. However, you do not need to drink green tea but choose other kinds of this drink such as red tea, black tea, etc. In the afternoon, you may have some tea to gratify your craving.

19. Water 

how to eat healthy

Water is an excellent drink that you should take advantage of to lose weight. It contributes importantly in improving your health, as well as reducing weight, especially, on vacation, when you eat too many foods. Drink water before meals will limit foods you add into your stomach. No mater where you are, water is the best friend for your health and fat loss. Going with you in a trip on vacation, you also need to prepare water. If you stay at home on vacation, you also need to drink enough water every day. Particularly, you will feel hungry and thirsty, water will help you stop this feeling. Even you go to gym or somewhere far from home, you need to bring water along with. That is one of the cheapest and easiest way to get healthier and lose weight effectively.

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20. Try Some Other Drinks 

how to eat healthy

Some carbonated soda is fine to drink. Make sure you choose kind of soda that does not include artificial sweeteners. To lose weight effectively, you should limit or avoid drinking beer, milk, fruit juice, sugar, etc. You can choose dry drinks or wines that do not include carbs or sugar like whiskey, vodka, etc. You will know more about how to eat healthy & lose weight on vacation by continuing reading the next part of this writing.

21. Control Hormone Insulin

how to eat healthy

The hormone insulin plays important part in transferring glucose from the blood and cells. Insulin deficiency will cause some harmful diseases including diabetes. One of the most effective ways how to eat healthy and get fat loss on vacation is to consume low carb diet, which will control blood sugar and reduce insulin levels. Follow low-carb diet for 2 weeks, obese people will have the chance to burn fat more effectually. You can take advantage of vacations to eat healthy and lose weight by eating more low cab foods such as halibut, sole, trout, cod, salmon, herring, sardines, duck, ostrich, turkey, goose, hen, pheasant, chicken, lobster, shrimp, beef, lamb, pork, venison, etc.  The benefit of low-carb diet is that you can eat full without getting lots of calories and prevent appetite well. In reality, low-carb diet is one of the most crucial advice how to eat healthy because they contain healthy fat, protein, and nutrition to your body growth without fat storage. There are some misconception about saturated fats, which is considered as the element causing heart disease. In fact, saturated fats do not  lead to heart disease. It even lowers the blood sugar, reduces high blood pressure, etc.

Fat is very necessart fot your body because it will increase energy for your daily activities. Even you are obese, but you must add healthy fat in some natural oils like fish oils, coconut oils, or olive oils, and so on.

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22. Some Healthy Recipes 

how to eat healthy

To support you get suggestions how to eat healthy and get fat loss perfectly on vacation, I would like to provide you with some helpful meal plans you can implement while you are free with your friends and  beloved people. If you have a long vacation, why don’t you try the following meal plans?

  • The first day:

Breakfast: eat some vegetables fried in coconut oil, or healthy butter

Lunch: eat almonds, blueberry yogurt

Dinner: serve some salsa sauce with vegetables

  • The second day:

Breakfast: Get some eggs and bacon

Lunch: use some vegetables and burgers

Dinner: eat vegetables, butter, and salmon

  • The third day:

Breakfast: vegetables, eggs fried in coconut oil or butter

Lunch: salad of olive oil and shrimp

Dinner: use vegetables and griiled chicken

  • The fourth day:

Breakfast: fried vegetables in butter or coconut oil

Lunch: eat some almonds, berries, and coconut milk

Dinner: eat veggies and steak

  • The fifth day:

Breakfast: eat eggs and bacon

Lunch: salad chicken and olive oil

Dinner: vegetables with pork

  • The sixth day:

Breakfast: omelet vegetables

Lunch: eat walnuts, coconut flakes, and berry yogurt

Dinner: eat kinds of veggies

  • The Seventh day:

Breakfast: eggs and bacon

Lunch: consume some berries, chocolate, and coconut milk

Dinner: some spinach with grilled chicken

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23. Eat Snacks

how to eat healthy

Eating snacks is also an exellent idea on vacation when you are busy to play with your family and friends. Getting some healthy snacks not only help you reduce appetite, lose weight, but it is a smart way of learning how to eat healthy. Some easy snacks you should taste are lean meat, cheese, nuts eggs, fruits, yogurt, carrots, etc.  If you want to save time on vacation, eating snacks seems to be the most perfect method. However, to stay healthy, make sure that you consume enough vitamins and antioxidants to avoid sickness.

One of the greatest sources of snacks is peanut. You can eat a handful of peanuts between meals to reduce appetite. Eating peanuts will supply protein and ease your stomach. Peanuts are well in vitamin E, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your body, especially for your skin.

24. Eat Daily 

how to eat healthy

To supply energy for activities on vacation, you must eat every day, at least once a day. If you have to move for a long distance on a car, bus, train, or airplane, you should prepare some essential foods or snacks to taste during the trip. Do not stop eating to lose weight. In hotels or resting houses, you may ask the workers or waiters there about your requirements. To stop eating, it means that you will eat more and more in the later meals. Therefore, your body will get unexpected weight just because of your routine and mindset.

25. Reduce Portion 

how to eat healthy

I mean that you should eat foods every day at least once per day, especially when you are on vacation. However, it does not mean that you will always eat and eat all day long. The importance thing in the field of discovering tips how to eat healthy is to reduce the portion of foods you intake if you really want to get rid of fat. Let save a half in refrigerator or share with someone. You can join some activities with kids, friends to forget hungry appetite feeling.

26. Ask Your Waiter 

how to eat healthy

If possible, on vacation days, you can ask your waiters about the way to cook a dish, and you may suggest or ask some requirements to be proper to your meal plan. Ask the cook adding some sauce, veggies on dishes, or serve you some fruits, whole grains, etc. Call them for the healthy foods or ask some suggestions for low fat diets and your favorite veggie dishes.

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27. Care Condiments 

how to eat healthy

This is very important tip on vacation days because people usually go to restaurant or go out to eat and enjoy some parties. Some foods such as BBQ sauce, mustard, marinara, catsup, sauces, spreads, etc include lots of condiments and may cause fat for your body. So be careful with condiments if you have an overweight body.

  • No matter where you are, at home or outside of the house, you can easily find garlic in supermarket. It is a super food for housewives. Eating garlic will prevent viruses and harmful bacteria in your body. It also contributes to digest easier. Learning tips and advice how to eat healthy and lose weigh on vacation, you should add garlic into your meals. Ask the waiters have some garlic if you go out for lunch or dinner.
  • Many people love chilli. That is great news because you totally can use this kind of spice to lose weight and improve your health. Chilli will boost your metabolism and speed up fat burning process. It is also helpful for your nails, hair, and skin because it contains vitamin C, which is an essential vitamin for body detoxification and getting healthier. If you choose Chinese, Thai, Korean, or Vietnamese foods, they contain high amount of chilli. Also, adding some black peppers to your meal as a smart way to comfort your stomach. Its feature is warm and it also contributes to burn fat effectively and naturally.
  • Ginger is also a great spice that is used for many years. It is sweat source for fighting inflammation, nausea, and extra fat in your body.

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28. Beans 

how to eat healthy

Beans are very cheap and common in daily meal that many housewives use to cook for their families. It is very easy if you stay at home on vacation, if not, you should choose beans as the delicious dishes when eating in restaurants. Beans are full of protein and fiber. They are also easy to eat and digest. You will get fuller when eating beans, especially on the free days.

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29. Soup 

how to eat healthy

Soup is a great food to eat before you start the main menu. Actually, eating soup before meal will help you decrease the food amount you will get. Almost of the restaurants or hotels have soup as an appetiser. If you are at home, you will have a tasteful soup bowl with vegetables, mushrooms, beans, carrots, cream, butter, etc.

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30. Yogurt 

how to eat healthy

Do you want to reduce waistline on vacation? Try eating yogurt, which is used as the smart solution on how to eat healthy and it is associated to weight loss. Yogut includes probiotics that can decrease fat amount in your body.

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31. Grapefruit 

how to eat healthy

If you want to prevent diabetes, eating grapefruit is an excellent idea for you. Eating this kind of fruit before meals, you will have good opportunities for burning fat. But, drinking processed grapefruit juice is not a good way because they may contain other ingredients. Be sure to check the lablel or your medical providers about what drinks you will get. There are a lot of other tips and advice on how to eat healthy, so keep reading!

32. Almonds

how to eat healthy

Almonds are high in antioxidants, magnesium, vitamin B2, and vitamin E that is great source for your skin and hair. Almonds are very helpful to against stress and increase energy levels.

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33. Quinoa 

how to eat healthy

This is a gluten-free grain that you can keep in the fridgerator for five days. You can use them as a salad or eat plainly in breakfasts. You can add quinoa with some cinnamon, vanilla, banana, almonds, and coconut and taste it. If you have vacation outside the house, keep this recipe when ordering in restaurant. It is very good for your weight loss and healh improvement as it contains amino acis and B vitamins.

34. Peppermint 

how to eat healthy

Peppermint is known as a great source for calming and healing digestive prolems. It is also good for your stomach and skin. If you want to take convenience, let drink peepermint tea.

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35. Kelp 

how to eat healthy

Kelp is a great source of iodine as it lives under the sea.  Kelp will stimulate the thyroid hormone production that can adjust rate of metabolism for fat burning. Some minerals in Kelp also help you reduce belly fat more completely. This is a common food in Japan and it is easy to find in supermarket or stores in almost of the countries.

36. Apple Cider Vinegar 

how to eat healthy

In order to lose weight and find out effective way how to eat healthy, especially on vacation, apple cider vinegar is a good choice for your body. This drink will help you remove toxins, detoxify your body, reduce water retention, and slay off harmful bacteria. Ask the cook to add some apple cider vinegar if you go out for meals, or prepare some recipes with apple cider vinegar to lose weight well.

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37. Tomatoes 

how to eat healthy

Red fruit tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and they are very delicious to eat. It is usually used to make salad in restaurants and you can have your own tasteful dishes at home. Eating tomatoes every day will limit inflammation and reverse leptin protein resistance for losing weight more perfectly. If you have vacation out of hometown in countryside, eat tomatoes and other fruits, you will see how shaped your body is. Some people like eating tomatoes at raw. But be sure that you wash them carefully and choose the fresh tomatoes to eat.

38. Bananas

how to eat healthy

Some people believe that bananas will help you gain weight. However, bananas are great for fat loss. Moreover, bananas will help you heal the skin conditions, improve energy, reduce water retention due to high potassium in bananas. Serve at least one banana a day for weight loss and health.

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39. Avocado 

how to eat healthy

There is a reason that you should eat avocados, which are good for your digestive system as they include magnesium and potassium that helps you avoid constipation and regulate balance of fluid.

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40. Watercress 

how to eat healthy

Finding secrets on how to eat healthy and get fat loss, you should try to take advantages of watercress, which is full of vitamin B, C, E, minerals, potassium, carotene, and nutrients. Watercress is very helpful for your digestion improvement, nourish your skin, and remove excess fluids and toxins from your body. It is also great source of iodine that can help you advance metabolism.

41. Cinnamon

how to eat healthy

Cinnamon is a sweat spice to regulate levels of blood sugar and encourage insulin creation. Instead of fat storage, cinnamon will help fat cells respond to insulin and burn more fat from your body. This food is also easy to find in supermarket as well as in menus of restaurants.

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42. Melon And Cucumber 

how to eat healthy

Like bananas, melon is rich in potassium, low-calorie, and high in antioxidants that can help you remove excessive fluids. Eating melon will supply more vitamin C for improving immune system and keeping your skin toned. Besides, cucumber belongs to melon family and you will have slimmer body if you eat this fruit. You can use a salad made from cucumber, mint, bean, and watercress to eat on vacation, or order salad dishes in restaurants if you go out for eating.

43. Pineapple And Lemons 

how to eat healthy

Like other fruits, pineapple and lemons are helpful for your stomach settlement, heartburn relief, and fight bloating. They are natural sources to against water retention and get flatter stomach. In tropical regions, those fruits are easily found out. Try to take effectively those foods on vacation days to lose weight and improve your health. Furthermore, you should eat more fruits such as peaches, berries, and other fruits to satisfy your stomach as well as your body shape.

To get more tips and tricks for health improvement, you can visit to our main Diet page. After reading the writing of 43 top tips & advice on how to eat healthy and lose weight on vacation, hope that you already learned useful information to get healthier, stronger in free days, especially; you will have useful techniques to lose extra fat from body well. However, this writing is solely for the informational purpose and it is not intended to give medical advice. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon. Now enjoy your time with helpful secrets for fat loss and health enhancement.

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