How To Get Rid Of An Ear Infection At Home Quickly

how to get rid of an ear infection

An ear infection can be caused by viruses or bacteria in the middle ear. This kind of infection occurs more often in toddlers and young children than adults.

In general, inner ear infections are serious and it’s important to cure this condition and prevent some complications, including rupturing and damaging the ear drums. In serious cases, untreated middle ear infections can lead to the chronic recurrence and even cause deafness. However, by identifying early symptoms of middle ear infections, you can treat it fast. This writing at the line of Home Health on VKool site will show you proven ways on how to get rid of an ear infection at home quickly. Check out to have an overview of this type of infection and treat it effectively.

How To Get Rid Of An Ear Infection At Home

I. Causes Of A An Ear Infection

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The hearing mechanism of human ear includes hearing nerve, eardrum and a narrow tube (Eustachian tube) lying in between the back of nasal passage and the ear. Middle ear infections occur when there’s an inflammation in the Eustachian tube.

The inflammation may occur when mucus causing nasal congestion in upper respiratory infections, tonsillitis, sinus infection, rhinitis and allergies inside this Eustachian tube. Harmful germs cause infections in the nasal passage and multiply inside the ear. Children’s Eustachian tube may get blocked by water entering their ears while swimming. Among feeding babies, their mother’s milk may enter their ears accidentally. The babies get contaminated and this condition causes inner ear infections in babies.

II. Inner Ear Infection Symptoms

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Commonly observed symptoms of middle ear infections are as follows:

  • Ear pain goes along with fever
  • The intensity of ear pain varies from dull pain to a severe pain in the ear
    Tinnitus or ringing sensation is felt inside the ear
  • Accumulation of mucus and pus behind eardrum
  • Thick yellow or bloody discharge inside the ear
  • Vomiting, grumpy behavior, loss of appetite
  • Signs of inattentiveness, trouble sleeping, loss of hearing

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III. How To Get Rid Of An Ear Infection

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Commonly used medicines for middle ear infection are ear drops, pain relieving medicines and antibiotics. Many people aren’t interested in taking medicines so that they make use of home remedies for middle ear infections that are equally effective and available in their own homes.

The following are proven ways, tips on how to get rid of an ear infection at home quickly. Check out and take advantage of some suitable remedies for your inner ear infections.

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1. Warm Compression

warm compression

This tip is beneficial for easing throbbing pain in the ear. Dip a small clean washcloth into hot water. Next, wring out extra water from the washcloth. Then, place the warm washcloth over your ear as a soothing relief.

On the other hand, you can pour hot water in a little bottle. Wrap the bottle with a towel. Hold this bottle on your painful area.

Remember not to apply the heat to your ear for long time. Hold it for 5 minutes; next remove the heat for some minutes. Then repeat this process as needed.

2. Garlic Juice

garlic juice

Among simple tips on how to get rid of an ear infection, do not miss out garlic juice. This spice includes powerful antibiotic agents so that it help fight off a lot of infections, including middle ear infections.

Crush 1 clove of garlic to extract fresh garlic juice. Take the garlic juice in a clean dropper and slowly put it into the effected ear. After you apply this natural eardrop, the healing process will start and you’ll notice the ear pain decreases.

Garlic also contains antimicrobial properties so that it is highly effective in treating middle ear infections.

garlic juice

Alternatively, you can boil 3 garlic cloves with water for 5 minutes. Next, crush them well and add a little bit of salt to have a mixture. Put this mixture into a clean washcloth. Then, place the mixture on the affected area.

Repeat this process daily to speed up the middle ear infection healing process.

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3. Salt


Beside garlic, you can apply salt to treat middle ear infections. To start, heat a cup of sea salt in your microwave for 2 or 3 minutes. Then put the salt into a washcloth. Place it on the infected area. This remedy helps bring down pressure inside your ear by draining out fluid from your ear, ease pain and relieve swelling fast. Repeat this a few times a day for getting the best results.

The heat generated from the sock will help draw out fluid from the ear and relieve swelling and pain.

Alternatively, you can use 1 cup of rice in the same way described above to apply to the affected ear.

4. Essential Oils

essential oils

Next to effective ways on how to get rid of an ear infection, you can use essential oils, such as tea tree oil, almond oil, chamomile oil and lavender oil.

To start, prepare 3 drops of tea tree oil, 2 drops of chamomile oil and 2 drops of lavender oil. Mix them with a tablespoon of almond oil together. Boil the mixture to make it lightly heated. Then put 2 or 3 drops of warm oil into the affected ear 2 or 3 times per day. This remedy helps relieve ear pain fast and safely.

Beside essential oils, you can consume other oils with their special recipes as follows:

5. Olive Oil

olive oil

This is a safe homemade eardrop to treat middle ear infection. To start, take 2 or 3 teaspoon of olive oil. Put it into a bowl and put it in your microwave for 1 or 2 minutes until the oil becomes warm. Before applying this heated olive oil to the affected ear, make sure that it is warm enough and not too hot so that you won’t get burns. Put about 2 drops of the olive oil onto the affected ear as an ear drop. Use a clear ear dropper to do it more easily.

olive oil

You should know that the olive oil can make the ear wax soft. You can use cotton swabs to remove infected wax. Make sure that you do not put the cotton-tipped swabs too far in the affected ear as the eardrum is so sensitive and a hard touch may damage the eardrum and cause deafness.

Alternatively, middle ear infection sufferers can use mustard oil, instead of olive oil.

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6. Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil

Inside the tea tree oil, it includes mild antibacterial agent that can give a pain relief for middle ear infections.

To treat your inner ear infections with tea tree oil, follow the following steps:

  • Prepare 3 drops of tea tree oil, 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp of colloidal silver, and 2 tbsps of olive oil.
  • Mix all these ingredients together. Heat this mixture in the microwave for 1 or 2 minutes.
  • Then, let the mixture warm enough.
  • Store the mixture in a clean dropper.
  • Drop 2 drops of the mixture into the affected ear.
  • Follow this process twice or three times per day for 2 days.

7. Basil


Among natural remedies on how to get rid of an ear infection, basil can help to treat both ear infection and minor earache. In general, basil is proven to ease ear pain and reduce different infections.

Gently crush 4 to 5 fresh basil leaves to extract the basil juice. Apply the juice around the infected area. Do not let the juice enter into your ear canal.

Mix 2 or 3 drops of basil oil with the same amounts of coconut oil. Soak the mixture with some cotton balls. Then, wipe only inside the ear gently, behind the ear and around the outer edge. Repeat this process twice or three times a day.

8. Mango Leaf Juice

mango leaf juice

Next to quick tips on how to get rid of an ear infection, try mango leaf extract.

To start, grind or crush 2 or 3 young and soft mango leaves and extract the juice. Heat the juice and wait until it becomes warm. Put the mango leaf juice into a clean dropper. Apply about 3 or 4 drop of the mango leaf juice into the affected area. You will feel a quick relief from the ear pain within a couple of minutes.

Follow this process twice to three times a day for a full relief from your middle ear infections.

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Bottom line:

I’ve shown you the most effective ways on how to get rid of an ear infection at home quickly. Hope that you find useful information from this article. Share it with your family and other people with inner ear infections. Thanks for reading and see you in the next posts!

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