How to get rid of diarrhea in babies & adults fast & naturally

how to get rid of diarrhea in babies and adults – fast and naturally

Diarrhea happens when the digestive system does not function appropriately, causing frequently loose or watery stools, 3 or more times per day.

Actually, the major causes of diarrhea are those viral infections, bacterial infections and consumption of the contaminated water and food, food intolerances, and some intestinal diseases like IBS, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s diease.

This condition might be accompanied by some symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, bloating. And, it also might lead to complication like dehydration.

Usually, it takes 2-4 days for diarrhea’s symptoms to go away, depending on the intensity of the condition.

In fact, you could confront with diarrhea by using various natural ingredients. Hence, if you want to know how to get rid of diarrhea fast and naturally, you should consider some or all of them. Remember, some of these tips are suitable for babies and some for adults. Take a look from!

How To Get Rid Of Diarrhea In Babies And Adults – Fast And Naturally

how to get rid of diarrhea

1. Yogurt 

how to get rid of diarrhea

In fact, yogurt, particularly the one with live bacterial cultures like lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidomacterium is a good home remedy for diarrhea.

Thanks to these live cultures, yogurt could help restore the “good” bacteria within your intestine and damage the “bad” one causing diarrhea.

It is shown that probiotics could help decrease antibiotic associated with diarrhea.

You just need to take 2 bowls of yogurt each day to get good result of relieving diarrhea. To get better taste, you can add one banana to your yogurt.

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2. Ginger 

how to get rid of diarrhea

Another way on how to get rid of diarrhea is ginger. This is used for treating food poisoning and could help relieve cramps along with abdominal pain.

You need to grate a small piece of the fresh ginger and add 1 teaspoon of honey. Then, consume this mixture to improve the release of gastric juices and promote digestion. However, you should avoid drinking water instantly after consuming it.

Alternatively, you could drink ginger tea twice or thrice per day. This can also help you get rid of diarrhea naturally. If fresh ginger is not available, you could take advantage of powdered ginger from the spice rack.

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3. Apple Cider Vinegar 

how to get rid of diarrhea

Apple cider vinegar is well known for its health and beauty benefits. It acts as an effective agent against bacteria which result in diarrhea.

Take 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to 1 glass of water. Then, drink that solution 1-2 times per day till your problem goes away.

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4. Fenugreek Seeds

how to get rid of diarrhea

This plant is highly recommended for curing diarrhea because of their high mucilage content which supplies a strong anti-diarrheal effect.

You just need to chew on a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds plus with 1 tablespoon of yogurt.

As an alternative, you could simply combine ½ teaspoon of each of roasted fenugreek seeds and cumin seeds, followed by 2 tablespoons of yogurt, then mix it well. After that, you consume the mixture thrice per day to get a quick diarrhea relief.

5. Carrot Soup

how to get rid of diarrhea

It is believed that carrot soup comes with antidyspeptic effect which is particularly great for kids recuperating from the condition of diarrhea as it supplies necessary nutrients lost due to diarrhea.

To make use of carrot soup for diarrhea treatment, you take 500gr of carrots, wash, scrape and chop finely. Then, you squeeze the carrots to get the juice out and add it to ½ cup of water. Drain the liquid before adding a small amount of salt to taste. Consume this soup daily for several days.

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6. White Rice 

how to get rid of diarrhea

The plain white rice is considered as one of bland foods good for diarrhea as it is very easy to digest. Additionally, it could help reduce the amount of stools.

You should take small amounts of plain white rice without adding any spices or sauces. Then, after getting familiar with its taste, you increase the amount of rice gradually when your diarrhea condition improves.

7. Chamomile Tea

how to get rid of diarrhea

The antispasmodic properties of this type of tea could help you decrease your stomach pains as well as intestinal inflammation.

Steep 1 teaspoon of the chamomile along with 1 teaspoon of peppermint in the boiling water for approximately 10 minutes.  After that, drink that tea a few times throughout the day. If there is not chamomile tea available around you, you can take green tea as an alternative as it also helps with the proper functioning of the human digestive system.

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8. Bananas

how to get rid of diarrhea

If you are suffering from diarrhea, do not go anywhere to find the solution for your problem. Go to your kitchen and take advantage of bananas. Bananas, the ripe ones, have high content of pectin. Pectin is the water-soluble fiber which can reduce diarrhea. Also, it is rich in potassium, the electrolyte supporting a number of important body functions. Eat several bananas per day till your diarrhea disappears.

In addition to the tips on how to get rid of diarrhea above, you should remember to get enough rest to speed up your healing process drastically. Diarrhea like any ailment requires proper rest. This will give your body the chance to handle the virus causing diarrhea. In addition, anxiety could also be a reason or an agitator of the condition. It does not matter what the causes of your diarrhea are, rest is still the key to a fast relief.

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