9 Tips And Ways On How To Treat Rhabdomyolysis At Home

how to treat rhabdomyolysis at home

Rhabdomyolysis is quite a serious syndrome whose signs and symptoms of are hard to pinpoint. The syndrome is often showed through the muscle pains, particularly in the shoulders, lower back, and thighs; the muscle weakness and difficulty moving arms or legs; fever and high heart rate; nausea or vomiting; brown or dark red; decreased or even no urine output; dehydration, confusion, and the lack of consciousness. Just mentioning the signs and symptoms of rhabdomyolysis can also indicate you how harmful this syndrome brings to, thus, it is necessary to find out the ways on how to treat rhabdomyolysis as soon as possible.

Rhabdomyolysis is caused by both the direct and indirect muscle injuries. When the muscle fibers die, their contents will be released into the bloodstream, which is also the reason of these injuries. More clearly, this syndrome is caused by the exceed use of alcohol as well as some illegal drugs like heroin, amphetamines, or cocaine; the high doses of antipsychotics or statins medication; the extreme muscle strain; a crush injury resulted from a fall, an accident, or a building collapse, especially its long-lasting muscle compression.

At present, VKool.com would like to show you 9 tips and ways on how to treat rhabdomyolysis at home. All of the recommended treatments are effective and suitable for any cases of rhabdomyolysis syndrome. For those who suffer from this condition, spend a little time reading our article to know more useful ways to prevent and treat it well.

9 Tips And Ways On How To Treat Rhabdomyolysis At Home

1. Fluid Therapy

how to treat rhabdomyolysis - fluid therapy

In fact, the methods on how to treat rhabdomyolysis are only possible during the initial stages of the syndrome before the important organs of the body especially the kidneys are affected. The first one on how to treat rhabdomyolysis is called fluid therapy that is regularly applied to curing shock, a serious affect on the kidneys. A patient with rhabdomyolysis needs just a small amount of intravenous fluid and the common saline is about 0.9% NaCl solution.

When you are able to apply home therapy to your rhabdomyolysis syndrome, that means your condition is not at the serious stage and flooding your body with fluids is considered as the best way. In this treatment, you just have to get enough fluid into your body by drinking much water as well as other fluids, which leads to the quick urination and proper functioning of the kidneys. By this way, the toxic muscle components will be removed out of the body quickly. In addition, the fluid should include bicarbonate that plays a role in eliminating the myoglobin from the kidneys.

In fact, this fluid therapy is usually applied to those who have experienced serious muscle injuries because it additionally helps prevent the muscles from swelling. Furthermore, the fluid therapy on how to treat rhabdomyolysis can significantly maintain the blood supply to the muscles thereby supporting them in being repaired. The therapy also restricts the myogblobin deposition in the kidneys, so it keeps the kidneys away from being damaged. If the home remedy, fluid therapy, cannot be applied, the intravenous fluids will be required for the patients to flush the blood out of toxins in the hospital.  Therefore, if you are able to use a home method on how to treat rhabdomyolysis, try to make it the best effective so that you will never approach a hospital one alternatively.

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2. Medications

how to treat rhabdomyolysis - medications

If you cannot apply fluid therapy as a home remedy on how to treat rhabdomyolysis, medications are highly recommended for your syndrome. In fact, there are some kinds of drugs used to regulate the production of urine, which is very beneficial in controlling rhabdomyolysis. When you see a doctor asking for a proper prescription, he may suggest you medications including certain kinds of diuretics and bicarbonate which help you keep your kidneys effectively functioning. He may also recommend appropriate IV fluids to treat hyperkalemia or the high potassium levels in the bloodstream, and hypocalcemia or the low blood calcium levels.

For example, mannitol and furosemide are used to control rhabdomyolysis syndrome. Furthermore, rhabdomyolysis gives certain effects to the concentrations of other electrolytes such as calcium, potassium, and sodium in the body which makes the treatment involved in correcting them as well.

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3. Discontinue Unnecessary Medications

On the other hand, during the process using drugs on how to treat rhabdomyolysis, you also need to eliminate certain drug use or the combinations of powerful medications.  It is because the Illegal drug use may cause rhabdomyolysis syndrome or significantly exacerbate its symptoms if you have already suffered from this syndrome. For example, you should eliminate the use of cocaine immediately because it has been indicated to associate with the kidney damages, particularly worsen the symptoms of rhabdomyolysis. On the whole, you should always consult your doctors thoroughly before deciding to use any kind of drugs for your rhabdomyolysis syndrome. If you are suffering from any symptoms of this condition or having issues urinating, tell your doctor to get possible interactions or even cut back unnecessary medications.

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4. Reduce Exercise

There will be some cases in which your rhabdomyolysis symptoms are caused by the intense physical exertion, particularly the daily workouts of an athlete, for example, a high-intensity training before a marathon or bout. You may think that doing more exercises is a way to reduce the intensity effectively but you are, in fact, causing more damages to your skeletal muscle. An advice for you is consulting a sports doctor or personal trainer if you consider your body is suffering from the syndrome and desiring to find a way on how to treat rhabdomyolysis properly.

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5. Increase Circulation

Increasing the circulation is also considered as a way on how to treat rhabdomyolysis. In fact, the most dangerous complication of this syndrome is the cut of certain tissues and muscles out of the blood supply even their death or permanently damaged status.  Therefore, it is necessary to maintain and boost a good circulation that supplies fresh and oxygenated blood as well as flush the toxins out of the body through the kidneys. And on the process of increasing the circulation, you should increase the intake of healthy foods such as oranges, watermelon, goji berries, garlic, cayenne pepper, ginger, and dark chocolate.

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6. Improve Kidney Function 

how to treat rhabdomyolysis - improve kidney function

As mentioned above, rhabdomyolysis syndrome has a direct link to the kidney health which means a kidney working effectively is very helpful during the process on how to treat rhabdomyolysis.  It is because the properly- working kidney helps flush the toxins as well as detoxify the body effectively. By this way, the risks of rhabdomyolysis will be significantly reduced. And there are some foods and herbs essential to support the kidney health and boost its function such as apples, raspberries, red peppers, garlic, cabbage, olive oil, and egg whites.

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7. Dialysis

Dialysis may be the final way on how to treat rhabdomyolysis, which is often used for serious cases. When the kidney damage occurs and acute renal failure starts, it is the time you were required for dialysis. As its name, the blood is taken out and cleaned by a special machine in the dialysis procedure so as to remove waste products. By this way, your blood and circulation will be significantly improved to decrease the risks of this syndrome.

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8. Some Tips For Rhabdomyolysis Prevention

Prevention is always appreciated to be more necessary and effective than the later treatments indeed. And there is something you need to apply to prevent this syndrome as much as possible.

Firstly, you should drink plenty of fluids even before or after strenuous exercise. As this helps dilute the urine and make kidneys remove any myoglobin released by the muscles during exercises .

Secondly, if you are suffering from degenerative muscle condition or any sustained damages to the muscles because of a recent trauma before, you should stay well-hydrated all the time to prevent the risks of rhabdomyolysis. A suggestion is bringing a full water bottle along with you in case you need enough water for any activities. And remember to drink as soon as you feel thirsty while not let your thirst increase later then supply water. If you are feeling fatigued, position yourself at a comfortable place relaxing and drink plenty of water as well as other clear liquids like light broth or sports drinks.

Thirdly, if you suspect you are sick or having an infection, you should come to see the doctors because a soon addressing illness may help prevent the damages to muscle, the main cause of rhabdomyolysis syndrome. If the syndrome is early discovered, it can be successfully treated while the kidneys will be not damaged for a long term.

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9. Some Of Warning

In some mild cases, home treatment can be used as the way on how to treat rhabdomyolysis, which is also known as a recovery process. In fact, the goals this treatment is resting the body so that the muscles can recover while further kidney damages are prevented due to the rehydration. However, the home therapy is just effective to prevent or minimize the symptoms of rhabdomyolysis. In cases you suffer from a very serious and potently threatening condition, the medical attention is considered as the first precaution while home remedies will be just chosen after the condition is deemed less serious.

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After reading our article on 9 tips and ways on how to treat rhabdomyolysis at home in our main How to page, hope that you can find out more ways to stop and prevent the risks of this syndrome. Please let us know if you have any question or concern about this topic by leaving comments below and share with us if you know other ways to treat rhabdomyolysis effectively.

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