How to prevent cavities and gum disease naturally – 6 tips

how to prevent cavities

When we are getting older, the teeth problems all we face are cavities and gum disease. We all see as the evitable fact and the rotten teeth need filling. How true is it? And are there any ways on how to prevent cavities and gum disease naturally?

How To Prevent Cavities And Gum Disease Naturally – Effective And Affordable Techniques Forever

how to prevent cavities

Although we thought that cavities and gum disease are evitable situation because of age, the true cause is diet. This fact is proven by Dr. Weston Price who is the most famous amazing dentist in the history. He has take an experiment on native people and found out that they never suffered from tooth decay or any tooth disease despite old age until they lived in the modern world. When they ate and drink carelessly, they began to have teeth decay and gum disease quickly. These problems happen when the life lack of the necessary information and knowledge about nutrition value. They eat a lot of high sugar junk foods, processed food, candies and unhealthy snacks but do not know that carbohydrates, pesticides, colorings and other chemicals are the triggers of cavities and gum disease.

However, asking for the ways on how to prevent cavities and gum disease, you should know about what they are. Cavities are the tooth destruction which destroys not only the enamel but also the dentin layer of the tooth. Gum disease is the problem when you see the yellowish sticky paste on the surface of the teeth. Bacteria will form. Although some people talk that this bacteria is harmless, it can affect blood vessels and make the teeth loose and vulnerable to fall out or take out If not treated. As a result, it causes a lot of pain. Therefore, on, I would like to introduce some useful techniques on how to prevent cavities and gum disease naturally.

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1. Brushing Teeth Every Day: 

how to prevent cavities

As the first technique on how to prevent cavities naturally, you should brush your teeth carefully every day. Requirements for brushing your teeth are the same as the way you doing any best jobs. You need to know the best tool in order to achieve the satisfactory result. Do not be hurry because the soft sticky plaque is not removed completely. Some plaques are easy to get rid of and you can do it with your nails. If you cannot remove it quickly, it may be not the plaques. It is tartar and the dentists use a dental cleaning to make the plaques clear away. However, it is not recommended to use the strong force when you brush your teeth. The reason may be that it can affect and damage your teeth. The best idea is taking care of your teeth 3 times a day before meal.

2. Choosing Good Suitable Toothpaste: 

how to prevent cavities

Choosing the good toothpaste is also important step on how to prevent cavities and gum disease. Not all toothpastes are good enough to get rid of the stain on your teeth. You should get toothpaste that contains fluoride to prevent tooth decay because fluoride can treat decay and keep the decay from progression in early stages. With fluoride, your teeth become more resistant to acids. Although some dentists suggest that the best toothpaste needs contain at least 1350 ppm (parts per million), 1000 ppm is also acceptable.

3. Choosing Brush Which Has High Quality: 

how to prevent cavities

The aim of brushing your teeth is how to prevent cavities and gum disease. The good result will be achieved with the support of good brush. The brush is advised to be angled at about 45 degree to the gum. It means 45 degrees upwards to your upper teeth and downwards to your lower teeth. The quality of brush is soft enough not to damage the teeth and gum but strong enough to clean all the stain and plaque away. The way we use brush to clean our teeth also plays the important role. Move the brush in backward and downward, clean all the corner of the teeth in the short circular movements. Do not put the strong force because it can hurt and affect your teeth and gum.

4. Eat Nutritional And Healthy Meal And Avoid Bad Foods: 

how to prevent cavities

As I mentioned before, the unhealthy diet which has a lot of junk foods, sugar, candies and chips is the main trigger of cavities and gum disease. The foods that contain carbohydrates and harmful chemical will leave the stain and plague on your teeth, resulting in tooth decay and gum disease. So, you need to limit the unhealthy foods on your diet and eat a variety of foods that are high in mineral, vitamins, protein and iron. Keep in mind that soy milk, soy protein and unpasteurized milk add nothing in value to your health. It is the fact that these kinds of food can cause cavities and gum disease. You should drink raw milk which replaces unpasteurized milk. Raw milk which is high in nutritional value is the good food for your teeth. The reason may be that raw milk can provide you the calcium and phosphorus. The deficiency of these minerals can bring tooth damage. If you can not avoid sugar, just replace sugar with xylitol. Xylitol is a natural sweetener can be found in berries, fruit and vegetable. You can add xylitol in your tea and cake.

5. Visit Your Dentist Regularly:

how to prevent cavities

Your teeth are also important as any parts of our body. It is necessary to protect and take care of them. You should visit your dentist regularly for oral exam to check whether your teeth are healthy. Visiting your dentist, please ask him about dental sealants which are called a plastic protective coating. The dental sealants will be applied to your back teeth to keep them from decay.

6. Drink Fluoridated Water Everyday: 

how to prevent cavities

This tip on how to prevent cavities naturally is widely used by communities to boost the dental health. However, it is important not to drink so much fluoridated water because excessive consumption can increase the possibility of bone fractures. It is recommended to drink enough 2.0 ppm a day in order to protect your teeth from decay and gum disease

These are 6 tips on how to prevent cavities and gum disease. I hope that you will find this article informative and helpful. If any question is raise in your mind, please leave your comments bellow. I will answer soon.

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