How to expand your mind power without drugs

how to expand your mind

Human mind is special because it can be expanded by learning. There is no limitation of mind widening and there is a variety of mind expanding techniques for you to start learning from now. In this blog, I am going to show you the most common ways and methods on how to expand your mind. Check out all of the tips on our VKool site below!

How To Expand Your Mind Power Effectively Without Drugs

1. Knowing Your Mind

knowing your mind

To widen your mind, you first have to understand your own mind. It’s necessary for you to realize that your mind and brain aren’t the same thing. While brain represents the head’s physical structure such as synapses, dendrites and neurons, mind is the repository and source for feelings, thoughts and emotions. The mind and brain, though separate, they act together in the robust and structured way.

2. Writing


When it comes to ways on how to expand your mind power, consider writing. Writing is a cognitive skill that expands your vocabulary. Writing has been shown to be correlated with mastery and success directly. Any job or career, which involves people, is based on the solid communication with a certain firm grasp of vocabulary as well as a certain knack for self-expression.

3. Reading


By reading you can widen knowledge, develop creative ability and input wisdom into your mind. However, there is a lot of information out there. Media is lies, so one should be careful to filter information and learn good things. Do not “pollute” your mind by getting wrong information.

Similarly, choose right books and good sources to hit. This is a positive way on how to expand your mind and raise yourself to higher level of study.

4. Doing Puzzles

doing puzzles

When doing puzzles, you have to use your cognitive brain function to solve puzzles. This game helps strengthen brain’s neuronal connections. Accordingly, the puzzles players will be able to improve their eye-hand coordination. Puzzles have many varieties so that you can play the game to enhance your memory, vocabulary, mathematics and some bouts of thinking.

In short, this game can help you have an analytical brain, possess logic skills and have more sense.

5. Painting


As a self-expression, painting allows you to think about objects, feel the things and turn your thoughts into creative pictures. No drawing is like other ones. Hence, in each picture you completed, you expanded your mind and turned your idea into an art. In other words, a real art is created by a clear mind and purpose. When seeing a picture, viewers can read the author’s aim and his picture’s significance.

For this reason, learn to expand your mind with painting. Let this art guide you to new paths of creation and perspective, then you will be able to master mind expanding techniques.

6. Listening To Music 

listening to music

Next to interesting ways on how to expand your mind, this is music therapy. Music helps increase your sensitivity and foster your emotional intelligence. Find your favorite music style, add new songs to your favorite music list and listen to the songs every time you are free. Moreover, music can make you feel relaxed. When you enjoy melodies and song lyrics, your brain is boosted. You get rid of stress, anxiety and depression fast. You will learn significant things via song lyrics. You will develop your new perspective of life and finally expand your mind to learn more and more things.

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7. Cooking


You don’t need to go or travel far from your home and still learn great things in your little house. Except for reading book, except for searching things on internet, what is it? Have you ever thought that cooking can help you expand your mind?

In reality, this is possible. As when cooking, you have to use your senses to choose ingredients, combine them with each others to make a great meal. Thanks to cooking, you will master the art of harmony. You will know how to balance things as if you combine salt, sugar, and spices for a good sauce.

8. Composing Music Or Poems

composing music or poems download

Like painting, music or poem composition can help expand your mind. Actually, these activities help you exercise your brain by collecting right words, attracting great moments, creating real moods and holding memories.

Write anytime you feel good and note great ideas to avoid forgetting some awesome things forming in your brain. This is the most natural way among tips on how to expand your mind.

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9. Meditating


Don’t skip meditation among ways on how to expand your mind power without drugs. Meditation can help you widen your mind subconsciously. It digs through your mind, brings forth important times charges memories emotionally into your conscious mind. Be aware of benefits of meditation and do it regularly. If possible, combine practicing meditation with yoga at the same time. This is an excellent way to balance your mind and body, as well as enhance both your mental health and physical health.

10. Learning A New Language

learning a new language download

As another cognitive activity on how to expand your mind, you can learn a new language to be fun, engaging and challenging. This activity will not only boost your mental capacity in order to put new learned words but also give you opportunity to think different and widen your knowledge.

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11. Questioning Everything

questioning everything

Ask yourself before starting doing something. Do not accept things and information immediately. By questioning everything, you will use your conscious mind to have the best decision and find the best solution.

Remember that a new question will help you have a new outlook so that you can take more chances to change things you know about the universe and world. 

12. Doing Something You Love

doing something you love download

Yes! Why not? To expand your mind, do anything you want so that your mind will be relaxed to function. Do not think about serious things, relax your mind with some games and you can learn a lot of things from your game.

Just do as great people did it with passion like Beethoven, Einstein, Issaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci,Pocasso, Vincent Van Gogh and a lot more.

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13. Being Free From Boredom

being free from boredom download

Next to ways on how to expand your mind power, control your mood. Lift it up to get rid of foggy brain. Eliminate all stressors related to your work and personal life. There are a lot of ways for you to get started.

For instance, you can gossip with some friends, make some snacks and watch movie, listen to music, play game, go to a bar, take part in a club, balance your diet, exercise regularly and so on.

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14. Overcoming Your Fears

overcoming your fears

Like boredom, fear needs to be eliminated to stop harming your mind. Actually, fear and anxiety make you lose your self-confidence and you cannot do anything good for happiness and success. There is no good way that work best, but overcoming that fear. Simply, fear is just a psychological factor. To beat your fear, you need to change your mind about fear and phobia. Just think that you can get rid of it by action and take action immediately. For instance, you are afraid of flying, you need to face up with the fact that you need to fly again. It’s safe to fly and you will be able to do it. That’s it! Simplify everything!

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15. Being Adventurous

being adventurous

This is great! Do it today when you are young as when you get old, you cannot widen your mind in this way often.

Firstly, learn to be an adventurous person with extrovert mindset. Think about dangerous things; think about the things that people are afraid to do. According to scientists, when you face danger, your body and mind will vigorously react and the efficiency will increase immediately.

16. Training Your Mind

training your mind

Nothing excellent comes naturally. In this case, your mind needs to be trained to be active, sharp, too. As a result, your brain will be able to get more things when your mind is expanded.

Think positively! Generate more innovative ideas! Get ready to handle troubles, make difficulties become habitual and your mind will strong enough to handle pressures. Imagine that challenge is the best way to train your mind. Challenge comes and you must be ready to face it. When you overcome this hard time, your mind will achieve peace and calm for a long time. Moreover, you will learn more significant things after overcoming the challenges. This is also the time, you widen your mind, your mind is empowered and you can master mind expanding techniques.

I’ve presented top 16 ways and techniques on how to expand your mind power without drugs. Hope that you all can take advantage of each mind control tip and trick to change your mind and attract success happiness and well-being.

For any feedback about the article on how to expand your mind power naturally, please leave your comment at the end of the post. Share the writing with your friends and other people if you really like it! Thanks for reading and see you in next posts!

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