How To Stop Having Bad Dreams Or Nightmares Every Night

how to stop having bad dreams

For almost everyone, nightmares do not happen regularly enough to pose a matter. We get them, and often move on fluently. However, in some cases, some people get nightmares that are serious enough for posing a certain health concern. Maybe it is a disease that can result in increased anxiety and depression. In fact, people who are dealing with chronic nightmares should actually find ways to treat the symptoms right away.

How To Stop Having Bad Dreams Or Nightmares Every Night 

You need to remember that sleep is among the most important factors to your functions throughout the day. In fact, lacking sleep can lead to a lot of symptoms, such as weakened immune system, irritability, poor memory and focus, lack of coordination, stress, fatigue, and it can even make you feel sick physically. If your nightmares persist and prolong, you should try the following tips on how to stop having bad dreams or nightmares every night.

1.      Relaxing:

how to stop having bad dreams reviewThe first tip on how to stop having bad dreams that I want you to focus on is that you should relax your brain.

Nightmares can be caused by stress, such as wondering if you will get a job or not. Let go off your worries, and begin having happy dreams again. You can relax by either meditating, or having a nice day at the beach. Just make sure it’s a quiet area where you can relax and chill out.

If stress is the main cause for your current bad dreams, you should learn how to deal with depression effectively.

2.      Attempting To Manipulate Your Nightmare:

Some people are better at this than others. You should see whether or not you can make certain things happen in your dreams. Once you get good at this, you will be able to make the fearful things go away. You should not get frustrated with this, because it comes faster to some people than others. You should relax and take your time.

3.      Talking To Someone About Your Dreams:

Find someone who you trust, and explain your dreams. Also explain to them why they scare you. Just letting your feelings out makes things better. You can write this in a Dream Journal, but be aware that sometimes it helps to explain to someone who you know is listening. Some people can get away with talking to a scarecrow, while others need someone who deeply understands the topic and gives feedback. See what works for you, and regularly explain your nightmares to this person. After a while, they should go away.

To get a sound sleep, you should perform some simple yoga pose before going to bed as this will get your breath on the great track and you will go through the sleep without any nightmare.

4.      Thinking Happy Thoughts:

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Right before bed, you should think of extremely nice and happy things that happened to you or what you want to do, such as flying to the sky. You should also imagine yourself in your happy place having fun. As soon as something bad starts occurring, you should force yourself awake. Soon, the bad thoughts will disappear.

You can also turn some happy thoughts into reality by learning simple plan to get a happy life.

5.      Finding A Happy Place:

You do not need to literally surf the globe, and find a happy place. You can make one up, or base it on a nice place you have been to. No matter where or what it is, you just need to make sure that it will help you feel relaxing and calm. You should also make sure that you do not tell people who you don’t want to be appeared there where it is, or else they will appear in your dream and make things worse. To better visualize your happy place in dreams, you should draw a beautiful picture.

6.      Yourself Some Self-Love And Acceptance:

It is simple to suggest, but it is really hard to do. Affirmations, while they can seem cheesy at first, are efficient as well. You should affirm that you are good, you are strong, and you are very brave. It may seem dumb, but it can really work!

7.      Dream Dairy:

You should keep a dream journal and write down nightmares whenever you wake up. By then, you can read the fearful dreams, imagine, and try to determine what the causes of these dreams are possibly.

The most important thing that you should realize about regular bad dreams is that there is always a cause behind them. If you think that your bad dreams may be due to your current taking of a new medication, you should tell a trusted doctor. If there has recently been unusual trauma or stress in your life, you need to work the stress and pain out that are being caused by this event for your bad dreams to cease. In a lot of situations, you need to change your daily diet and routines as it may help to decrease nightmares frequency and help you get a more peaceful night’s sleep.

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8.      Call For Help:

You need to call a friend or any family member that is trusted as you can talk about your anxieties or fears. A lot of bad dreams are caused by stress or trauma. You should actually not keep all in secret. Instead, you need to talk about the nightmares to your partners or someone you trust. Seemingly nightmares can hide concerns or problems. In addition, talking about bad dreams can help you get rid of them faster!

9.      Saying “No” To Caffeine Before Bed:

You should never drink caffeine before bed because it will make it hard for you to fall asleep. And even when you can, you will not have sound sleep – creating a chance for bad dreams attack your brain. If you are suffering from sleep problems, you should learn ways to stop sleep insomnia right away to get better sleep.

10.      Stopping Smoking Before Bed:

You should not smoke if you want to get safe and sound sleep without nightmares. In fact, nicotine is often linked to sleep disorders, insomnia, and also bad dreams.

If you are smokers, it is totally not good at all. Even if you want to get rid of smoking forever, and you actually should, you can lean on ways to get rid of smoking fast.

11.      Avoiding Taking Drugs Before Bed:

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You should not take any drugs that are not prescribed by your doctor and essential to your health.

12.      Getting Milk And Snack:

You should prepare and have a glass of milk or a light snack before going to bed. This can help to calm you and your soul, leading to a sound sleep later.

13.      Eating Lightly Before Bed:

You should avoid eating anything heavy, fattening, or greasy right before sleeping.

14.      Thinking Positively:

Before going to bed at night, you should totally clear your mind from every problem and worry you have throughout the day. One way to do if you cannot get worries off your mind is that you can create a concrete list and resolve to look at it in the morning. When you go to bed for sleeping, you just should think about beautiful things.
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In fact, it is proven that thinking something beautiful before going to bed can reduce the risk of getting nightmares. That is the reason why you should make a try!

If you are among people who often think about negative things, you should learn useful ways to improve thinking to get more positive mind.

15.      Avoiding Triggers:

how to stop having bad dreams at night

You should not watch news, graphic violence, scary movies or reading graphic books before going to bed. These are actually the triggers leading directly to nightmares and other bad dreams.

16.      Preparing For Bed Time:

Preparing for the bedtime is very important, meaning that you should help your mind and body prepare for going to sleep. Before going to sleep, you should relax your brain and get your mood in the “mode” for sleeping soundly. You can actually get this by reading your favorite novel, praying or meditating, drinking herbal tea, or taking a warm bath. Anything that makes you and your mind stay calm and soothed can actually help you. You should also keep in mind that alcohol, caffeine drinks, and smoke do not help you sleep well, so as I mentioned above, you should try to avoid them in the evening (at least).

17.      Changing Your Bed:

You should have a regenerating and healthy sleep as this is the simplest way that can help you improve the quality of your sleep and also your life’s, in every its aspects.

You should buy a calmly and soft mattress, pillow, and a bed base. You should choose them with due care. You should also keep your eyes on the models on the market, test them in the stores yourself and choose the best one that is most suitable for your want and your physical characteristics.

18.      Changing Some Habits:

You should try to go to sleep a little “after or before” the usual, meaning that you should change your bedtime schedule. In fact, your bad dreams may also result from bad time sleeping habits!

Sometimes, you may do not care about your nasal problems enough and this can also lead to an unsound sleep, also causing bad dreams. In case that you have polyps inside your nose, this will make you find hard to breathe and you will not be able to sleep well. Thus, if it is your current problem, you should learn natural tips to get rid of nasal polyps.

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19.      Creating A Food Diary:

The next tip on how to stop having bad dreams that I introduce today is that you should create a food diary for your own. In fact, foods are very important for our health, both mentally and physically. You should especially focus on your daily diet in order to get well if there is a connection between your sleep quality and what you eat. In this way, you will be able to determine the relationship between a nightmare and certain drinks or foods. Food intolerance or a bad digestion may actually be one of the main causes of your bad dreams.

Besides, there are a lot of foods that are healthy for overall health and that soothe your brain. If you want to get more power for brain, you can make use of super healthy foods for brain.

20. Combating Stress: combating stress

Nightmares are often a symptom of pressure during the day. If you are stressed, it will be the main reason why you are stressed even in your thoughts during the time of your sleeping. You should consider your nightmare a sign and then you have to identify the causes of stress in your daily life. If you find out the answer for this, you are able to eliminate the likelihood of nightmares at night. If the reasons of your stress are not things you can change and confront, you should see a therapist to deal with them more efficiently. In addition, you can go on holiday to get rid of stress.

See: Tips To Relieve Stress

21. Analyzing Your Dreams:

Many people believe that dreams are unconscious thoughts. However, if you register the psychodynamic school of psychology, you will acknowledge and confront the thoughts that you can move on and forget them. Try to think about the hidden messages that may be included in those dreams and metaphors. Your dream can represent something else. You can ask yourself some questions to find out the answer. What is going on in your life? What can you associate those dreams with? Find common themes and patterns and identify the reason. Nightmares are very scary, as you aren’t thinking straight. But, there are some gaping flaws in the logic and the plots.

22. Increasing Comfort: increasing comfort

As mentioned, many different forms of physical and psychological pressure may manifest itself as nightmares as you are asleep. It means that you can be ill or you want to go the toilet. At the same time, your sleeping can indicate a flashing light as some kinds of alien or siren, or a cool breeze on your skin might make you feel more stressed. Make sure that your environment is completely free of such things and your bedroom is dark and warm enough. This brings a peaceful sleep at night to you.

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23. Getting More Clues:

Next to tips on how to stop having bad dreams and nightmares every night, apply your waking day to know more about clues if you are not sure. You can recall something that you hear from your friends or something you have watched on TV. Maybe, they strike a chord with you.
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In addition, many different messages can come from songs that you cannot get out of your head or your assignment at school you are compelled to reply. You can be aware of these things in your daily life and link them to your dreams.

24. Becoming Lucid: becoming lucid

When you have lucid dreams, it means that you can become aware that you are sleeping and you are able to wake up and get out of your dream. This can help you stop nightmares and make them less scary. To gain this ability, you have to recognize common patterns and themes in your dreams that can be warning signs. This is useful for recurring nightmares. Another way is that you can try doing reality tests during the day like pinching yourself. And then, you can stop nightmares and make your dream a happy ending.

All of the 24 tips on how to stop having bad dreams or nightmares every night are proven good for a lot of people out there. I have studied them for a long time, and now, I am glad to share them with anyone who desires to find out how to easily stop having nightmares.

If you feel the tips on how to stop having bad dreams I offer in this article are really useful for your current expectation, just feel free to leave all your comments/feedbacks at the end of this post. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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