Slim Tea Review (UPDATED 2024) — Is It Safe?

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Liquid supplements for dieting are plentiful, but if you’re not careful, they can get you. How?

By promoting products that don’t work, that don’t contain fat-burning ingredients, and that aren’t proven to help you lose weight. One such product is now being touted as the best way to lose weight naturally, but is it? Read our review below to learn more.

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Slim Tea Overview

Slim Tea is a weight loss product that’s supposed to be a healthy, natural way to shed excess weight. It comes in the form of tea packets that come in several flavors, including pomegranate, goji, and blueberry. Each package contains 25 packets of tea, and at a price of $9.99 per bag, that means you pay about $0.39 per cup of tea – not bad, but you can get other green tea products for less money (and for more packets per box). Is there anything special about this tea that makes it worth the extra price? Read on for more.

Slim Tea is made by Hyleys, a tea company based in Sri Lanka. They sell many kinds of tea, and are the “4th largest exporter of tea bags from Sri Lanka.” We couldn’t find any profile for them on the Better Business Bureau, so we don’t know what their customer service history is like. That said, there aren’t any controversies or lawsuits currently pending, so they seem like a reasonably trustworthy company.

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Slim Tea Claims

Slim Tea is supposed to increase the body’s metabolism, something that’s intended to both increase the amount of calories your body burns as well as the rate at which your body burns fat. Other than that, it claims to give your body “cleansing” and improve your digestion. Unusually, it also promises to work as a laxative, something which we’re not sure most people on a diet are going to want in a weight loss supplement (especially if they’re on the go or at work!).

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Slim Tea Ingredients

Slim Tea has only two ingredients in it:

  • Green Tea
  • Senna Herb

Green tea is a natural leaf that’s dried and boiled with water to produce a tea that’s enjoyed all over the world. It contains antioxidants which help clean your body of free radicals. Slim Tea claims here that green tea increases your metabolism, and thus your ability to lose weight.

Senna herb is a natural herb that contains sennosides, chemicals that irritate the bowel and cause evacuation of the bowels – which is why they’re used as a laxative.

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The Science Behind Slim Tea

Slim Tea claims that green tea will help your body naturally shed fat faster, while the senna will clean you out and improve digestion.

Green tea does have some health benefits, and it contains caffeine, which gives you more energy. That part isn’t disputed. There is little proof that green tea makes your metabolism go up, however, as the Cochrane Review found that reports of weight loss from regular users of green tea are not statistically significant.

Senna herb does act like a laxative, but the question is why include it? It doesn’t help you lose body fat.

The company says you should drink this in the evening or before bed – but why? Caffeine will affect your ability to sleep, and you might end up having to get up in the night to use the restroom thanks to the senna.

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Word on the Street About Slim Tea

Slim Tea has its fans, as we noted when we saw reviews posted on third-party websites like Amazon. Some users love that it “rids them of constipation” and “helped me lose 3 pounds in two days” (although we should note that people regularly fluctuate by +/- 3 lbs on a weekly basis, so this isn’t that impressive). Most “positive” users emphasized the laxative effects.

Overpriced,” said another customer, while others went on to say that “it didn’t help me lose weight.” Others said it “gave me horrible cramps” and “didn’t change my weight at all.

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Is Slim Tea Worth Trying?

We don’t see a reason to use this product. Based not only on the ingredients included but also user reviews, it seems like this tea is good for little else than forcing you to use the restroom, sometimes multiple times a day. Any weight that people say they lost was likely down to natural fluctuations in their body weight and likely didn’t represent a change in body fat.

In the end, it seems like this product is just an expensive laxative tea. That’s fine, if that’s what you’re looking for, but if you’re looking for a quality weight-loss drink, Slim Tea just isn’t the solution.

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Slim Tea vs Flat Tummy Tea

These products are similar. Both claim to be teas that make you physically slimmer by increasing metabolism and reducing “bloat.” Slim Tea comes in one form, a tea meant to be drunk at night, while Flat Tummy Tea comes in two different formulas for day and evening. Slim Tea contains green tea and senna, while Flat Tummy Tea contains senna, peppermint, licorice, and other herbs. Flat Tummy Tea is more expensive at $36 for 20 packets, compared to $9.99 for 25 Slim Tea packets.

Slim Tea vs Green Tea

These products are basically identical. Slim Tea itself contains green tea as a part of its formula, and the only major difference is that Slim Tea contains the addition of the natural laxative herb senna leaf. Green tea can be found almost anywhere, while Slim Tea is sold only from certain retailers. Green tea itself can sell for as little as $0.09 per packet, while Slim Tea costs about $0.39 per packet – which seems small at first, until they start to add up over the weeks.

Slim Tea vs Fit Tea

These products both claim to do similar things. They both claim to increase your energy and metabolism, leading to quicker weight loss and calorie burning. Slim Tea contains only green tea and senna herb (a laxative), while Fit Tea (original formula) contains green tea, oolong, and garcinia cambogia extract. Slim Tea is much cheaper at $9.99 for 25 packets, while Fit Tea is $25.00 for only 14 packets. That means if you wanted to use Fit Tea for a month, you’d have to spend $50 – a high price for tea.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do they sell Hyleys Slim Tea at Walmart?
    Not anymore, it looks like, though they have other brands of “slimming” teas.
  2. Do you know where to find Hyleys Slim Tea reviews?
    On Amazon, mainly.
  3. Where can I find reviews of Hyleys Pomegranate Slim Tea?
    Again, Amazon is going to be your best bet.
  4. Does Hyleys Slim Tea come in Blueberry flavor?
  5. What are the side effects of Hyleys Slim Tea?
    It can cause stomach cramps and excessive need to use the restroom.
  6. Is Hyleys Slim Tea a detox?
    They claim to be, yes. However, your body is equipped to detox itself, and you don’t need products to help you with it.
  7. Slim Tea – does it work?
    It may work to help you evacuate your bowels, but it’s not clear if it can help you lose weight.
  8. Do you know how to make Hyleys Slim Tea?
    The same way you brew any cup of tea: boil water, let a packet steep for 3-5 min, then drink.

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So What Really Works?

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