Learn How To Be Beautiful Naturally Without Make-Up With 23 Tips

Do you want to know how to be beautiful naturally without make-up? Recently, VKool.com made a writing of top 23 tips and tricks to make women be more beautiful and sexier in a healthy way without make-up or any side effect on their skin. This writing is a collection of natural tips on how to be beautiful and sexy when meeting other people from reliable sources. However, this writing is not intended to give medical advice, so make sure that you will consult with your medical practitioner before following 23 tips on how to be beautiful presented in this article.

Top 23 Tips On How To Be Beautiful Naturally Are Revealed

1. Stand Straight, Sit Upright & Look Straight 

how to be beautiful

A person’s biggest attraction is confidence – because when you are confident, that is, you boast about your own values, you feel deserved to be admired and loved. That makes other people want to connect with you. The confidence expresses primarily in straight gait, sitting upright shape and looking straight a partner when talking. A study in the Journal of Social Psychology, published in 2024 in Europe indicates that people who sit upright feel more confident about what they say.

Also, straight gait and sitting straight are also fascinated by its aesthetics: no one commends a person who has bowed face, stooping and sitting watt waist is beautiful. Many studies also show that going straight, sitting up straight, and looking straight mean frank, honest, and sincere. This is quite important when evaluating other people.

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2. Care For Your Face Skin

how to be beautiful Washing your face regularly: Making up too much will make your skin tend to worsen because of using the different types of make-up creams. These creams can cause enlarged pores or uneven skin color. These signs show that you should start to take care of your skin by washing it daily. Also you should use the cleansers that are suitable for your skin, because they will help your skin become soft, comfortable and help you tighten enlarged pores. These are the basics, but they will help you have a beautiful skin naturally without making-up to conceal. Moisturize the skin: washing your face is a proper way to clean your face, and remove dirt on your skin. However, it is not enough to make the skin become perfect. More important then you must use a skin moisturizer every day. Even if you have oily skin, moisturizer can also prevent mucus secreted by your body. If you want to have a baby kin just moisturize every day. Using Brush cleanser: This is an useful item for busy girls but fearing bad. Washing your face with a brush to help remove oil, dirt and dead skin is better than washing by hand. Using brush cleanser makes your skin be less dry than most of the cleansing or exfoliating products. Keep your brush away bacteria, rinse and let dry naturally after use. Replace brush cleanser 3 months / time with your toothbrush. Wash your face with a shower: In fact skin pores cannot open or close. Even very hot or cold water can exacerbate skin problems like acne and redness. That said, lightly steam can help take away the layer of oil in the pores, so you should be washed with a shower that is a great idea. See more: How To Get Beautiful Skin Face Naturally At Home If you want to discover other tips on how to be beautiful in a healthy way, keep reading!

3. Care For Your Lips 

how to be beautiful Lip moisturizing cream is a simple way to help your lips be soft and seductive without having to use lipstick. To do this, you should exfoliate your lips at first with a small brush and then rub moisturizer. This approach will help your lips become natural and always keep the roses needed See more: How To Get Soft Lips Naturally And Fast

4. Lengthen Eyelashes 

how to be beautiful

You do not need to use mascara to make your eyelashes look thicker and longer. Mascara can make you feel quite heavy and uncomfortable on the lashes. There is another way that is extremely natural to help your eyelashes become longer and curved. This way is using the Vaseline oil. Comb the lashes with a layer of Vaseline oil, use it every day you will see surprising effects. This is really a miracle product for women.

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5. Eliminate Toxins In The Body 

how to be beautiful Habits of drinking plenty of water and regular exercise are the best way to your body has ability to eliminate toxins that are more harmful to your skin. If you can do this way every day, you will find you look more beautiful without needing to seek the help of makeup. Learn more: How To Detox The Body Naturally From Alcohol And Other Toxins

6. Changing Hairstyles 

how to be beautiful Hair, with women, is extremely important. Hair is a crucial part of your face. Thus, changing hairstyles to suit your face is also a beauty way without makeup but still being very prominent. See more: 11 Cute Medium Long Hairstyles For Women In 2024

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