Top 22 Healthy Foods that Fight Fatigue Naturally and Effectively

healthy foods that fight fatigue

You can feel fatigued because of mental problems such as depression, anxiety, and stress. Even some certain medical conditions can also lead to a fatigue such as cancer, heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, etc. The main symptom of this condition is exhaustion, especially after a mental or physical activity. Some other symptoms include lack of motivation, dizziness, loss of appetite, lack of energy, headaches.

List Of Foods That Fight Fatigue – The Best Foods

If you feel fatigued after eating, you are consuming the wrong foods. The tip is that you should opt for foods that give you energy more slowly and a boost of long-lasting energy. Keep away from high- glycemic foods that deliver a short-lasting boost, but leave you to feel tired. Eating the right foods is really important in case you are already feeling tired because of the stress, whether it comes from mental, physical or emotional overexertion. Fatigue is not only a nuisance, if you ignore it, it can become a chronic condition and place you at risk for disease.

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You can fight your fatigue with some available foods. They will provide you with essential nutrients and vitamins to function properly and battle with symptoms of fatigue effectively. In this article, I will reveal some of the healthy foods that fight fatigue in details, so you should not skip out the following health facts and the wonderful power of fatigue-fighting foods. The best and most important foods that can help all of us fight against and tiredness that we will discover together in this entire article are:

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is considered as a super food that supports digestive health and maintains healthy blood sugar levels. Besides, carbohydrates spend a little time in the stomach, so you get a boost of energy quickly. However, unlike processed cereals, oatmeal does not lead to a sugar crash. The high dietary fiber content containing in oatmeal helps us feel full for a longer time, preventing overeating, which can result in weight gain and fatigue. Apart from its high fiber content, this food is a great source of nutrients including protein, B1, magnesium, and phosphorus.

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Eat oatmeal in the morning for getting instant energy. Breakfast is really important due to the fact that it replenishes the energy and helps you fight fatigue throughout the day. A bowl of oatmeal can be a good option for you. You can also add to the benefits by adding the oatmeal with nuts and fresh fruits.

Oatmeal is actually a great fatigue-fighting food, so try it out!

2. Nuts And Seeds

Nuts and seeds are ideal foods that fight fatigue that I would like to reveal in this entire article today and want you and my other readers to learn and consume them for good!. They are nutrient-rich foods that contain healthy omega-3 fats and high-quality protein. According to the type you opt for, you will also take decent amounts of magnesium, iron, phosphorus, riboflavin, copper, vitamins B1, B2, B5 as well as B6. All of them are related to the production of energy, immune system boost, and fighting symptoms of fatigue.

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Almonds, pumpkin seeds, and hazelnuts are great sources of magnesium that can help us fight fatigue. The tryptophan containing in sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, cashews, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and almonds fights emotional fatigue and improves sleep, which can reduce physical tiredness. And all seeds and nuts are good sources of protein that the body can turn into energy. However, the omega-3 fatty acids that are found in nuts and seeds are potent weapons in the battle with fatigue. These healthy fats lower the glycemic index and are a super source of energy. They stay in the stomach longer than proteins and carbohydrates, so it provides long-lasting energy. Omega- 3s have been found to last the feeling of fullness, that prevent from weight gain, a contributor to fatigue.

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3. Sweet Potatoes

foods that fight fatigue - sweet potatoes

Their gorgeous tubers are packed with magnesium, B vitamins, iron, potassium and complex carbs and all of them help increase the energy and prevent you from feeling tired. They are also easy to digest, thus they will never lead to any energy-zapping digestive distress. As these foods are so nutrient dense and contain quality fiber, their sugars are given off very slowly into the blood flow, supporting you to feel energized.

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The tryptophan and complex carbs found in potatoes also give a serotonin production boost in the body to battle with depression as well as fatigue. They also provide over half of your daily vitamin C requirements. Vitamin C aids the body to absorb and utilize iron from the dishes better, which is important for staying energized. Consider enjoying them grilled, roasted, mashed, steamed, in a salad.

This is, in fact, one of the healthy foods that fight fatigue that people should learn and try to consume to prevent you from the tiredness.

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4. Spinach

A good food for fighting fatigue is spinach. Spinach is a food source that is rich in magnesium, B vitamins, plant-based iron, and protein. Magnesium plays an important role in proving energy for the brain and muscles, and even paired with potassium allows good digestion in the stomach as well as the regulation of muscle and nerve function. Iron helps the blood remove oxygen to the cells of the body. This, in turn, produces energy and fight tiredness as well as other fatigue symptoms. It also has a large amount of vitamin C to support iron absorption. Another benefit of consuming spinach is that it has high levels of chlorophyll to battle with inflammation that can result in fatigue. Use spinach in some ways, including soups, juice, smoothies, sauces and raw wraps to enjoy all of their benefits.

In fact, this is also among the healthy foods that fight fatigue, so people should add more of this food into the daily diet to get a healthy body

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5. Coconut

Rich in healthy fats, coconut can enhance the physical energy as well as mental energy. Coconut also has amino acids, tryptophan, B vitamins, magnesium and potassium to keep you feel energized as well. Coconut butter is good for giving you a natural buzz, reducing sugar cravings, and boosting the mental health to help battle with fatigue all day long.

You should consume it raw and cold-pressed to get the most health benefits and to enjoy its delicious flavor. You can also use coconut in a smoothie in the morning as kind of foods that fight fatigue.

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6. Bananas

Bananas are the only fruit when it comes to giving energy. In case you avoid them for the sugar content, you are skipping out their wonderful benefits. These fruits are rich in soluble fiber that helps slow down the release of sugar content into the blood flow. This is because they contain magnesium as well as B vitamins, they also aid to stabilize the blood sugar and boost a relaxed state of mind.

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Bananas offer a constant source of energy, which is one of the main reasons why many athletes consume these foods that fight fatigue before a workout. They also take longer in order to digest than most of the fruits to keep you feel full longer. Slightly spotted bananas are easier to digest, so opt for them. Consume 1-2 bananas alone and then enjoy them in the morning, so you can use the natural sugars as well as complex carbs in order to burn for energy. Alternatively, you can enjoy a banana smoothie and shake to keep you hydrated and full of energy.

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7. Melons

foods that fight fatigue - melons

In case you are feeling fatigued after a workout or on a hot day due to dehydration, you can get most of your energy back with some slices of melon. Melons are rich in water and they help you keep active and getting rid of symptoms of fatigue. Besides, they are high in fatigue-fighter nutrients including vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium, lycopene, and iron.

Honeydew, watermelon, and cantaloupe are luscious summer fruits. They are a good source of fiber and B vitamins, which are keys to keeping the energy. Consuming melon can aid to rehydrate the body. Besides, watermelons also have citrulline, which is converted into arginine to help improve blood stream.

8. Dark Chocolate

Get the caffeine boost from dark chocolate instead of coffee. It will energize you, while offering iron and magnesium. It offers the healthiest benefit when it has more cocoa and less sugar, so opt for bars of chocolate with at least 70% cocoa content. It is better when you reduce to eat the entire bar due to the fact that it is not as addictive as a bar of milk chocolate would be.

This is in brief one of the best foods that fight fatigue so people should not look down yet try to consume it and enjoy its wonderful health benefits.

9. Cacao

Cacao is richer in iron than meat, and it is also a great food source of protein, zinc, B vitamins and fiber. It even is considered as the highest food source of magnesium across the world. It is also one of the most important minerals to provide your energy requirements. Magnesium helps your metabolism, reduces the stress that results in fatigue, fights sugar cravings and also plays a part in enzymatic functions. It can be used in smoothie, pudding, energy bar or just used raw to get the most benefits. Do you want to know other foods that fight fatigue? Continue reading this entire article!

10. Salmon

Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which have been proven to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Not only is salmon great for the heart, it is rich in vitamin B6, protein, niacin as well as riboflavin. These nutrients basically help to convert foods into energy, giving you a source of energy when you think that you will fall asleep at the desk.

This is actually also one out of the healthy foods that fight fatigue that a lot of people in the world love and have been eating to deal with their fatigue.

11. Fresh, Seasonal Produce

Cost, nutrient value, sustainability, health, environment, flavor, color, etc are main reasons why people should eat seasonal produce. However, when it comes to dealing with fatigue, seasonal produce has its highest nutrient levels that it could be. When the product is not in season, it is stored and transported, the nutrient potential decreases rapidly. By consuming in season, you are getting the best benefits from the produce and can feel more energized after consuming seasonal produce. In case you work indoors, try a big salad, chopped up fruits and veggies on them for a source of energy.

12. Walnuts

foods that fight fatigue - walnuts

Another fatigue-fighting food is walnuts. They contain omega-3 fatty acids that can help deal with fatigue symptoms easily. They can also ease symptoms of depression. Besides, walnuts have both fiber and protein, which help produce energy after a workout. They also have a large amount of magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, copper and essential vitamins. You should aim to add ¼ cup of walnuts into your diet. Alternatively, you can eat roasted walnuts as a healthy snack. Also, you can also sprinkle walnuts on milkshakes, smoothies, cereal, soups and salads.

13. Beans

Another one out of the healthy foods that fight fatigue that I would like to introduce in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn and remember to eat is that beans can help to stop you from being fatigued effectively.

Beans are known to be a miracle food as they have a lot of health benefits and can also help deal with fatigue. They are rich in fiber, have complex carbohydrates, protein, and minerals including phosphorus, potassium, copper, magnesium, and iron. They help deliver long-lasting energy and stop you from feeling fatigued. As most of the beans contain a low glycemic index, you can consume them without worrying about subsequent dips in energy and sudden blood sugar spikes. You can try numerous types of beans throughout the day. You can also try some meals with beans of your choice.

14. Water

This is also one of the healthy foods that fight fatigue people should learn and try to follow for good, especially those struggling with fatigue. Dehydration may be a cause of fatigue. It can cause headaches, ruin the concentration, and then place you in a sour of mood. And drinking water is one of the simplest ways in order to hydrate the body. You do not have to drink exactly 8 cups of water a day, but in case you drink coffee, sodas, and other drinks, you will feel better prior to knowing it.

15. Green Tea

foods that fight fatigue - green tea

There is no secret that green tea has a lot of beauty and health benefits. A cup of green tea can fight fatigue effectively, especially work and stress-related fatigue. It contains polyphenols that support to ease stress, improve mental focus and boost energy. Besides, it has nutrients that have been showed to enhance metabolism and protect the body from many symptoms of fatigue.

In order to make a glass of green tea, steep 1 tsp of organic green tea leaves in boiling water for about 5 minutes. Strain, add honey and then drink it 2-3 times a day. Yo can also use green tea bags instead of tea leaves.

16. Whole-Wheat Bread

Another one on the list of the foods that fight fatigue that I would like to reveal in this entire article today and want you and my other readers to learn and then try to add it to their daily diet if you are trying to deal with fatigue. Your body requires carbs for energy; however, not all carbs will be created equal. Whole-wheat bread is good for a long-lasting energy boost. Besides, it is a complex carb, which means that it increases the blood sugar gradually.

Continue reading to discover other foods that fight fatigue!

17. Yogurt

Yogurt is so flavorful and creamy, it can be a dessert masquerading as a healthful food. This is because yogurt is soft, your body consumes it more quickly than other solid foods, making it a good source of instant energy. Besides, yogurt also has probiotics and useful bacteria that help keep your body healthy by helping you eliminate harmful bacteria and protecting against pathogens. Recent research suggests that probiotics can help reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue. You can eat it whenever you want. It is a great snack as it will offer you an instant source of energy. Besides, you can add some healthy toppings such as nuts, ground flaxseed, oats, and fruits to make a breakfast. Go for the Greek yogurt that contains twice the protein amounts as other regular kinds and it has a creamier, richer consistency, which makes it look like an indulgence. Bonus points in case you opt for low-fat and plain yogurt and then add healthy toppings of your choice. Eat it at least 3 times a week for the best digestive results.

18. Maca

This golden yellow powder is one of the most effective foods to boost your energy in a small serving. It helps your body solve with stress of all forms as well as boosts hormonal functions. Since the hormones play a vital role in the fatigue syndrome and ability to fight stress, adding this food is a good way to quickly see improvements. Try a tbsp of maca in the oatmeal, energy bar, smoothies, raw puddings and bites. Eat it first thing in a day or when you need an energy boost. In fact, maca is among the healthy foods that fight fatigue, so people should try to add this food to the daily diet to consume for good.

19. Spirulina

foods that fight fatigue - spirulina

It is high in amino acids and protein, so it can boost a large amount of iron, magnesium, B vitamins. It is also a high nutritional and antioxidant content to help you fight stress and low energy. About a tbsp of spirulina will give you 90% of your daily iron needs, 150% of your vitamin B12 needs. Buy from high-quality sources to avoid contaminants and utilize it in smoothies where it can be tasted with a date, banana, berries or some other healthy sweeteners.

This is also a great one on the list of best foods that fight fatigue that you should not look down, but remember to add this food into the diet as soon as possible.

20. Edamame

Edamame contains B vitamins, copper, phosphorous, folic acid, etc. B vitamins are effective in boosting brain function and converting carbohydrates into glucose, which your body needs for energy. Besides, this fruit is also a good source of fiber, protein, and low carb. Opt for frozen whole pods, boil or steam ahead of time, eat with salt.

21. Quinoa

Rich in protein, complex carbohydrates as well as amino acids, quinoa will help you feel full and energized throughout the day. Eat a bowl of quinoa mixed with vinaigrette and vegetables, or sweeten with almonds, cinnamon, and raisins.

22. Red Bell Pepper

They are one of the great sources of vitamin C. Not only does give a boost to the immune system, but it also helps ease the stress hormone cortisol contributing to fatigue. Vitamin C actually helps prevent fatigue from emotional and physical stress. Just a cup of this food daily will help you feel energized. You can add it to your diet in baked, raw, roasted, grilled, or stuffed form.

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This is the list of 22 healthy foods that fight fatigue that everyone, who wants to deal with their tiredness and exhaustion should read and remember for good. In fact, these foods have been already proven very effective in fighting fatigue and also delicious foods that can be used to make several dishes, so all of the people can use them. The wonderful health benefits of these foods are proven by science, so my readers should not worry when adding them to their daily diet.

After reading this list of healthy foods that fight fatigue and learn how to eat them properly to fight against fatigue, if you feel this list is very good for your fatigue and can also help other people around you who are trying to deal with one or more of the fatigue’s symptoms, you should share this list with them and stimulate them to add one or more foods to their daily diet as soon as possible. Finally, in case you know any of the other foods that can fight fatigue, do not forget to share with us by leaving the feedbacks in the comment section below, I will try to reply you as soon as possible.

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