How to influence people’s minds and behaviour – 9 ways

how to influence people

Do you want to look for the ways on how to influence people’s minds and behaviour? You do not need any magical ability to control or read someone’s thought. It is the simpler tips on how to influence people than you can imagine.

How To Influence People’s Minds And Behaviour – 9 Psychologically And Scientifically Ways

how to influence people

How to influence people is an art which can help you to control somebody’s emotions and decisions. It is wonderful to make people do what you want without saying a word, is not it? Even the people who own the ability to influence people’s minds or behaviour will achieve successes in their life and business. They can make their customer satisfied and make the enemies bow down at your feet. They can make friends within a few steps. So, on, I would like to share with your some psychologically and scientifically tricks on how to influence people’s minds and behavior which help you win friends.

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1. Be Friendly And Outgoing: 

how to influence people

Being friendly and outgoing is the natural way on how to influence people and get them like you. People tend to become friends with someone who always smile, communicate well and play various outside activities. This trick will make them comfortable with you and want to talk to you more. However, it is necessary not to treat them like your younger sibling. People hate being looked down. By asking them question, you show them your interest. It increases the chance to find out common interests and hobbies.

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2. Do A Favor

how to influence people

Second trick on how to influence people is doing a favor. Somebody you want to make friend will appreciate your help and like to treat you as the way you treat them. For example, when a friend asks you to borrow the rare book, you are ready to lend them your favorite book without hesitating. As the result, he will become your friend although he has never talked to you before.

3. Ask For Second Time: 

how to influence people

The tip sounds strange, right? However, researchers have found that it is the best way on how to influence people’s minds. The reason may be that when you ask for something ridiculous for the first time, they would like to reject your request. The second time when you ask for something less ridiculous will make them accept your request because of their guilty feeling.

4. Remember Their Name: 

how to influence people

Because their name is their identity, people seem glad to hear their name.  As a result, they are likely to respond to you. Moreover, using their name in communication or message make them feel involved in personal space. According to Dale Carnegie, the author of the book how to win friends and influence people, the name is the sweetest sound to call and hearing them make us feel our existence and being respected. We are inclined to make friend with others who can remember all details about us and pay attention fully to what we are talking. Furthermore, another reason for that trick on how to influence people is that calling their name shows the open and friendly relationship. It is as simple as the way we call “boss” at work place and call “friend” or “mate” with the ones you want to make friend.

5. Praise Others: 

how to influence people

Praising or flattering others will level up their emotion, hence controlling their feeling. Therefore, it is considered as the way on how to influence people’s behaviour. By showing them how worthy they are, you are motivating them.

It is shown that people with high self-esteem appreciated with good comments coming from your sincere. It is opposite trend to the ones who have low-esteem. The more you praise and want to motivate them, the more they feel bad. As a result, they are likely to like you less. However, I do not say that you should criticize people with low-esteem.

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6. Do What People Do: 

how to influence people

The tip on how to influence people is also called mirroring or mimicry. By being involved in other’s environment, you make yourself likeable and friendly. Interestingly, research has found that people who are be copied behaviour, manner and speech will approach and open to the ones how are behaving like them. By mirroring, we are validating and make them feel more confident, happier and more likely to be exposed.

7. Point Out Their Mistakes In Humble And Indirect Way: 

how to influence people

It is necessary to point out their mistake in order to help them. You need to do it in positive and indirect way because no one wants to be embarrassed in front of people. The worst thing you do is making them feel bad and small. In order to avoid embarrassment, start making some compliments first and then tell them the points they need to improve.

Secondly, avoid blunt, rude or abrasive words. If you use humble and polite words to talk, you will find that they are more likely to hear your opinions and want to take your lessons and your advices in their heart. Thirdly, never get them be embarrassed in front of others. You should keep it as the secrets between two of you.

8. Request When They Are Tired: 

how to influence people

When they are mentally or physically tired, they are more vulnerable. So, if you make request, they want to neither accept nor decide immediately. They may respond “I will do tomorrow”. And the next day, they definitely do it as they promise. It is the natural and psychological way on how to influence people that you should follow.

9. Respect Other’s Opinion And Do Not Expect Them To Change: 

how to influence people

When you argue with somebody, disagreement may happen. However, it is better to hear other’s opinion first and show them your respect. You cannot understand other’s view or opinion unless you put yourself in other’s circumstance and situations. Relationships based on trust and mutual respect lasts long, so it is important to admit our differences.

These are 9 tricks on how to influence people’s minds and behaviour. If you follow these tips, you will find that your life and your business become smooth and successful. Many people has done and achieved great progression in their relationship. Do you have any question to ask me? Do you want to share your opinions? Please feel free to leave it bellow. I will respond as soon as I can.

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