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We couldn’t even figure out what this company’s real name is. With conflicting information, some questionable ingredients, and mixed reviews, you could definitely do better. Learn more by clicking below:

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Max Grow Xtreme Overview

Max Grow Xtreme is a male enhancement product from GMP Distributions, also known as Revolution Labs (“RevLabs”), a nutritional supplement company based in California. The product is supposed to be able to help men perform better in bed, and for a longer time period. It even promises that men will physically grow a larger penis through regular use.

Recently the company appears to have changed this product’s name to “Primal Growth,” which is strange, considering that the website’s still named after Max Grow Xtreme, so customers should remain aware.

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Max Grow Xtreme Claims

Max Grow Xtreme is marketed at men who feel like their sexual energy is lacking and that their performance isn’t up to par. It’s meant for men who want to regain the virility and sexual prowess that they used to have, and if they never had it, to let them experience sex like they never have before. The main thing this product is intended to do is that it’s supposed to help increase blood flow to the penis, which can stimulate harder and longer-lasting erections for better sexual performance. Other ingredients focus on keeping the body active and improving stamina, so that men are tired out less easily when engaging in sex.

The overall result is supposed to be more confidence in bed, a better sex life, and as a result, a better sense of well-being and confidence overall in one’s life. Sexuality is an important part of our emotional and mental states, and so by improving this area of a man’s life, the benefits are supposed to extend to other areas of his life.
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Max Grow Xtreme also makes it clear that it’s made in the USA in a GMP-certified facility, meaning that the circumstances under which it was manufactured are high-quality, and that the facility was inspected and passed industry standards for hygiene, cleanliness, and workplace safety.

One of the first problems we noticed when it comes to this product is the company that makes it.
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It’s not exactly clear “who” makes it – is it GMP Distributions, which is what it says on Amazon? Is it RevLabs, the company in the description for GMP Distributions? Is it a company called Primal Growth? So many questions. Combine that with the frequent misspellings of key words and ingredients on the product’s main web page, and you’ve got a company that doesn’t exactly beg to be taken seriously.

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Max Grow Xtreme Ingredients

Max Grow Xtreme’s ingredients are mostly herbal in nature. Here’s a list of the ones provided:

  • Saw Palmetto Extract
  • Boron
  • Orchic Substance
  • Horny Goat Weed Extract
  • Nettle Extract
  • Tongkat Ali Extract

The first ingredient we’ll look at is the saw palmetto extract. This ingredient, a berry, is supposed to be useful for improving sex drive in both men and women. It’s supposed to do this by increasing the production of testosterone in the human body, the hormone primarily responsible for the desire for sex.

Boron is a mineral found not just in the environment, but in the diet as well. It was included for the same purpose as saw palmetto – increasing hormone levels – but one thing we learned (from WebMD) is that it actually increases the amount of estrogen in the body, not testosterone. It looks almost like the company included this ingredient without thinking about it, or thought that “increases hormone levels” naturally meant “testosterone levels.”

This product contains an unusual product called orchic substance, and some minor research reveals that this is a Chinese ingredient made from cow testicles. Its medicinal use is based on the idea that taking a supplement with this ingredient will increase the amount of testosterone in the body – something which definitely doesn’t hold much water, medically-speaking.

Horny Goat Weed Extract is a popular herbal ingredient, made from the epimedium plant, that’s supposed to increase circulation specifically to the genitalia. It’s another Chinese traditional ingredient, but this one is far more popular than most and is found in supplements all over the place.

This supplement also contains nettle extract, also called “stinging nettle,” which is a plant extract that has the effect of reducing inflammation and increasing urine production. If this seems like a strange ingredient to include in a male enhancement pill, it’s because it’s usually included in prostate health supplements, not sexual stimulants.
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Tongkat Ali extract is another natural aphrodisiac, this one coming from Southeast Asia. It’s supposedly able to work to inhibit estrogen levels and thereby allow the pro-sex hormone testosterone to do its thing, and has been popular in folk medicine for centuries, at the very least.

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The Science Behind Max Grow Xtreme

Some of these ingredients have some minor studies to back them up, but not all of the ingredients in this product have much to back them up. There’s very little information about the orchic extract included in this product, something that immediately raises some red flags. Not only does it not have much information about it, but what little there is about it doesn’t make it look very good. For example, WebMD claims that there’s “no evidence” to support the claim that it helps men sexually. Strangely enough, this company doesn’t even claim it’s supposed to improve sexual performance: the Max Grow Xtreme website claims that it’s supposed to “promote relaxation,” something we didn’t see anywhere else in our research.

Stinging Nettle on the other hand is a very popular ingredient, but while there’s some research showing that it contains chemicals that promote urination, there’s nothing that we found to suggest what the website claims: that this is an “aphrodisiac.” This may have to do with what some people claim are its testosterone-increasing abilities, but according to a study by Lopatkin, et al (Urologia, 2006), it was found to have no effect on hormone levels when tested in human subjects.

As we mentioned above, boron is supposed to actually increase the amount of estrogen in the blood – not testosterone – so in a way, this product is shooting itself in the foot by including an ingredient that does the opposite of what it says it’s supposed to do.

The other ingredients like tongkat ali and horny goat weed are popular ingredients in the world of natural sex drive enhancement, but the inclusion of these other ingredients that a) don’t have much to do with sex drive or b) have no science behind them at all means that this product doesn’t exactly impress, especially since there are other products out there that contain similar ingredients but don’t have a formula watered down by unproven, underwhelming, or counterproductive ingredients.

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Word on the Street about Max Grow Xtreme

The customer reviews for this product are a little mixed, and many of the “positive” ones actually look a little fake, to be honest.

“Worked for me and my partner, and no side effects.”

“Helpful is this product.”

“This was featured on Dr. Oz, but I got 0 results. Dr. Oz should give me my money back!”

“This is amazingly great, such an amazingly wonderful great product. Thanks Amazon!”

“I used this for a whole month and saw no results.”

It’s strange when the only reviews that actually sound trustworthy come from the people who didn’t like the product. The positive ones often come with weird grammar and strange phrasing (like the person who kept repeating “amazing” over and over) that leads us to wonder if any of them are real or not.

Since we couldn’t find any information about this company – or should we say, the names of the several companies associated with this product – we can’t tell whether to trust that this product has a good customer service history. This company should really get with the times and make sure they have a solid, public-facing presence so that people can see who they are and whether they’re trustworthy or not.

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Is Max Grow Xtreme Worth a Try?

It’s really impossible to suggest that people try a product that doesn’t even have a consistent brand name – Max Grow Xtreme, or Primal Growth? – and which doesn’t have a straight-forward answer as to who makes it. If we can’t tell who makes it, how are we supposed to know if we should buy from them? Combine this with a weak formula that contains several unproven or counter-productive ingredients, and you’ve got a product that just doesn’t impress us. Look elsewhere if you want trustworthy, effective male enhancement.

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Max Grow Xtreme FAQ

  1. What’s the price of Max Grow Xtreme?
    You can get this product on Amazon for $32.97. The main website forces you to first enter all your information before they tell you how much it will cost, but we can only assume that it’s similar to what the Amazon price is.
  2. Where can I buy Max Growth Xtreme?
    It’s available from the product’s main website, and can also be found on Amazon.
  3. What ingredients are in Max Growth Xtreme?
    Here’s a list of the main ingredients as provided by the company: boron, nettle extract, tongkat ali extract, horny goat weed extract, orchic substance, and saw palmetto extract.
  4. Does Max Grow Xtreme work?
    Based on our survey and some reviews we read, it’s not likely this will work.
  5. How are the Max Grow Xtreme reviews?
    Some are good, but many of the good ones sound a little fake. Lots of people say that it didn’t work for them.
  6. Is Max Grow Xtreme available on Amazon?
    Yes, it’s available on Amazon in limited quantities.
  7. Is this the same Max Grow Xtreme that was on Dr.Oz?
    It appears so, but it’s not clear whether even Dr. Oz personally believes that this product works.
  8. Does Max Grow Xtreme have a website?
    Yes, but it shares the website with two or three other nearly-identical products that all have the same images and branding, which makes it look like a scam, almost.
  9. Does Max Grow Xtreme give good results?
    It’s not clear, since some of the ingredients in this product don’t do anything (or actually could repress the sex drive!).
  10. What’s the phone number for Max Grow Xtreme?
    (855) 553-3000.
  11. What side effects come with Max Grow Xtreme?
    Side effects could include liver problems, nausea, constipation, or diarrhea.
  12. What is the Max Grow Xtreme website?

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