13 Ways And Tips On How To Get A Man To Leave His Wife For You

how to get a man to leave his wife for you

It is possible that you are deep in love with a man who has got married, which is such a difficult situation. And whether his life with his wife is perfect or not, you also want to have him beside you all the time. It may be not supportive but if you really need him in your life, you can apply some ways on how to get a man to leave his wife so that he will voluntarily come to you.

Almost married men will not leave their wives as they don’t want to hurt their feelings, particularly when they already have kids together. But when your man is suffering from a terrible marriage, you can separate him from his wife because of your all happiness. Under any circumstance, you have to make him voluntary to stay with you because the relationship without two-sided agreement can lead to the same failed marriage.

It is time for VKool.com to recommend 13 ways and tips on how to get a man to leave his wife for you. All of the suggested ways are realistic and necessary for women who want to maintain an illegal relationship with a married man and stay with him in the future. Spend little time reading the article to know more ways and advice to keep a man away from his wife and stay with you more.

13 Ways And Tips On How To Get A Man To Leave His Wife For You

1. Choose Wisely

how to get a man to leave his wife - choose wisely

Starting the second relationship with a man who has got married is not easy, which is also the problem of Marriage & Relationships. But if you have thought thoroughly and still want to maintain this kind of relationship, you may have to your man out of his wife as soon as possible. A wise choice is the first necessary factor on how to get a man to leave his wife. You may think your emotion cannot be controlled but you can actually do this from the start. If you have considered to falling in love with a married guy who is really matured and reliable, you should choose someone unsuccessful in his marriage. It should be a man who is vulnerable because of marriage but full of kindness, warmth, and reliability. That means that your relationship can bloom or not depends on which type of guy you choose. Therefore, don’t just jump into him before finding out how he is and if he wants an alternative loving relationship, he may leave his unloving wife to start a new love with you indeed. Have a good choice to bring happiness to you and also engaged couple then settle down with him as you desire.

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2. Don’t Have Sex With Him

It cannot be denied that a married man who wants to make other relationships with women because of sexual reason. Thus, you should become not easy or stop having sex with him to consider whether he loves you or not. It is also the moment you ask him to choose between you and his wife, and if he really needs your sex, it is known as a way on how to get a man to leave his wife.

You should be clear to let him know what you expect from him that you want him to leave his wife and stay with you forever not because of sexual reason. Of course, you should spend time with him allowing him to enjoy so that he can realize your consistent intention but not your temporary satisfaction. You can sleep with him but just one time enough and when he starts begging later, you have to refuse and tell him your intention to carry on with him only when he is willing to leave his wife. By this way, you can understand his mind more and you then, of course, will not have a sex with a man who is dishonest.

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3. Treat Yourself Important

Making yourself important for him is another way on how to get a man to leave his wife as well. You should not only stop having sex with him but also become more cold-hearted by not taking care of him or staying with him much as before. By this way, he may realize how important you are for him and respect you as a deserved woman. Enjoy your life and keep interests which can also be common of yours while his wife does not have so that he is more attracted to you. No matter how you love him, you have to take care of yourself, live your life, and not depend on him, which keeps you respective and confident.

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4. Don’t Be Needy

You should not make yourself needy because of him because this can lead him to bother. You can treat as your prize as a way on how to get a man to leave his wife as well. Don’t contact, make calls, or leave texts before he does that and just wait for him coming to you on his own alternatively. If he really needs you, he will do this and so on without being reminded. On the other hand, if he is not committed to you, he will ignore everything except for the moment he needs you for his satisfaction like sex and you cannot also make him love you. Additionally, if you can’t restrict your feeling and call him all time, he can consider this as your mission and not make a call for you before then he may feel emasculated and give up as he is acting to his wife.

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5. Don’t Try To Convince Him To Leave

how to get a man to leave his wife - don't try to convince him to leave

You may think that convincing him all the time is an effective way on how to get a man to leave his wife because, by this way, he can understand your intention and come to stay with you. But it is not really a good idea. You can mention to your decision but in a polite way so that he can feel your sincerity. He has already his decision, which means you cannot convince him to leave if he does not want even your much saying can make him annoyed. Your man certainly acts on your advice, thus, give him some when necessary in a light and polite ways thereby making him easy to make a decision.

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6. How To Get A Man To Leave His Wife – List What His Wife Does Wrong

It may be weird when telling him what his wife can’t do or does wrong but it is also an effective way on how to get a man to leave his wife. In fact, men always want to keep themselves masculine, so when his wife emasculates him over time, he will get bothered with her. You can figure out how much function his wife gives, how potential she has when making a decision, how irresponsible she is when ignoring housework, and how tired she makes you after marriage…There are many articles and books directing you how to do this well so you can search for getting more.

On opposite to his wife, you have to act more properly to make him more masculine while you become more feminine. Be proud of his masculine strengths and show your femininity so that he finds himself masculine anytime staying with you. Don’t interrupt his work too much, make him more responsible for his work and family, and become weak sometimes to receive his care. However, it doesn’t mean you must have sex with him because this does not actually give him attraction when you can give him other things to make him masculine.  In fact, he may continuously have sex with his wife though without love feeling while telling you he is not, which means having sex is not really necessary for him when staying with a woman. He needs more and you are the only one to give him rather than his wife.

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7. Don’t Tell His Married Life Bad

Provided you do not tell a lie, you can tell him what benefits he receives when leaving his wife but not exacerbate anything, which is another way on how to get a man to leave his wife. In fact, a married man has no point competing with his wife or divorcing because he will receive feeling damage in any cases. That he gives up his wife or not depends on many factors like their children, mutual friends, reputation, emotional support, money especially when he divorces and loses a part of his income and property, and the inconvenience when staying without his wife as a habit. In other words, any men have no proper reason to separate their wife except when he can’t bear anymore. Therefore, you should not waste time making yourself better than her and if you exacerbate anything, you are pushing away.  You should just pay attention to your own relationship without destroying his relationship with his wife as well.

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8. Don’t Confront The Wife

how to get a man to leave his wife - don't confront the wife

There will be certain cases in which you have to face to face with his wife and you need to treat politely there. Firstly, you should not come to meet her before your illegal relationship is secreted. If you think you are brave when appearing and telling about your story with him as well as your intention to keep him staying with you, it is wrong. Your man will be so angry that separate from you because he has no preparation for this event while not mentioning to whether your saying is true or not. If he decides to leave his wife, he has prepared his mind and known how to deal with your case properly. Secondly, when you jump into his wife anywhere, you should treat politely so that both she and you can keep your faces on the ground as well as your man’s as you are the later one by anyways.  If you act wrongly, your man may not end up his marriage then counsel and back to his wife as well.

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9. How To Get A Man To Leave His Wife – Don’t Be Jealous Of His Wife

Jealousy is unavoidable when you are falling in love with a guy, especially who has already got married. You cannot deny that he has to spend much time with his wife and children more than you no matter how much he loves you as well. If he just meets you several times or overnight with you once a week, you cannot get angry and show your jealousy to him. Rather than anyone, you should be the one who knows clearly how stressful his life is and comfort him anytime he needs, not be a woman who always complains about her life because of a married man. Don’t put too much pressure on your man so that he can have the feeling wanting to be with you. In conclusion, showing the jealousy is a wrong way on how to get a man to leave his wife indeed.

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10. Be Patient And His Friend

Being his friend to share your feelings together is another way on how to get a man to leave his wife. It may not be easy to stand by him as a friend and confide your relationship but you need to do this and keep your mind patient because his relationship with his wife is much deeper than that with you. Spending time with him to build up a good relationship and understand him more. He gradually becomes acquainted the feelings with you rather than just a physical attraction to you. When he is ready to share with you his works, ambition, dreams, emotions even his fear with you, you may be successful at the first step. In addition, when you treat him as a friend, you can discover his deep character that you may not like and make other decision to leave him as well.

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11. How To Get A Man To Leave His Wife – Be Not His Marriage Counselor

be not his marriage counselor

Despite being his friend, you should not consider you as his marriage counselor. It is not necessary for you to help him to solve some problems or get over his wife as he has already his decision and does not want any interruption.  Besides, you should just share with him emotional aspects, not always mention to his marriage that it is not a great one or give him the advice to solve his family problem. You may think it is a way on how to get a man to leave his wife but it is not really indeed. You should know that at the moment he has not divorced, you don’t have right to treat him like that.

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12. Date Others

As mentioned above, you have to take care of yourself no matter how much you love him. If there is someone who loves you much than him and good enough, you can also start your own special relationship. By this way, he may know you are also attractive to other men so that urging himself to spend more time for you or taking care of you more. In addition, men always like to compete, thus, keeping other relationships along with the one with him is also a way on how to get a man to leave his wife. However, you should be careful when not to mention to your dating others too much with him. He may then ask and become jealous but cannot avoid the feeling damage but you should not do that usually, especially when he is tired.

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13. Stay Firm

Staying firm may be the final way on how to get a man to leave his wife. You may consider yourself as the third one interrupting his marriage and keep in mind all the things you have to bear. However, there will be sometimes when you have to attack him so that he can know that you stand by him to wait for him giving up the married life and you deserve to be treated as other women, not being hidden. As mentioned above, you have to let him know your intention to keep your long relationship but not a temporary one that he can ignore anytime. To show your decision, let him know that you will just keep something going if he leaves his wife and gives you the right as a real woman. If he does not accept, you will stop this illegal relationship. Although this decision can bring you hurts, you should do that as soon as possible because of your future as well.

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After reading the article on 13 ways and tips on how to get a man to leave his wife for you in our main Relationship & Dating page, hope that you can find out more realistic ways to keep a married man away from his wife and stay with you forever. Leave your comments and questions below then we would reply as soon as possible and share with us if you know other ways on how to get a man to leave his wife if you get.

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