13 different types of relationships you may experience in life

types of relationships

Relationships are unique, yet there are several traits that could define each kind. When you fall in love with someone, you could not predict the direction of that relationship. It can be perfect or at times it could be the worst thing that you could imagine. Every new relationship you find yourself in is a brand new experience even if you have been in a few relationships already. However, not all relationship that you will experience in your own life might be a pleasant experience. Some lovers might be selfish while others might be unfaithful. Regardless of that issue, it is always better for you to acknowledge some different types of relationships so that you can prepare yourself, both in terms of emotional and physical, for the best direction possible. Take a look from VKool.com!

Different Types Of Relationships – Most Common Relationship Types You Will Experience

1. Codependent

types of relationships

In this kind of relationship, you or your lover, or even the two of you could not function without the other person. The problem of depression and anxiety will be associated with you when you are not close to the other person. As a result, it affects many areas of your life and you will usually do out of your normal things in order to keep the love of your partner – such as delaying or cancel a trip planned one year ago with your friends just for staying with this person, or even given up a great job in order to have more time with him/her.

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2. Independent

types of relationships

Two of you form a “power couple” or one of you thinks so. Two people do not know how to compromise and sacrifice for the other person and the relationship. You or your partner always put yourself/himself ahead of the other person, and vice versa.

You tend to highly focus on your jobs, your own problems and your social life. You just need meet up when it is convenient up for the two of you. Nevertheless, remember, love is not a priority.

3. Dominating

types of relationships

At one point of your life, unfortunately, you will date someone who might try to control you. He will set all the principles and rules for the relationship that you have to follow. Something about your partner makes you spineless. No matter how ridiculous the rules are, like a rule that you do not allow to go out with your friends without him, or that you have to stop talking to your male friends. In simple words, this person puts you under a circumstance that forces you to do or not do something unnatural. And, you will feel great anxiety when speaking your mind or demanding something for your partner.

4. Rebound

types of relationships

Rebound relationships, among many types of relationships, are the type that you and maybe your partner have to go through breakups and need the love for recovering from the breakup. This relationship nearly never works out as it is established on the fear of coping with the reality of your recent breakup instead of concentrating on this new partner and whether or not they are really compatible for you. Thus, it is rather fragile.

5. Open

types of relationships

At some point of your life, you will experience this relationship in which the two people are emotionally committed to one another, yet are both free to sleep with others. This kind of relationship might only works when both parties are not emotionally invested in each other. For this reason, it often ends quickly.

6. Working Hard

types of relationships

You meet a person who you really love and want to build a long term relationship with him/her, so you are willing to change yourself for it. The changes could be the way you dress, talk or think and socialize. The same goes for him/her. Though you are not interested in the interests or hobbies of the other person, you still attend or joint the activities or events which that person loves.

You seem to look happy to the world around, yet actually it is an exhausting relationship for you.

7. Toxic

types of relationships

Your previous relationship is exhausting and leaves you feeling physically, emotionally and mentally immobile. Then it might be a toxic relationship which you and your partner have an extreme attraction to the other person, yet have different opinions, morals, and lifestyle. You might bring out the worst in each other yet cannot stay away from each other or break up. In fact, you are always on the edge of the relationship but it is like a drug which you cannot resist.

8. Temporary

types of relationships

Though it seems fun now, you would not intend to make any plan for the future. You cannot claim anything is not good or wrong with this guy, but something in your mind tells that it will go nowhere. You enjoy having sex with this person and cannot live without his sensation.

9. Basically Friends

types of relationships

Everything in this relationship is great except for the only thing: both of you do not like having sex with each other. You have not special emotions when kissing that person. You could connect with each other on different levels and have a happy day, but when it is time for making love, your blood tends to run cold.

10. Purely Sexual

types of relationships

This is in the opposite side of the friend relationship. In this relationship, the sexual attraction dominates over other aspects. When you text or call one another, it is always to spend time instantly to be in the bedroom with each other. Each of you has great sexual chemistry for one another. You cannot explain why it happens but you feel so excited when being together, sexually.

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11. Prize Possession

types of relationships

In a certain point of your life, you might date an insanely handsome or rich man, as you are intrigued by what life will be like with that man on your own arm. In real life, you have seen many gold diggers who appear happy with rich gentlemen, or your friend who is always being with a great model. Thus, you do not hesitate to give it a try. If you are a typically emotionally person, you might not carry this type of relationships on for a long period of time. The truth is, you want to have a real connection.

12. Long Distance

types of relationships

Maybe, you will have a long distance relationship in the future. You will think that this relationship will work out. You love go to visit him/her – simply like having a vacation monthly. However, finally you will realize that you do not want to change totally your own life, move to him, and he also does not want to move to you too. The cost of flights or living cost is high, and you are fed up with problems associated with this long distance relationship.

13. Emotional Affair

types of relationships

When it comes to different types of relationships, this might be strange for some people.

At some point of your life, who knows, you will develop a special connection with a man who is married already, and maybe so do you. There is no physical intimate happens between you and that man but you still share your secrets with him. You feel there is an invisible link between the two of you and you cannot resist it. That brings out a new experience for you and you want to maintain it as long as you could.

Above are 13 different types of relationships that you might experience at some point of your life. How many types you experienced? Share your thoughts with us by dropping words below this post. We will feedback soon.

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