How To Be Confident Around Guys You Like: 11 Amazing Tips

how to be confident around guys

Being confident around guys is something that every girl faces with. This is particularly true when hanging out with a group in which there is a special guy you are seriously attracted to. However, do you know a little fact that guys just love confident girls? Being confident is not only about making an eye contact whilst talking or showing lucidness through words. It should reflect in your own personality, the way you dress, the way you start a conversation and the way you walk. So, how to be confident around guys you like? Here, introduces some useful tips that could help you be more confident and attractive around men the next time you face any situation.

How To Be Confident Around Guys – 11 Sure-Fire Tips

1. Dress Well 

how to be confident around guys

The first tip is to wear whatever makes you feel like a Goddess. Most of the confidence is reflected through the way you dress. Make sure that you have a dress that goes well with the situation that you are going to attend.

However, this does not have to involve layers of make-up and six inch stiletto heels. If it is a day outing, you should wear something casual and light that would go well with the weather and your mood.

If you feel sexy and sensual upon dressed in a sweater and jeans, then by all means, you should go out of the dress like this. Choose your jewelry and footwear carefully, so that it will match your dress and you will feel comfortable walking in the sandals/shoes.

In fact, when asked what they really find most attractive in women, guys tend to say “confidence”. A well-dressed girl who carries herself in anytime elegant is bound to be the center of attraction.

A girl who is relaxed and at ease in her skin – if you are zippered up into the most uncomfortable corset in the world, you will not be likely to be oozing an air of relaxation.

Actually, men do not seek out perfection, and what a guy considers to be nice, is different to the next. Hence, be yourself, and you will not go wrong.

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2. Understand What Makes A Guy Tick

how to be confident around guys

Men like to feel as though they are admired for what they do, what they could do – they like to feel like the supplier, and the king of their own castle. Compliment a man on the fact that you could tell he has been working out, and you will grab his own attention.

When you have the attention of that guy, he will soon turn the tables on you and go for a conversation. Hence, do not sit across the room starring from such a far distance, not knowing how to approach a man. If you like him, then put yourself politely out there. Try keeping it playful to start with and avoid the meaningful and deep – this is to be shared if you start dating. However, you should not give too much of yourself away to start with. Just let him work you out.

3. Make Your Choice Clean Upon Ordering Food Stuff 

how to be confident around guys

Another tip on how to be confident around guys you like is to make your choice clear when ordering foodstuff. That way, you let the men know that you are particular about placing your orders and would give you a confident look. Besides, when deciding on going out together, you should also have your own suggestions. Also, add in the humor feature to all things that you say, yet make sure that you do not overdo that. Simply keep your talk focused and crisp. By that way, you will give that guy a confident look to you.

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4. Start A Conversation On Your Own 

how to be confident around guys

If you are sitting around men, begin a conversation on your own. You can ask them about their own interests and give each of them time to speak. The more you sound interested in their own activities and give comments on them, the more confident you seem. You should go for topics which interest men. It can be the latest match, be it soccer, basketball, baseball, or anything; let them know that you know the happenings. When they try to mention to something new, you should listen and respond it in a positive way.

5. Be Yourself 

how to be confident around guys

Confidence is being aware of who you actually are and what you believe, and having the guts to be yourself. You should not try to be someone else that you are not. Just relax and let your characteristic and personality shine. Have your own ideas and know what is crucial and meaningful to you. Avoid focusing on what other people’s ideas of you might be. You need to remind yourself that you are the one who is unique and brings specific qualities to your interactions.

6. Spend More Time With Guys 

how to be confident around guys

Practice makes perfect. It sounds simple yet if you want to get more confident interacting with guys, then you should spend time with the men who you feel comfortable with. Do not lead men on who are interested in you. That is not good for you that case because you are not totally confident in yourself. Rather, you should spend time with male friends as well as male family members. Also, create some activities with them so that interacting and doing things with men becomes a normal part of your own life. This way, you will get into the habit of interacting with guys without feeling awkward or the pressure of going on a date. That way, soon you will feel normal and less worried about how to enjoy a date.

7. Pay Attention To Your Posture 

how to be confident around guys

Believe it or not, how you stand and walk could actually reflect and impact your confidence. In reality, building good posture is considered as one of the most necessary steps in learning how to build your self confidence with guys. Straighten the spine, and put your shoulders back, thereby making you carry yourself better and make you look more confident.

8. Know That Men Love To Chase A Woman 

how to be confident around guys

Guys love to chase a girl anyway, so try not to worry too much about being the person who makes every move.

Enjoy being appreciated for the real you, and if a man likes you, let him do so. Those confident women do not appear grateful or needy that a guy shows some interest.

Do not forget that this man wants you and the more difficult you seem to catch, the longer that guy will be likely to keep on you. Nevertheless, there might be a clear difference between playing games and being chased. Let him catch you now and then, if you want to be caught.

Yet, keep in mind that love chase women, and appreciate the female form. Thus, do not forget your power of being a woman.

9. Practice Positive Body Language 

how to be confident around guys

Use your good body language. Walk from your “hips” and understand the power of that feminine swagger. Men always notice the body language of a female, and love a woman who is confident. Thus, show that inner confidence without having to say a word. By practicing your body language, you will feel as what you are acting. For example, when you smile, you will naturally feel your mood so, at least somehow. Even when you do not feel it inside yourself, you could being by faking it on the outside and the rest will follow.

10. Think Positively 

how to be confident around guys

The human mind has a power that you might not be aware of. More often than not, people believe that things all go wrong, or that they are those terrible people and low and behold – and what happens then? Things really go wrong. If you believe something strongly, you could make it happen, almost.

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11. Do Not Try To Pretend Everything Is OK If You Cannot Have It Instantly 

how to be confident around guys

The last tip on how to be confident around guys is that you should not try too hard as if everything around is okay every time. It will not happen in real life. The fake confidence of “pretending” everything is OK. Many women try to be more confident with a guy, and in doing so, they start thinking that they have to pretend everything is okay. No. Fact is, a part of being confident is acknowledging that you are a human; a part of feeling confident is being with the fact that you also have insecurities.

Above are 11 useful tips on how to be confident around guys that every girl should apply right instantly to be more attractive in the males’ eyes. Then, you will be able to take control of your relationships in no time.

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