How to be kind to others and yourself – 13 easy tips

how to be kind

Being kind is an important manner of bringing meaning to our own life and others’ life. Being kind let us communicate better with other people, to be more self-compassionate, and to become a positive force in the life of people around. It is shown that once people get into the loop of being kind which is followed by the happy feeling, then they are more likely to do lots of other acts. And, it is a win-win. Thus, you want to feel happier, you can try some of these tips on how to be kind to others and to yourself. Remember, the more variety, the better. Check out from!

How To Be Kind – 13 Simple But Practical Tips

1. Care For Other People Genuinely

how to be kind

Kindness, in essence, is about caring genuinely for other people, wanting the best for them, and recognizing in them the same needs, wants, aspirations, and even fears. Kindness is resilient, warm, trusting, patient, grateful and loyal.

In short, kindness is deep caring for all beings. In order to know how to be kind, you should practice kindness as well as generosity towards other people. In addition, you should also learn to ask for nothing in turn. Those people who are really kind expect noting, come with no string attached, and place no conditions on anything said or done.

2. Learn To Be Kind To Yourself 

how to be kind

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to be kind to other people whilst at the same time not concentrating on being kind to themselves. Unfortunately, when people feel rock solid in themselves, their kindness to other people risk failing into deluded kinds of kindness. Or, it could result in burn-out and disillusionment as you have put everyone else first.

Learn to evaluate your own value, allow you to see what results in your conflict and pain, and enable you to embrace your own inconsistencies and contradiction. Spend time on becoming more self-aware, be more aware of your demands as well as limits. In fact, it is the vital pre-condition to being able to help other people.

Also, ask yourself about what you think it means to be kind to yourself. For a lot of people, being kinder to their own contains monitoring the negative thoughts in their mind.

3. Learn Kindness From Other People 

how to be kind

In order to be kind to others, you should initially sit down and stably think about those truly kind people around you and how they make you feel. Do you feel a warm flowing in your heart whenever you think about them? Remember how the kindness of people around makes your day and learn from them.

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4. Cultivate Kindness For Your Health 

how to be kind

It is proved that enhanced psychological health along with happiness comes from positive thinking patterns, and kindness is a positive mental and emotional state. Whilst kindness is about giving as well as being open to other people, giving kindness will return a sense of connectedness and well-being to people that improve overall health and mental state.

The ability of being kind in itself is a consistent and powerful reward – which is considered as a self-esteem booster.

5. Make A Habit Of Concentrating On Kindness 

how to be kind

To know how to be kind, you had better make being kind a habit of your personal life. In reality, it is said that kindness is a habit which should be cultivated daily. Thus, people should focus on practicing kindness daily and monthly. If you do so, you will finally realize dramatic changes in your life, you will feel better about yourself and you will find that people will react to you in different ways which are more positive.

Therefore, in order to make being kind become your habit, you should do one kind thing for someone each day. Make a decision at the early of the day about what kind should be acted and spend time doing it during the day.

Be friendly, kind and compassionate when interacting with someone. Turn kindness become your strength.

Turn your small acts of kindness into much larger ones of compassion. In addition, meditate to help expand your kindness.

6. Being Kind To All, No Exception 

how to be kind

Not only should you be kind to people who are in need, but to everyone. Expand your own circle of kindness. Being kind to those people close to you, emotionally (such as friends and family) or in many other ways (from the same local, of the same gender, color, and so on) is easier than to those who are totally strange. It could be harder to be kind to those people you consider your equals, but it is worth it.

By being kind only to those people you feel are deserving of receiving kindness, you are unleashing your own biases as well as judgment. This is conditional kindness.

And, if you are neglecting being kind to someone else just as you think they could cope without your understanding or support, then you might practice selective kindness.

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7. Avoid Judgment 

how to be kind

If you really want to be kind, you need to minimize your habit of judgment. Rather than spending time on being critical of people around, be compassionate and positive. If you tend to think poorly about other people, and feel like they are clueless or needy, then you will not be able to learn real kindness. As soon as you judge yourself, you are empowering other people to judge you, too. Thus, it is necessary for you to stop judging people around and recognize that you will never completely understand where they come from if you do not put yourself in their shoes. Try to focus on wanting to help people around rather than judging them for not becoming better than they are.

8. Avoid Expecting Perfection 

how to be kind

If you are prone to go for perfectionism, competitiveness, self-kindness could usually be a victim of your fast space and ambition, and your fear or being seen to be selfish or lazy. Try to slow down and forgive yourself if things do not go well as your plan.

Also, you need to learn from our mistakes instead of beating yourself up or comparing yourself to people around.

9. Call A Friend Rather Than Sending A Text

how to be kind

The next time you pick up the phone to someone, consider giving them a call instead. Look the issue in this way: you will probably text the person because the thought of them magically appeared in your own mind. A phone call is more intimate manner to connect with someone than a text message.

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10. Learn To Be A Good Listener 

how to be kind

When communicating with someone, you need to show your willingness of listening to what the other person says. Learn to listen with your entire being and sincerely pay attention to them till they are finished revealing their story and thoughts.

Make eye contact during the conversation and avoid distractions. Show that person you appreciate the situation they are in and that you are there to lend an ear.

Fact is, being a good listener does not mean that you will become a great problem solver. Sometimes, listening is the kindest thing that you could do for someone else. Listening is easy and does not require the force of having to give advice. Just simply listen and acknowledge that if someone is venting to you, it is because they trust and love you deeply. The best thing you could do, sometimes, is just be there to just for listening, not commenting, no explaining and no consulting.

11. Practice Not Complaining For One Week 

how to be kind

Among practical tips on how to be kind to others and yourself, this is the simplest. By stopping complaining for about 1 week, you could set up yourself for the plan of being kind. Spreading negativity will drag people down. Thus, you should focus on the positive side of all situations happening for one week. You will be surprised at the result after that week. Trust me!

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12. Show Your Affection 

how to be kind

Show people you love what you really mean. A kiss, a hug, a gentle pat on the back or any sign of affection will be well strongly appreciated. If possible and don’t mind, give free big hugs in the crowd street.

13. Share 

how to be kind

People who are truly kind are happy to share with other people. You could share your half of your tasty enchilada, your favorite T-shirt, or even career advice to juniors. The crucial thing is that you are sharing something that you really care about, instead of giving away something you no longer need. It is more meaningful to let your friends borrow your favorite T-shirt than to give him an old hand-me-down that you never wear.  Share a book that changed your life. Share with people to make yourself more generous and thus, more inclined toward kindness.

There you have learnt top 13 practical lifestyle tips on how to be kind to others and yourself. These tips are so easy-to-follow which should be carried out right instantly to change yourself for the better in no time.

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